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Doug Hall

Doug Hall started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 12. Later, after earning a degree in chemical engineering, he joined Procter & Gamble, where he rose to the rank of Master Marketing Inventor. Ten years later he retired to pursue his version of the American Dream. And founded what is today the #1 corporate innovation and research facility in the United States - the Eureka! Ranch. Clients include Walt Disney, American Express, AT&T, Frito-Lay, Hewlett Packard, Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Ameritech, Pepsi-Cola, and Ford Motor Company. A national study found the average U.S. home uses 18 products or services Doug and his team have helped develop. Feature stories on Doug have appeared on Dateline NBC, CBC Venture, CNN, CNBC, NPR, as well as in Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CIO magazine, and The New York Times. Doug is married to his high school sweetheart, Debbie, and they have three children. They split their time living in a 170-year-old homestead in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and a 140-year-old farmhouse in Springbrook, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
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  1. Jump Start Your Brain!

    Jump Start Your Brain!

    Do you find yourself aching to break away from the mundane routine of the status quo? Do you often come up with innovative ideas, but soon find yourself dismissing them?

    Perhaps it's time to awaken the dormant creative spirit that lies within you! In his powerhouse program Jump Start Your Brain! 50,000 Volts of Ideas for Cranking Your Cranium and Turning Your Dreams Into Reality, Doug Hall takes you on a fascinating adventure. A journey in which your brainpower is not only awakened, but is enhanced. His counterculture approach to creativity urges you to break through existing stagnating rules with childlike abandonment - and have fun doing it.

    Considered by many corporate leaders to be the "evangelist to the dormant creative spirit," Doug has spent his lifetime honing his skills as an innovator, an inventor, and a triumphant risk-taker. He has mentored many, encouraging them to courageously step outside the conventional box and experience creative and financial growth far beyond what they ever thought possible. He and his exceptional team have been responsible for bringing overwhelming results to hundreds of businesses that were at a virtual standstill.

    Doug shares with you many of the success principles and applications that he developed and tested at the unique Eureka! Ranch®, extraordinary techniques that can virtually transform your business. Included in this program are several of the fundamental strategies he has developed: The Three Laws of Capitalist Creativity®, the Eureka! Brain Programs, the Ten Commandments of How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality, and the Three Laws of Marketing Physics®.As America's #1 Idea guy, he provides you with the foundation for how to create new and inventive ideas, then countless real-world strategies for how you can best market and sell them.

    Not only is this system tested, it's been proven to actually work. In conjunction with Merwyn Technology research and development, time and time again Doug has tested and retested the effectiveness of his groundbreaking strategies. They have been proven to get dramatic results every time.

    Listening to this program will allow you to access your creative genius and apply the systems that were conceived by one of America's top innovative thinkers of this millennium. In Jump Start Your Brain! you will learn how to:

    • Make your brain up to 500% more creative.
    • Discover and explore your personal Brain Operating System®.
    • Create and maintain a powerful creative brainstorming team.
    • Transform your dreams into reality with the Eureka! Ten Revolutionary Methods.
    • Triple the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.
    • Double your success at "closing the sale."
    • Design your services or products for power profits.
    • Overcome your fears, build greater courage, and take action.
    • Expand your creative thinking and problem-solving skills way beyond the conventional "box."
    • And much, much more!

    Enjoy the journey as you rekindle your spirit for fun and adventure, and learn how to apply these time-tested methods and novel techniques that can transform your productivity, your problem-solving ability, and your life!

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