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James E. Loehr and Peter J. McLaughlin

Renowned sport psychologist Dr. Loehr’s client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as world-class athletes Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Nick Faldo, Eric Lindros, and Dan Jansen. The bestselling author of 12 books and the recipient of the International Hall of Fame’s Educational Merit Award, he has appeared on the Today Show, Nightline, CBS Morning News, and CNN.

Peter J. McLaughlin is an author, a futurist, an internationally known speaker, and a business executive. He was called "the most exciting idea man in America" by the late Marshall McLuhan, and chosen "one of the top 100 most innovative executives in the country," along with such other notables as Peter Drucker, Will Lewis and Gifford Pinchot, by Terrytown Conference Center, a management "think tank" established by Margaret Mead and Robert Schwartz.
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  1. Mental Toughness Training

    Mental Toughness Training

    Here's a total mind/body training program that teaches you how to alter your brain and body chemistry so you can move from low energy, anxiety and negative emotions to an 'Ideal Performance State' in a matter of minutes. Mental Toughness Training is a revolutionary program that utilizes breakthrough discoveries in the sciences of biochemistry, brain physiology, psychology and medicine. It's an amazing program that trains you to access the Ideal Performance State by showing you exactly how the mind and body work together. As a result, you will train yourself to control your mind/body connection instead of letting it dictate you.

    There's no longer any reason for mediocre performance. The path to your personal best is clear-cut and scientific.
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