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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

A leader in the scientific field of sound healing, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson worked with hundreds of patients in his sound laboratory, exploring and documenting the balancing, healing, and transformative powers of sound and music. Dr. Thompson teaches Ph.D. and master's degree courses at the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, California. He has produced over 40 recordings used by physicians and psychotherapists internationally. His music has been the central meditative sound piece for conferences with Louise Hay, Dr. Bernie Seigel, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.
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  1. The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience

    The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience

    Decades of research into brainwave activity has revealed that masters of meditation and yoga, great artists and inventors, and highly accomplished people from all walks of life exhibit remarkably similar brainwave patterns — patterns which are reflective of a fully awake, fully alive state of consciousness.

    Now, the revolutionary sound technology you’ll discover in the Awakened Mind State Audio Experience enables YOU to achieve this enlightened level of awareness automatically, anywhere and any time you want to.

    With nothing more than the push of a button, you can effortlessly adjust your brainwave activity and achieve astonishing real-world results. You will:

    • See the world with fresh eyes and greet each day with renewed vitality
    • Easily tap into your highest potential
    • Quickly discern out-of-the-box solutions to any problem or challenge
    • Uncover and express your hidden creative impulses
    • Draw on your deepest levels of wisdom for confident decision making
    • And much more
    This completely experiential audio program includes 6 CDs featuring lush ambient soundtracks that will automatically and enjoyably guide your brainwaves into the specific state you choose: peaceful restorative meditation, heightened creativity, and more. As you listen, you will feel your old irritations melt away and replaced with the kind of peace, calm, and crystal-clear vision normally experienced only by breakthrough thinkers, great artists, and business visionaries.

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  2. Brain Massage 2.0

    Brain Massage 2.0

    Release the untapped potential of your brain with the simple push of a button!

    Imagine your mind having the same incredible feeling your body would have after the best 80-minute full-body massage you’ve ever experienced.

    That’s exactly what happens when you listen to Brain Massage 2.0, a major breakthrough in psychoacoustic and brainwave research.

    Whether you want a higher perspective on your life and its purpose... to experience deeper feelings of love and joy…or to facilitate healing or improved well-being… just slip the appropriate disc into your CD player and press "play." With no effort, the music will immediately transport you to the extraordinary state you want to experience.

    With Brain Massage 2.0, you can give your mind the break it needs — and deserves —while still taking care of business… shifting from "overdrive" to "calm and relaxed"… almost instantly.

    With this new generation of Brain Massage, you can even change your state of mind to generate a very rare —and highly beneficial — fifth brainwave pattern! Known as Gamma, this brainwave state is associated with heightened self-awareness… overcoming barriers to personal change… and an ecstatic state of consciousness that awakens the body’s natural source of wisdom, inspiration, and healing.

    Brain Massage 2.0 removes barriers to personal change by penetrating your body and mind on a deep level. Transform the parts of your life that aren't working and reach new heights… by ordering this breakthrough program today!

    SPECIAL BONUS CD! The Ison Method for Sleep by David Ison. This session has been proven effective at the National Institutes of Health to help you relax deeply and quiet your mind, and is used by the U.S. Army in Iraq to help soldiers achieve a restful night’s sleep. If you ever have a hard time falling or staying asleep, you simply have to try this CD.

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  3. The Brain Massage

    The Brain Massage

    Breakthrough audio technology enables you to induce sleep, creativity, focus, and more by controlling your natural brainwave activity.

    Can you recall a time when you felt extremely calm and relaxed … or unusually energized and focused … or particularly creative? These and other extraordinary states of mind correspond to unique patterns of brainwave activity - activity that can be measured and mapped. When you know how to "conduct" your brainwaves into the desired patterns, you can quite literally control your state of mind.

    That means you can become relaxed, meditative, creative, restful, or mentally rejuvenated instantly - any time you want to!

    The Brain Massage audio system represents a major breakthrough in audio technology and brainwave research. This unique CD compilation brings together findings from brain research with innovative recording and sound-processing techniques, for an audio experience unlike anything that has come before.

    The Brain Massage comprises two distinct composition collections designed to trigger your brain to produce brainwave patterns that match the state you want to experience. The Brainwave Suite combines free-flowing ambient music and sounds of nature that will recharge your brain for optimum functioning. The Brainwave Symphony includes carefully chosen musical selections from Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, and other classical composers, to relax and clarify your mind and restore your senses.

    These carefully selected musical soundtracks are the result of extensive research and revolutionary findings by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, an acclaimed pioneer in sound-frequency therapy who has made groundbreaking discoveries in the use of sound-frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks.

    This collection has been specially created to accompany you throughout your day. Alpha- and Beta-wave–stimulating compositions will wake you up in the morning and keep your mind clear, sharp, and highly focused throughout the workday. Alpha-Theta–stimulating sessions heighten emotional sensitivity and foster communication, openness, and intimacy. And Delta-wave–stimulating compositions will help you relax and ease you into a deep, restful night's sleep.

    This exclusive Brain Massage collection also includes a special FREE bonus session. Inner Dance will take you on a mystical voyage through a variety of musical soundscapes, each designed to call forth different emotional images. It will leave you feeling remarkably refreshed, revitalized, and creatively awakened.

    Simply slip the desired disc into your stereo and press "play." With no other effort, you will be instantly transported to whatever state of mind is most appropriate for the moment you're in. These compositions are so beautiful and unobtrusive; they provide the perfect background music in any situation. You can listen in your office, while exercising, or while lying in bed.

    Discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to achieve your ideal state of mind any time you want with this wonderful and rejuvenating brain retreat.
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