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James Waldroop, Ph.D

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  1. The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back

    The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back

    Have you ever noticed that some people seem to rise effortlessly to the top, while
    others find themselves stuck in the same job year after year? Do you find that
    you work very hard, but feel that you haven't yet fully reached your career potential?
    In The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back: How to Become Indispensable
    in the Volatile World of Business, renowned psychologist and executive coach James
    Waldroop identifies twelve habits, one or more of which may be preventing you
    from reaping the maximum rewards in your career.

    No matter what your profession, educational background, or employment experience,
    the fact is that most of us learn our greatest lessons not from our achievements
    but from our mistakes. The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back zeros
    in on the most common behavior that can impede a career. With over twenty years
    of research as a business psychologist at the Harvard Business School, and having
    consulted with top corporations and executives the world over, James has determined
    that the reasons people struggle advancing in their jobs are universal. While
    the behaviors that will rocket you forward in one organization will lead to
    disaster in another, certain behaviors will lead to failure anywhere. In this
    comprehensive program James assists you in identifying the specific behavior
    patterns that affect your performance, and then provides you with practical
    action steps that will give you the ultimate freedom to fully advance in your

    In the first section of the program, James takes you through the 12 bad habits
    and provides you with real-life accounts of clients that he has worked with,
    along with concrete behavior modifications that you can use to turn your challenges
    into opportunities. Then in Part Two of the program, James takes you through
    the four root causes of these behaviors and assists you in approaching them
    from a deeper perspective so that they will be annihilated at their core.

    Some of the things you will learn include:

    • How to find a balance between your working endeavors and your personal life.

    • How to prevent yourself from overworking and ultimately burning out.

    • How to transform your self-sabotaging behaviors forever by getting to their
      root cause.

    • How to make yourself indispensable in the volatile and ever-changing job

    • How to assist your subordinates who may be struggling with career advancement.

    • How as an entrepreneur, you can gain stronger alliances with your suppliers,
      staff, and clients.

    • How to remove your misconceptions about power so that you can step into
      your full potential.

    • … and much, more more

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