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Pamela Dunn

Pamela Dunn is an inspirational speaker, minister, and the founder of Center in Love & Truth, an Innerfaith Ministry focused on the integration of all areas of life.  Her work unleashes people's magnificence while helping them to find balance on all levels - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Pamela has over 13 years of experience in developing and  teaching personal and professional development courses including Global Relationship Centers' Understanding Yourself & Others (UYO) and Loving Yourself & Others (LYO).  She also assisted in the development of Global's Generating Results Cooperatively and New Center Owner Training courses in addition to teaching Instructor Candidates and individuals.  In July of 2006, Pamela became the President of Global Relationship Centers and in December of 2007, she became new owner of this dynamic community oriented organization.

She created The Peaceful Project, a program for juveniles on probation and their parents designed to guide the entire family toward wholeness, personal responsibility, and alternatives to violence.  Her vision for the world is simply one in which every man, woman, and child lives each day - each moment - experiencing the fulfillment of their soul's purpose, their soul's magnificence.

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  1. Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

    Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

    Spend ONE FULL YEAR in an uninterrupted
     state of intense and rapid spiritual growth!

    You could spend the next year much the way you spent the last one: thinking the same thoughts, taking the same actions, and getting the same results. Or, you could make this the most memorable, miraculous, and genuinely transformational year of your entire life! 

    Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence’s groundbreaking structure is designed to guide and mentor  you step by step through ONE FULL YEAR of soul awakening and enlightenment. 

    The complete system includes 12 Compact Discs featuring 52 individual, self-contained yet interconnected audio sessions. Each session revolves around a different spiritual theme, and is intended to provide you with a week’s worth of focused activity, reflection and meditation.

    In addition to the 12 CDs, you will receive two extensive workbooks containing exercises that correspond to and integrate with each of the 52 audio sessions, and provide additional insight into the ideas you encounter as you listen.

    As you progress through the audio, workbook and meditation sessions over the course of a year, you will:

    • Clarify and define the results you want to achieve in your life right now
    • Make some simple and surprising changes that will dramatically increase the likelihood that your intentions will materialize
    • Learn how to tune in, trust, and heed the guidance of your intuition so that you can avoid the kinds of mistakes and missteps you have made in the past
    • Realign your boundaries so that they welcome and accommodate more good things, while still remaining protective
    • Recognize your feelings — even the negative ones — as the voice of God, and learn how to correctly understand and effectively utilize their messages
    • Why “spiritual responsibility” is the key to getting everything you want, and the five-step process for developing it
    • Amazing and unexpected new ways for you to connect with God
    • And SO MUCH MORE!

    This program’s powerful combination of auditory experience and hands-on activity enables you to deeply and completely engage the material at every level: right and left brain … conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The amazing result is one entire year of continuous, ever-present, virtually uninterrupted active spiritual engagement — of a kind that would be next to impossible on your own.

    The Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence is one that will bring you home to yourself at last … home to the magnificence of who you truly desire to be.

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