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RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming

By Dick Sutphen

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5 Compact Discs
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Speak directly with your Higher Self, in the language it understands best...that’s the breakthrough power of RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming! To make sure you can progress as quickly as possible, your RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming Series covers all the essential elements of practice - which also means you can develop potent psychic powers in the most balanced and effective way. (It’s a bit like making sure you exercise every major muscle group during a workout). All you need do is listen – and the more often you do, the faster you can expect to see and feel major, super-positive changes in your health, outlook and personality. Even if you’ve tried hypnosis before... even if you’ve visited a skilled professional hypnotist... you’ll never have experienced the same level of effective, deep-mind intervention you’ll get from your RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming CDs.
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Even if you don’t believe it will work ... It will work anyway!

According to leading edge physics research, the use of altered states of consciousness (hypnosis, meditation, sleep programming) can lead to a transformation of nearly every part of your life.

Physics chemist Ilya Prigogine proved this with his Noble Prize winning “theory of dissipative structures.” Now confirmed by experts, this theory has solved the mystery of why the use of altered states can result in life-changing insights, new behavioral patterns, and the relief of lifelong phobias or ailments.

First, you must understand that human beings are structures. The structure of your body is composed of bone, muscle and ligaments. Your brain, however, is given structure by the thoughts and memories that dictate your actions. Your mental programming (all your past thoughts, actions, experiences and learning) provides your brain structure.

The finest digital recording is combined with the latest brain/mind technology and 3-d sound effects, which will synchronize both halves of your brain.

Titles include:

Chakra Balancing & Energizing
Your seven chakras of etheric energy influence all aspects of your life and open naturally as you evolve spiritually. Balancing and energizing these centers assures greater balance, harmony, health, and vitality. Session one is a chakra balancing and energizing session. Session two is a chakra meditation. At the end you are awakened with positive suggestions.

White-Light Meditation
Let this light of balance and harmony bring healing to every level of your body and mind. Visualize yourself physically healed. Allow the light and energy to cleanse and heal you mentally. Let go of all sorrow, suffering, worry and blame. Allow the light and energy to cleanse your mind of negativity. From this moment on, you are a channel for the light. You are provided with time to meditate on whatever you wish, or to allow understanding and awareness to flow into your mind. Trust your thoughts and impressions and the visions that dance before your inner eyes. At the end of the session, you are awakened with positive suggestions.

Past-Life Regression
A basic introductory session in which you’ll experience one of your past lifetimes. Explore a different incarnation with each use. Once you are proficient with side One, move on to the more advanced session on session two.

The Altered-State Sound
The soothing music and sound effects draw your mind into a relaxed alpha state while creating an ideal environment for meditation or metaphysical explorations, such as astral projection or past-life regression. Session two contains the altered-state sound with a gentle metaphysical body relaxation induction, which directs you to manifest etheric electricity.

Higher-Self Altered-State Explorations
Your Higher Self is an all-knowing level of consciousness. Session one is a directed Higher-Self session. You are directed to explore Higher Self and perceive information. Session two is an open Higher Self session in which you focus on a question you want answered. Then you’ll be guided up into Higher Self to conduct your own
in-depth session.

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