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Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra

Marianne is featured in publications ranging from Newsweek to Vanity Fair. She has been called a visionary - "the voice of her generation". A compassionate and compelling public speaker, her lectures on the spiritual psychotherapy and interpretations of "A Course In Miracles" have won critical acclaim and consistently are sold-out worldwide. She is the best-selling author of the audio seminar "Live".

In 1985, Deepak Chopra left a successful and highly regarded position as chief of staff at The New England Memorial Hospital in Stoneham, Massachusetts, in order to dedicate his life to expanding the impact and effectiveness of conventional medicine. Today he is nationally recognized in the holistic health field for popularizing Ayurveda, India's ancient system of natural healing and one of the fastest forms of alternative treatment in America. Through his extensive research and teachings-he has taught at Tufts and Boston University Medical Schools-Dr. Chopra has discovered practical and achievable skills that enable people to take control of their lives, remain more robust and youthful as they age, and access the body's unlimited natural pharmacy-the keys to perfect health and total well-being. Dr. Chopra is the author of several audio books -Ageless Body-Timeless Mind, Magical Mind-Magical Body and The Higher Self.

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  1. The Spirit of Success

    The Spirit of Success

    Economic challenges often present a unique opportunity to understand the difference between money and wealth. Money is a symbol that expresses how we value ourselves and others and also represents society’s values at a particular time and place in history. Wealth, on the other hand, is a state of consciousness that represents generosity of spirit that translates into material abundance.

    In the powerful and unique program recorded live in front of a sold-out audience, you’re presented solutions to some of the toughest challenges at this time in our generation. For the first time together Marianne Williamson and Dr. Deepak Chopra will take you through an in-depth understanding of consciousness as a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite energy and infinite abundance.

    To begin, Marianne will guide you in the realization of your career as a spiritual journey, viewing your path to success as an initiation into your higher self. She will teach you how to tap into the Law of Divine Compensation – the power of love to compensate for any limitations in the material world. Through devotion, prayer, meditation, forgiveness and compassion for self and others, you will activate your miraculous power to turn limited probabilities into unlimited possibilities.

    In The Spirit of Success, you’ll learn:

    • How to create a mind-map of your soul
    • How to become a person who sees things differently
    • Two extremes of consciousness
    • Effortless spontaneity
    • And much more

    Using a combination of techniques involving silent brain-storming, mind-mapping, and finding creative opportunities in perceived problems, Deepak will then take you through an updated experience of the spiritual laws that create success in all its’ forms.

    This program, The Spirit of Success, promises to be intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, grounded in both meta-physics and science, and will teach you how to reinvest yourself and your business or career, respond appropriately to any challenge your face, and reactivate the spirit of success.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and expert in the area of holistic healing.  His writings on how people can change their lives using the mind-body connection have been translated into 22 languages and have inspired thousands the world over.  Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being in LaJolla, California, Dr. Chopra has popularized Ayurveda, India’s ancient yet timeless system of natural healing.  He is recognized internationally for his breadth of experiential wisdom and knowledge, and he is the author of many best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs including Magical Mind, Magical Body.

    Marianne Williamson is the number one New York Times best-selling author of A Return to Love, A Woman’s Worth, Healing the Soul of America, Enchanted Love, and Illuminata. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have inspired spiritual seekers the world over. She is also featured in Nightingale-Conant’s pre-eminent audio programs The Principles of Everyday Grace and The Ten Bridges of Transformation. Marianne continues to inspire audiences on a global scale as she lectures internationally in the fields of spirituality and new thought.

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