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Jeffrey J. Fox

Jeffrey Fox is the founder and president of Fox & Company, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that specializes in marketing strategy development, innovation enhancement, selling skills training, branding, and various applications of a proprietary value-selling methodology called dollarization. Jeffrey is the winner of Sales & Marketing Management magazine's Outstanding Marketer Award; winner of the American Marketing Association's Outstanding Marketer in Connecticut; and the National Industrial Distributors award as the Nation's Best Industrial Marketer. Jeffrey Fox is an accomplished consultant, popular speaker, and the acclaimed author of a series of hard-hitting international business best-sellers. Jeffrey graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He served as Trustee of Trinity College and has won several alumni awards, including Person of the Year.
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  1. How to Be a Rainmaker

    How to Be a Rainmaker

    Whether you call them clients, patients, students, buyers, or guests, customers are the reason your organization, your position, and your paycheck exist. So figuring out new and better ways to find good customers and hang on to them is everybody's job.

    There's a name for people who are able to identify the customer-grabbing, revenue-generating power in their particular job and maximize it at every possible opportunity. They're called rainmakers.

    Rainmakers can be trusted to get their job done quickly and well. But most importantly, no matter what their job is, they always do it with the bottom line in mind: creating more customers and more cash. That's why it's the rainmakers of the world who are showered with raises, promotions, bonuses, referrals, new business, perks, and praise of all kinds.

    In How to Be a Rainmaker: Unexpected Rules for Business and Personal Success, best selling author and renowned marketing consultant Jeffrey Fox reveals the myth-busting, convention-blasting strategies, techniques, and ideas used by today's most successful men and women across the job spectrum to grab customers, generate cash, and distinguish themselves as superstars in their fields. In these 12 information-packed sessions, you'll discover:
    • How to burn your brand onto peoples' imaginations.
    • 13 steps to leaving a compelling voice mail message.
    • The "magic" time and place to hold a client meeting.
    • Three things NOT to do when you're traveling on business.
    • The message your marketing must always communicate.
    • The disastrous response to a market slowdown that's also the most common.
    • One thing you should always have in a headline.
    • "Bad" words you should never use in advertising.
    • The truth about the customer always being right.
    • Remarkably easy ways for you to gain the critical edge.
    • And so much more!
    Rainmakers are men and women who are out there every day getting it done: bettering their organizations and businesses, enjoying their jobs, moving up, making great money, and giving themselves and their families the life they always dreamed of. These rules are how they do it. Follow them, and you're guaranteed to make that critical leap from merely good to truly GREAT and to reap all of the fantastic personal, professional, and financial rewards that go along with it!
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