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J. Michael Bennett, Ed.D.

For over two decades J. Michael Bennett, Ed.D., has served as a rhetoric professor at the University of Minnesota. He is an award-winning teacher and researcher on human communications. He is the author of Efficient Reading for Managers, How to Build a Power Vocabulary, Four Powers of Communication—Skills for Effective Learning, and now, Four Powers for Greatness.

Your guide toward personal greatness is J. Michael Bennett, Ed.D., or "Professor B," as his university students affectionately have called him for over 30 years. His expertise on human communication is well established. He has been honored with several awards for his accomplishments researching and teaching effective human communications.

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  1. Four Powers For Greatness

    Four Powers For Greatness

    The Four Powers for Greatness is a communication course that will enable you to master the fundamental skills to success in a fraction of time.

    But what are the Four Powers for Greatness?

    Simply put, they are the things we do everyday of our life! When performed poorly they steal your time, stifle your results, blow important deals, disguise opportunities, and undermine relationships. However...

    When performed with skill and effectiveness, these four daily actions give you supreme power and influence with others, create a tremendous competitive advantage, maximise your time and efforts, advance your career or business, and fill your life with wealth
    and happiness.

    These powers for greatness provide all the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to become a world-class communicator faster, easier and more efficiently that any other method I know.

    LESSON 1:
    Reveals how effective listening can raise the value of all your personal and professional relations. I've found that effective listening is the best way to gain respect from others with the least amount of effort.

    LESSON 2:
    Covers efficient reading. Studies have shown that skillful readers earn twice the money of average readers.

    LESSON 3:
    You may know that Paul Scheele is a world-class speaker. Companies pay him tens of thousands of dollars for him to talk with their employees. 'Professor Bennett's advice matches my strategies,' says Paul. 'I could not teach it better.'

    LESSON 4:
    Professional writing will develop your writing skill and confidence. Improving your writing technique can leverage your time and efforts ... both personally and professionally. And the rewards can be substantial.

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