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Brian Tracy & Colin Rose

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy is one of the country’s leading authorities for development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, one of a select few individuals who has the remarkable ability to inform and inspire audiences toward peak performance and high achievement, He is President of the Institute for Executive Development, a human resource company and was formerly the chief operating officer of a development company with over $265 million in assets and $75 million annual sales. Mr. Tracy speaks four languages and has shared his winning insights with hundreds of thousands of eager men and women in more than eighty countries on six continents. He is an avid reader of management, psychology, economics, metaphysics, and history.

Colin Rose
Colin Rose is one of the world’s foremost experts on learning. He is the British master who took Accelerated Learning Techniques out of the theoretical realm of university research and introduced them to the public at large. Beginning his career as a successful international businessperson, he became interested in contemporary education theory and wrote the best-selling book, Accelerated Learning. Founder of Accelerated Learning Systems, Ltd. and a consultant to many corporations and universities on the latest learning techniques, he is also a member of the Royal Society of Arts.

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  1. Accelerated Learning Techniques

    Accelerated Learning Techniques

    Science has suggested that the human mind has an almost infinite potential for learning and processing information. The problem has always been how to access this incredible power.

    Accelerated Learning Techniques tells you how.

    Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the cutting-edge methods revealed here can make a dramatic difference to you and your family, virtually guaranteeing success at work and school. For this is the ideal learning program, enabling you to identify and use your own unique way of learning, unleashing the power of your whole brain. And as a result, you’ll gain skills that put you in the top 1% of people in our society.

    Listen as Accelerated Learning Techniques teaches you:

    • 17 memory methods and principles
    • 7 different intelligences and how to discover which is your personal strength
    • 5 keys to rapid adult learning
    • 6 stages of effective learning
    • 7 success characteristics and how to make them work for you

    Best-selling author Brian Tracy and internationally renowned learning expert Colin Rose reveal, step-by-step, how to:
    • Create the positive mental attitude essential to learning success
    • Convert theoretical data into useful knowledge
    • Use visual association to remember every person you meet
    • Turn speed reading into power reading
    • Write and communicate on paper more effectively

    Learn the most popular, practical and proven methods of memorization. Incorporate music into your learning repertoire. Enhance your self-confidence and improve your performance through the use of mental rehearsal.

    With the dawning of the Information Age, in which mind power is the most valuable currency, you must perfect the ability to continuously acquire up-to-the-minute knowledge.

    Accelerated Learning Techniques is your invitation to a revolutionary way of thinking. By harnessing the amazing mental powers within you, now you can accomplish any goal, overcome any obstacles and solve any problem you face.

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