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Jim Loehr, Nick Hall, and Jack Groppel

Nick Hall, Ph.D. A pioneer in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology, Dr. Hall has been featured on "60 Minutes," "Night-line," "Nova," and the Emmy Award-winning "The Healing Mind." His work has also been described in Discover, Medical World News, Elle, and Fame. He was a consultant to the Time-Life series entitled Journey Through the Mind and Body and a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, and has served on numerous review committees for the National Institutes of Health. Nick is the author of the groundbreaking Nightingale-Conant programs, I Know What to Do, So Why Don't I Do It? and Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.

Jim Loehr, Renowned sports psychologist Dr. Loehr's client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as world-class athletes Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Nick Faldo, Mike Richter, Eric Lindros, and Dan Jansen. The bestselling author of 12 books and the recipient of the International Hall of Fame's Educational Merit Award, he has appeared on the "Today Show," "Nightline," "CBS Morning News," and CNN, and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Newsweek, and other publications.

Jack Groppel, Ph.D. An internationally recognized authority on the application of sports science to human performance, Dr. Groppel speaks and consults regularly with Fortune 500 companies, often sharing the stage with notables such as Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Mary Lou Retton, and Christopher Reeve. He has advised world-class athletes, including tennis pros John McEnroe, Stan Smith, Michael Chang, and the Chicago White Sox baseball team, and is the author of the Anti-Diet Book and tape program.

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  1. Optimal Health

    Optimal Health

    Achieve Mind/Body Mastery!

    Science now knows that the mind and body are interconnected to an extent far surpassing previous assumptions and that physical health and emotional well-being are closely linked. The stress of everyday life—often marked by extended working hours, unhealthy environments, greater demands, and chaotic commutes—presents a formidable challenge to the state of good health, optimal health.

    Optimal health transcends the mere absence of disease. It is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being—what athletes call the Ideal Performance State—in which calmness, energy, humor, confidence, and focus prevail.

    This revolutionary program will show you how to use nutrition, exercise, and even acting techniques to enjoy optimal health and quality living. You’ll also learn how to:

    • Empower yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically
    • Strengthen your immune, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems
    • Make the food-mood connection and use it to your advantage
    • Implement alternatives to mainstream drugs and supplements
    • Determine your ideal menu choices
    • Transform negative emotions and influences into powerful, positive ones for a happier, more productive life
    • Increase your motivation and self-confidence for greater personal effectiveness
    • Use relaxation techniques that can spare you stress and possibly even save
      your life

    There exists within each of us an internal healing system capable of transforming our bodies and minds. To access it, you need to recognize and use the relationships between your emotions, stress level, and immune system.

    Optimal Health will show you how to use your internal healing system to overcome the unhealthy conditions in today’s world and, better yet, to achieve your Ideal Performance State every day.

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