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Dr. Laurence D. Martel

Dr. Laurence D. Martel, president of Integrative Learning Systems and the nonprofit National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc., is perhaps the nation's leading developer of research and systems for the study of learning and retention outside the context of traditional education. Dr. Martel served as a division head faculty member at Syracuse University for 20 years prior to launching the National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc.

From 1987 until 1990 he was director of the Center for the Study of Learning and Retention at Syracuse University, disseminating the only U.S. Department of Education-endorsed system for reducing attrition in higher education. Dr.
Martel is a senior faculty member serving universities at the graduate level in education and business, and is the author of more than 20 major academic publications with an orientation toward advanced learning methods, including School Success: The Inside Story, which he co-authored. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy of education in 1979 from Syracuse University.
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  1. Real Intelligence

    Real Intelligence

    Knowing the year the Civil War ended or the molecular formula for water may impress people at a party. But in the real world, you need intelligence that produces results - intelligence that empowers you to creatively solve a problem that expands your business … make the right decision on how and where to invest your money … or do any of the things that are going to make your life better in a practical, tangible way.

    From classrooms to corporate training programs to the very way organizations are structured, most of the learning outlets you encounter are designed to engage only two of your brain's learning mechanisms, or "intelligences." The other eight are like brand-new batteries, with 80% of your intellectual potential locked up inside of them, waiting to be used.

    Synthesizing groundbreaking findings of other researchers with his own findings, world-renowned learning researcher Dr. Laurence Martel developed a system that empowered people to figure out "how they are smart" so that they could adapt any learning situation to their unique strengths and needs, and unleash their real intelligence any time they wanted to.

    In Real Intelligence, Dr. Martel reveals this proven brain-expanding system to you and shows you how to quickly and easily implement it in the most important areas of your life so that you can experience similarly extraordinary results.

    First, he'll guide you through a series of straightforward questions designed to help you identify your unique learning style. You'll discover which factors increase your ability to effectively think, act, and process information - and you'll come to understand exactly why, over the course of your life, you have excelled in some areas and struggled in others.

    Then you'll be introduced to the Magic Learning Box - a storehouse of unexpected yet extremely potent and practical secrets, techniques, and strategies, all designed to help you ignite your brain's full power. At a moment's notice, you'll have any one of these incredible "tools" at your disposal, including:
    • The Ergonomics of Learning: 16 subtle, almost invisible environmental factors that will make or break your performance and success.
    • A series of strategies, tactics, and tools that will build your real intelligence.

    • Theory R relationship-building strategies to enhance your learning.

    • Keys to bridging the gap between your brain and your heart to achieve an incredible state of integrated, whole-mind learning.

    • A simple remedy for "reading fatigue."

    • Gadgets, gizmos, and contraptions you can build to increase your learning experience and make it fun!

    • The story of seven letters that will lead to unfathomable increases in your performance.

    • How to use your eight different intelligences you may never even have known you had!

    • And so much more, including how to use certain kinds of music, specific colors, foods, drinks, and a host of low-tech, low-cost gadgets any time, in any situation, to think, learn, concentrate, and process information with much greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    If you can imagine throwing on eight bright lights in a room that had previously been lit by only two candles … or adding a team of eight more horses to a heavily loaded coach that had previously been drawn by just two … then you have a good idea of the incredible difference Dr. Martel's brain-expanding techniques will make in your life.
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