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Dr. Deepak Chopra

In 1985, Deepak Chopra left a successful and highly regarded position as chief of staff at The New England Memorial Hospital in Stoneham, Massachusetts, in order to dedicate his life to expanding the impact and effectiveness of conventional medicine. Today he is nationally recognized in the holistic health field for popularizing Ayurveda, India's ancient system of natural healing and one of the fastest forms of alternative treatment in America. Through his extensive research and teachings-he has taught at Tufts and Boston University Medical Schools-Dr. Chopra has discovered practical and achievable skills that enable people to take control of their lives, remain more robust and youthful as they age, and access the body's unlimited natural pharmacy-the keys to perfect health and total well-being. Dr. Chopra is the author of several audio books -Ageless Body-Timeless Mind, Magical Mind-Magical Body and The Higher Self.
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  1. The Higher Self

    The Higher Self

    Discover a world...
    ...where the mind can physically change your body…
    ...where your entire body thinks, not just your brain…
    ...where matter exists only as a swirling pattern of information…
    ...where you actively create your own reality…

    Dr. Deepak Chopra is your guide on this amazing adventure through the realm of your own spirituality and the science of the 21st Century.
    You will learn how modern science has rejected the notion of a reality we can see, hear, taste and touch…how physical matter isn’t really solid at all…that reality changes with the viewpoint of the observer…that, in fact, reality is more like a viewpoint than a thing.

    Most of us tend to assume that body and spirit are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But according to the discoveries of quantum physics, the body is actually a swirling mass of constantly changing energy. It has more in common with what we think of as “spirit” than what we think of as matter.

    Dr. Chopra merges modern science with spirituality to demonstrate how verifiable scientific evidence closely supports ancient metaphysical traditions. And how applying this knowledge can impact all areas of your life. He believes that you can align the energy of your physical body with the energy of the universe, and that by doing this you tap into an infinite reservoir of intelligence. This intelligence is the “higher self.”
    The higher self is the “you” inside of you—the living force that grows and changes in your body throughout your time on earth. It is the “you” behind all of the defenses and images you have created for yourself…the you that really knows why you are here, what it is you need, and how you can get it.

    By transcending to your personal core, the higher self, you discover your true nature—a blissful self of infinite worth.

    The spiritual needs we all have for love, compassion, meaningfulness, total acceptance, devotion and inner peace are not grand goals to be achieved in a distant time and place. They exist here and now and exert powerful influences on our lives. Only be transcending to the higher self can you achieve total, spontaneous fulfillment of these needs.

    In The Higher Self, Dr. Chopra teaches you how to:
    • eliminate fear and other obstacles to spiritual growth
    • rejoin the stream of life through willingness and trust
    • utilize more fully the true solver of problems—intuition
    • untangle pain from suffering
    • liberate your emotional body
    • experience infinite worth
    • learn to heal as a conscious activity
    • establish a relationship with your personal and cosmic mind
    • break the circular trap of addictions and find new pleasures that surpass them
    • develop a quiet mind that can experience the truth of this new reality
    • attain spontaneous right action

    Are you an active and positive force—one who creates reality? You’ll come to realize that at the level of the higher self—you are a force with the power to renew your life at every moment.

    By learning to balance the material, psychological and spiritual levels of your being, you’ll learn to experience the higher self. You’ll become a peaceful, unified, harmonious, whole person.
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  2. SynchroDestiny


    From time to time, we’ve all experienced coincidences that seem to be endowed with a special meaning or significance, and that appear to defy the laws of probability. For the most part, these coincidences seem amusing or insignificant. But a famous psychologist defined these moments of meaningful coincidence as “Synchronicity.” A synchronicity is a coming together of seemingly unrelated events. Celebrated pioneer of alternative health, Dr. Deepak Chopra has created a mind-opening program that will change the way you perceive the world forever, SynchroDestiny: Discover the Power of Meaningful Coincidence to Manifest Abundance in Your Life. Once you master the principles of SynchroDestiny, you’ll be able to use your newfound power to manifest abundance in every area of your life. Much like a powerful magnet, you will begin to attract material wealth, emotional well-being, spiritual fulfillment, and a deep awareness of your life’s true meaning and purpose.
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  3. The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection

    The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection

    Hailed as the "pioneer in the medicine of the future", Dr. Deepak Chopra has bridged the gap between the modern medicine of the West and the wisdom of the East, applying the traditions of ancient healing to the present-day challenges that we all face.

    In this rare collection of live and studio works, Dr. Chopra will take you on a journey of invaluable healing and self-discovery. Integrating the power of the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Chopra has an exceptional gift of articulating the extraordinary mysteries of healing, in a manner that is both logical and understandable.

    Each volume of this comprehensive library offers you the best of what Dr. Chopra has to offer on topics such as the five sensory healing techniques; the three body types and how each can gain greater health and vitality; the transforming power of following your spiritual purpose; the role of karma in healing; Ayurveda techniques on how to cure life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease; uncovering your soul's true nature; and awakening your body's own personal pharmacy through powerful meditations and practical exercises.

    As you listen, you will discover how finding balance through the integration of mind, body, and spirit can not only create greater health in your life, but can also reverse
    the aging process.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and expert in the area of holistic healing. His writings on how people can change their lives using the mind-body connection have been translated into 22 languages and have inspired thousands the world over. Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being in LaJolla, California, Dr. Chopra has popularized Ayurveda, India's ancient yet timeless system of natural healing.

    His best-selling books include Quantum Healing; Perfect Health; Unconditional Life: Mastering the Forces that Shape Personal Reality; Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; The Seven Spiritual Laws; and The Way of the Wizard. He is recognized internationally for his breadth of experiential wisdom and knowledge, and he is the author of many best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs.

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  4. Magical Mind, Magical Body

    Magical Mind, Magical Body

    Discover the Life-Giving Powers You Now Possess! A Perfect Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit Is Your Birthright.

    A Brief Interview with Deepak Chopra, M.D.
    Editor's Note: Many great thinkers have realized that human thought has tremendous power, but their insights did not gain scientific validation until recently. Now, in this audio program, Deepak Chopra, M.D., one of the most exciting leaders of the mind body movement, tells you about your “quantum mechanical body” — the level where every thought is turned into a physical reality.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: Dr. Chopra, in simple terms, can you tell us how the mind-body connection works?
    DR. CHOPRA: Your body is a 3-D projection of your current state of mind. Your slightest shift of mood is picked up by every cell, which means that you do not think with your brain alone — all 50 trillion cells in your body actively share your thoughts. At the level of the quantum mechanical body, you are a constantly flowing river of intelligence.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: How powerful is the mind body connection?
    DR. CHOPRA: Correctly channeled, it has enormous power – the power to make us sick or well, depressed or joyful, sluggish or dynamic. The mind body connection is the gateway to unlimited creativity and happiness. Unfortunately, our society has not taught us how to use it.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: How can an individual make the mind body connection work on his or her behalf?
    DR. CHOPRA: First, you must tap into it. To tap it, you must realize that you are not bound by the limitations of your body or mind. Intelligence is inherent in everything. You are pure potential waiting to be activated. That is the real you. And until you break free from your imaginary boundaries — the product of years of false conditioning — you cannot be totally free.
    Drawing on a unique combination of modern science and the wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s “ancient science of life,” I teach you how to achieve freedom beyond all boundaries. My goal is not to show you how to break down walls, but how to fly over them.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: What are just some of the specific benefits a person listening to this program receives?
    DR. CHOPRA: I share with my listeners:
    • The three basic forces that control their lives and how they can control those forces
    • The seven secrets possessed by the most creative persons in all walks of life
    • Eleven factors that cause premature aging and why they are totally unnecessary
    • Invaluable techniques for assessing the body’s unlimited natural pharmacy, the key to perfect health and total well-being

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: What was your guiding philosophy in creating this program?
    DR. CHOPRA: I want my listeners to realize that the human mind is literally infinite. We project our awareness into the universe like a lighthouse. Every thought you have is felt by everything in existence. Can we afford not to take full advantage of that fact?
    To think that you occupy just a few cubic feet of space is pure illusion. I try to get people to break this illusion. Once you have the deepest insight – I am the universe – nature can deny you nothing!
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  5. Training the Mind, Healing the Body

    Training the Mind, Healing the Body

    Over the past ten years, mind body medicine has been revolutionizing the way we think about our health. Millions of people are discovering that their thoughts, their feelings, and their physical well being are intimately connected- and this is transforming the way we eat, exercise, work, and even relate to one another.

    Since the time of the ancient Greeks, Western medicine has looked at the body from a materialistic perspective, and approached every problem with a material-based solution such as drugs and surgery. But, through the insights of Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and other pioneers of mind body medicine, it’s become evident that if we want to change who we are, we need to simply move in new directions, open our experiences to new interpretations, and awaken our senses to the new perceptions that await us.

    Training the Mind, Healing the Body offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to all aspects of the mind body connection, including insights drawn from the Indian life science Ayurveda as well as from the latest research from the West. During this 24 session program, you’ll become thoroughly familiar with the philosophical foundations of mind body health care, you’ll also learn how to:
    • Integrate the healing traditions of the East with the latest practical discoveries of Western science
    • Change the way you eat-or even when you eat-to create greater mental and physical energy
    • Sleep well every night
    • Identify what makes you uniquely different from anyone who has ever lived as well as what you share with all of humanity
    • Exercise better, not harder
    • Enter the silent spaces between your thoughts to create a rejuvenating sense of alertness
    • Understand how the process of disease really works, and how you can break the progression that leads to illness
    • Use your heart as well as your brain to make insightful choices and accurate life decisions
    • Increase your personal efficiency by discovering the best times of day for mental and physical activities
    • Discover the intimate connection between your physical body and your emotional and spiritual well-being.

    In the more than ten years that they’ve worked together, Dr. Simon and Deepak Chopra have developed a shared vision of what good health means and how to place it within the reach of every human being. Training the Mind, Healing the Body is the full realization of
    that vision.

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  6. Journey to the Boundless

    Journey to the Boundless

    Dear Friend,

    I would like to personally invite you to join me for a powerful experience of transformation. We will take a journey through an inner country that has to be discovered and created at the same time. The goal of this journey will be the end of an illusion. Instead of enclosing ourselves in the prison of time and space and squeezing our experience into the span of a lifetime, we will find out once and for all if our true nature is bounded or boundless. I invite you into a realm of infinite creativity and infinite possibilities—where anything is possible. -Deepak Chopra, M.D.

    Modern science tells us that we live in a universe with no edges in space, with no beginning or ending in time. Eastern wisdom says we have a universe within ourselves as profound, as infinite, as timeless as the world outside. Unbounded freedom permeates everything and yet we continue to live our lives as prisoners of fragmented values—prey to disease, unhappiness, and caught in the web of time.

    In this live seminar, Dr. Deepak Chopra helps us to break free of these conceptual boundaries and step into the boundless, which is pure potentiality, pure creativity, pure freedom, and pure joy. Using his unique style of spirituality, practicality, and humor, Dr. Chopra teaches that to understand the connection between ourselves and our environment, we must first understand the intimate connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

    Once this understanding is achieved, we can regain the universe within. We can live at a level where all dreams come true, a place that is home to perfect health and happiness. In Journey to the Boundless, you’ll learn how to:

    • Break free of self-imposed barriers to achieve your personal goals and enrich your life
    • Meditate for peace of mind, emotional balance, and a renewed sense of well-being
    • Use Ayurvedic techniques that allow access to your “inner pharmacy” and trigger your body’s natural healing power
    • Determine your mind-body type (dosha) and choose the lifestyle best suited for it
    • Use the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to maximize your potential and enhance your personal effectiveness
    • Leave fear behind by getting in touch with that part of yourself that is beyond it
    • Explore the innermost connection between the mind, body, and spirit with deeply personal experiential exercises

    Ultimately, lasting joy, health, and harmony require us to experience life in the context of eternity and immortality. If you are ready to step into the boundless and experience the extraordinary miracle of life, then you are invited to join Dr. Chopra on a journey of all possibilities.
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