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Dr. Gary S. Goodman

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a unique resource in the fields of customer service, sales, management consulting, and individual achievement. He combines over 20 years of leading-edge business and consulting experience with a communications Ph.D. from USC, a law degree from Loyola, and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School at Clarement Graduate University. He also brings a fun sense of humor to his presentations. Gary's seminars have been sponsored by over 40 universities across the country, including Ohio State University, the University of Chicago, the University of Kentucky, and Purdue University. Currently, he teaches entrepreneurship and consulting in the business and management programs at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Gary's consulting client list reads like a Who's Who, featuring high-profile names such as Dupont, Fidelity Investments, Metropolitan Life, the U.S. Navy, Transamerica, Discover Card, and Kraft. A bestselling author, Gary's insights and new techniques fill 12 books. His original ideas are published and quoted widely, and appear in scores of prominent publications, including Business Week and Time magazine. He is also a popular guest on radio and television programs throughout the world. He is president of Customersatisfaction.com and The Goodman Organization. He makes his home at the beach in Santa Monica, California.
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  1. Crystal Clear Communication

    Crystal Clear Communication

    Communication: It’s a skill most everyone believes
     he or she does effectively.

     And most everyone would be WRONG!

    In today’s high-demand professional world and in our fight-for-attention personal lives, crystal clear communication
    is paramount.

    Because communication that’s precise and clear goes far beyond the spoken or written word — it actually changes lives! And that’s precisely why bestselling author Dr. Gary Goodman created this original program, Crystal Clear Communication: How to Explain Anything Clearly in Speech or Writing.

    With this program, you’ll have the tools, the techniques, and, just as importantly, the unflinching confidence to influence your readers and listeners decisively — both at work and at home.

    Use it at work to command attention, to lead your team, to drive your point home. Or at home, use effective communication to strengthen your marriage, improve your friendships, and simply become a better parent.

    Through this program, you’ll have the answers. How to begin with a crystal clear mind. How to quiet your thoughts. How to be level-headed and dispassionate. How to size up your audience. How to think through what you want to convey. How to avoid procrastination.

    One quick listen and you’ll discover:

    • The PEP formula, an amazing method to get your point across clearly, every time
    • The 3 Ts of appealing to any reader or listener
    • 4 simple steps to stunning sales, whether you’re selling a product, service, or idea
    • 5 contrarian ways to overcome writer’s block
    • The secret to overcoming stage fright
    • How to blast through writer’s block every time

    Bottom line: Nothing but your message comes between you and your recipient.

    In today’s competitive world, you may not need another degree or time-intensive
    training — effective communication is your quickest path to become immeasurably more understood, productive, and successful!

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  2. The Law of Large Numbers

    The Law of Large Numbers

    There is a magnificent law, discovered almost three centuries ago, that holds the key to your success and happiness today. When applied correctly, this law is an antidote to fear, feelings of helplessness, lack of control, and inconsistent achievement. Yet, despite its great relevance to your life, it is very possible you have never heard of this law. It's called the law of large numbers. This law was first publicly made known by Jacob Bernoulli, a noted Swiss mathematician, in the early 1700s. The law states, that "In any chance event, when the event happens repeatedly, the actual results will tend to be the calculated, or planned, results." In essence, this means that repeated actions, over time, will, almost without exception, produce the results we seek.

    While the law of large numbers has been applied to fields such as math and science for several decades, its power has just recently begun to be applied to the fields of business and personal growth. Today, people from all walks of life are using the law of large numbers to achieve their highest objectives, with great confidence and complete peace of mind. Now, award-winning speaker and personal performance expert Dr. Gary Goodman has created a full-scale program showing you how to apply this incredible law to every area of your life. After exhaustive research and years of personal experience, Gary shares with you the amazing power this simple philosophy has brought to his life and the hundreds of people he has consulted with. According to Gary, "If you stand second in line in enough lines, sooner or later, even by sheer luck, you are bound to reach the top in at least one, if not several of those lines, over time."

    In The Law of Large Numbers, Dr. Gary Goodman will show you:

    • A new process of setting clear goals in every major area of your life, areas such as your career, finances, and relationships.

    • How to gain the ability to focus on positive outcomes in all situations.

    • The law of large numbers approach to being more successful in any sales position.

    • How to become an expert communicator by expanding your vocabulary with the law of large numbers.

    • A clear, concise action plan for how you can develop your own personal law of large numbers strategy and apply it to any area of your life.

    • A 31-day action plan to stay positive every day and stay on track with your law of large numbers campaign.

    • And much, much more!

    Start living your life with total confidence by using The Law of Large Numbers to position yourself through repeated, systematic actions that will, inevitably, lead to the personal breakthroughs you have always dreamed about. Armed with a Law of Large Numbers campaign that Gary will lay out in detail for you in this program, you will gain the ability to be highly successful in any endeavor you pursue.
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  3. How to Get Paid Far More Than You Are Worth

    How to Get Paid Far More Than You Are Worth

    While in the process of clamping down on expenses and raises, many companies are stockpiling cash just waiting for the best place to invest their surplus cash to show up. That’s where you step in.

    Dr. Gary Goodman was mentored by one of the greatest business minds in half a century, Peter Drucker. Mr. Drucker was one of the best-known and most widely influential thinkers and teachers on the subject of business theory and practice. What Dr. Goodman has learned, applied, and taught others since then is nothing short of a shortcut to high income for anyone willing to learn and apply a few simple techniques.

    How to Get Paid Far More Than You’re Worth is filled with shortcuts you can take and smart moves you can make that can earn you multiples of your current income. Dr. Goodman doesn’t apologize for these simple yet highly effective ideas.

    After all, why make earning a high income hard if it can be easy?

    Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

    •How to never get down on yourself and keep an upbeat perspective about your abilities and opportunities

    •How to start a job as an underpaid employee and get the promotions that will pay you far more than you’re worth

    •Why an expensive luxury car can cost less than a cheap one

    •How the “5% Solution” is the lazy person’s solution to earning an extra million dollars!

    Learn to live the good life by following Dr. Gary Goodman’s proven effective advice!

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