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Jordan Goodman

Jordan E. Goodman is America's Money Answers Man when it comes to retirement investing and personal finance. His frequent speeches, workshops, and media guest appearances around the country help him keep his finger on the pulse of consumers' and investors' financial interests. Mr. Goodman is a regular contributor to Public Radio International's Marketplace Morning Report. He has appeared frequently on NBC's The Today Show, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, and Nightline. For 18 years, Mr. Goodman was on the editorial staff of Money magazine, where he served as Wall Street Correspondent, in addition to his role as weekly financial analyst on NBC News at Sunrise for 9 years. He is also the author of several best-selling books, including Everyone's Money Book and the Everyone's Money Book series and co-author of Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms and Barron's Finance & Investment Handbook.
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  1. How to Retire Rich

    How to Retire Rich

    What does "retiring rich" mean to you? For some, a rich retirement is one of travel and adventure, for others it is a condo in Florida - full of relaxed leisure. For some, it is the free time to spend with one's grandchildren without any financial worries, for others it is the financial means to contribute to charitable causes and volunteer one's time without the pressure of "paying the bills."

    Now is your chance to personally plan your retirement so that you too can look forward to a future filled with an abundance of leisure time, laughter, joy, and ultimate financial freedom. In How to Retire Rich: Create Your "Second Life" by Following Your Fortune Formula, America's Money Answers Man and retirement expert Jordan Goodman gets up close and personal with you about building your specific plan to financial freedom. In this comprehensive program Jordan dispels several age-old retirement myths and shares everything you'd ever want to know about the pitfalls and benefits of various retirement lifestyle and investment options that are available to you.

    To launch you into the planning mode, Jordan provides you with a Retirement Readiness Checklist that will assist you in establishing just how ready you are to retire. You'll then take a Life Goals Inventory profile to assist you in clarifying your existing goals and building a foundation for your unique vision for your retirement. Then you'll follow one or more of our patented "fortune formulas" and your Dreamscape Action List for turning your retirement dreams into reality.

    Jordan introduces you to a myriad of exceptional tools, concepts, and strategies that cover the full gamut of preparatory work that you will need to do for your retirement. Following his advice to create your own personally tailored plan will not only free you of the burden of an unpredictable future, but it can also be a fun-filled and personally rewarding undertaking.

    Included in your Fortune Formula Retirement Planning Kit you will find:
    • Your Retirement Readiness, Life Goals Inventory, and Dreamscape Action Checklists.
    • A massive array of simple and user-friendly tables and spreadsheets to assist you in successful preparation and financial planning for your retirement.
    • A listing of the 9 Keys to Intelligent Stock Investing.
    • An explanation of the 5 Categories of Stocks and hot tips on how to effectively invest for the future.
    • A breakdown of the 10 Investment Risks.
    • A listing of the 6 Tough Questions to ask in evaluating an early retirement offer.
    • An action plan on how you can get the best insurance deals.
    • Strategies for fool-proofing your plans and arranging your estate to avoid additional costs.
    • The 10 Action Steps that you can take to effectively survive economic downturn.
    • …And much, much more!
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