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Gill Fielding

In November 2007 Gill Fielding was Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’, on a mission to find and help struggling entrepreneurs in one of the UK’s poorest areas.

She was fortunate to be the first ever Rich Dad trainer outside of the United  States, and was part of the Star Trader special for the ITV television program.  She has appeared on GMTV, BBC Breakfast News, and Sky News as a financial spokesperson and has been interviewed by every major newspaper and magazine.

Before that, Gill had held several high profile jobs including being a director on the board of an ethical Unit Trust, and an adviser to the Inland Revenue on tax free savings.

Gill has spent her life working flat out to discover how ordinary people can become independently wealthy, and free to live a life of full choice.  She believes that wealth is a possibility for everybody - if they make the right choices - and take appropriate action.  Gill knows this to be true – because SHE HAS DONE IT.

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  1. My Daughter Wanted a Pet So I Bought Her a Greyhound

    My Daughter Wanted a Pet So I Bought Her a Greyhound

    Would you like to enjoy financial freedom, security and abundance?
     Would you like to attract money, lots of money, and have lots of fun helping it grow?
     Would you like to feel fantastic about your financial health and well being?

    Then learn how to create passive streams of wealth, pouring into your bank account every month!

    ‘Passive’ means that, once set up, you don’t need to do any work to keep on banking the profits – year after year!

    In Gill Fielding’s sensational new program, “My Daughter Wanted a Pet So I Bought Her a greyhound”, you’ll learn how to give your children the greatest gift of all – a practical financial education that will mean they need never want. So you won’t have to worry about them!

    Plus, you’ll learn how you can use money the government gives you -  FOR FREE -  to set things up so your children can retire millionaires and you’ll see why it’s so important to plot a personal wealth chart showing exactly how you want your wealth to grow.

    You’ll learn how to understand and manage debt. Not all credit is bad –  and you’ll learn how to build a solid credit history then make sure that you only have debt that works for you, not against you, – and costs you as little as possible.

    Have fun too, applying the principles of the Debt-Destroyer Action Plan and the Debt Destroyer Table!  Plus many other proven debt-busting techniques.

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