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Michael Wickett

More than a dozen years of research and experience have enabled Mike Wickett to bring his state-of-the-art approach to building better client relationships to companies all across America. With a wide range of powerful yet easy-to-use techniques, he knows exactly what it takes to increase sales and profitability, enhance productivity and move organizations far ahead of the competition. Mr. Wickett is equally adept at building successful internal relationships throughout companies, revealing how to establish the sort of winning teams that share in a new, powerful type of communication that enables everyone at every level to understand each others needs. Remarkably, Mr. Wickett is also a leading authority on building effective sales skills, a recognized expert on handling objections, building new and valuable questioning and listening skills and mastering closing techniques that lead to successful sales. Mike Wickett is also the author of one of the best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs - It's All Within Your Reach.
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  1. Forgive and Be Free to Create Your Ideal Life

    Forgive and Be Free to Create Your Ideal Life

    Welcome to a program that will change your whole life - a program that will help you to create the life of your dreams. Michael Wickett has been a professional speaker and seminar leader for 22 years. He has been recording success strategies and prosperity principles since 1982. For Michael, this is the most exciting program that he has ever been involved with. It is a culmination of twelve years’ of his most passionate efforts. The embodiment of this program contains the great secret to peace and personal power. It is simply the principle of forgiveness. As you will hear, the principle of forgiveness will open up your world to unlimited opportunities.

    When you hear the word ‘forgiveness’, you may have an interesting reaction. Many people interpret it in different ways. If we go back several thousand years when the language of the time was Aramaic, the word forgiveness meant letting go, canceling out. And that is exactly the way that it is meant in this program.

    You see, there are two ways you can change your life. First, you can change your life by putting in new information, new ideas. Secondly, you can change your life by letting go of old stuff. After listening to Michael’s program, you will be convinced that the most powerful is the latter. We can quickly change our life and open up the wonderful new possibilities if we let go of all negativity, all of the old baggage inside of us. This is a powerful, life-changing principle, letting go of the wreckage of the past, letting go of all the old hurts, the bitterness, the resentment, the anger, even the hatred. This sole principle will help you be more peaceful and joyous on the inside than you could ever realize. This is the golden key to creating a life of unlimited abundance and good fortune.

    In this program, you’re going to hear stories – powerfully moving stories - about people that had the courage to forgive. People who had the courage to let go of the anger and rage that had lived within them for years and years and years. You will hear of people who had the courage to forgive somebody who created the most hurtful thing that had ever happened in their whole life. These stories will inspire you to examine your own life and give you the courage to move forward. And as you listen to them, ask yourself, what could happen in my life if I did that? What could happen in my life if I just let go?

    And that’s why this program was created - to support you in your on-going journey to peace and inner-happiness. You are supported in creating the life of your dreams. You deserve to be happy, to have a wonderful, joyous, fulfilling life. And if you’re not experiencing that, something inside of you is blocking it. In this program, you’ll be given the six most powerful tools to guide you on the road to total forgiveness.

    Just some of the benefits of Forgive and Be Free to Create are:

    • You will increase your self-esteem
    • You will feel happier than you ever have before
    • You’ll feel more peaceful
    • You’ll be able to focus more clearly

    Anger, sarcasm and bitterness will leave your life. You’ll come to the powerful realization that everyone did do the best they could. Get through life’s toughest situations and move on with the rest of your life

    Let’s start the process of forgiveness. Many times, it isn’t easy. It can require enormous courage because sometimes we have built a case against someone that is so strong we don’t want to let it go. But, the quality of your life is at stake here.

    We have the power at any time to make a fresh start. Let’s make a new beginning and move beyond all of the old bitterness because life is now and all of the good fortune that is available to every person resides in the present. And if we’re carrying around all the pain of the past, we can’t function in the now. We literally miss the beauty that is in the now. And that’s what this program is about, that you can create a life of happiness, fulfillment and prosperity so that you can live your dreams instead of hungering for them as so many millions of people do.

    Today, you can make a brand new start. Leave the past behind and get on with your life. It takes a lot of courage to forgive, maybe more courage than you’ve ever had to call upon. This program will give you that courage. When we hate or resent, we give away our power. When you forgive, you reclaim your power. You reclaim your life. You reclaim your God-given ability to create a life that really, really, really works.

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