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Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist, the founder of five companies, and the author of eight bestselling books published in 24 languages. He served as an economic adviser to two U.S. presidents and for 21 years was an award-winning professor at NYU. After receiving his MBA from Wharton in 15 months, Pilzer became Citibank’s youngest officer at age 22 and its youngest vice president at age 25, earning his first $1 million by age 25 and his first $10 million by age 30. Pilzer lives in Utah with his wife and four children, where they are all avid snowboarders, mountain bikers, and chess players.

Paul is also the author of the bestselling Nightingale-Conant program The Fountain of Wealth.

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  1. The Fountain of Wealth

    The Fountain of Wealth

    What if you could spend the day with a former VP at Citibank and Economic Advisor to President Reagan?
    Would you want to know where he invests his money? Where he sees the areas of business and wealth opportunities in the next one, two or three years?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who was the Valedictorian of Wharton Business School and multi-millionaire at age 26? Would you want to know what businesses he has started? His secrets for entrepreneurial success?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who's advised some of the most successful retail corporations in the world on how to market and distribute their products? Would you want to know his favorite websites? What he buys and from whom? His ideas for getting the best value for your money as a consumer?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who has done the definitive research on the next trillion dollar industry-The Wellness Industry? Would you want to know what he thinks the trends will be for this remarkable industry in the next ten years? How about his advice on starting a wellness business of your own? Or, how your existing business can take advantage of these trends?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who made millions in his twenties, advised Presidents in his thirties and decided to slow down and start a family in his forties? Would you be interested to hear his definition of "true wealth?" Would you want to know how he integrates a high quality family life, with a high-stress
    professional life?

    In this life-changing program, The Fountain of Wealth, you will spend a day with a such a man-his name is Paul Zane Pilzer. Most people know Paul as an economist, who covers the global issues that affect all of our individual lives. But here, for the first time ever, Paul will share his personal secrets for success-a side of Paul only his students at New York University have ever been able to witness. Never before has all of this "insider" information been organized in one place, in one incredible product, presented an organized with one central purpose in mind: increasing your personal
    wealth and happiness.

    Listen and learn as Paul uncovers the immense opportunities that exist for everyone in our capitalistic economy and teaches you how to create wealth with those opportunities through a process he calls "economic alchemy." Far from a polyanna approach, the Six Laws of Economic Alchemy will give you the "big picture" of how our economy truly operates and empower you to create a better life for yourself, your family and your customers. These laws will reveal how our economy is like an eternal "Fountain" of wealth, increasing the quality of choices available in every arena of life. Using this process as a foundation, Paul then shows how these laws can be applied to several areas of your individual life. You'll learn:

    • How to "quit, before you're fired" and other new rules for career success.
    • How to "weave" work and family and forget "balance."
    • Why the distinction between "entrepreneurs" and "employees" has been blurred.
    • The "fifty percent rule" for deciding whether to leave your current employer.
    • The new financial strategies for the new economy; including mutual funds, real estate, tax-deferred vehicles, and intellectual property.
    • Why the concept of "retirement" was an anomaly, and not even desirable.
    • How to stake your claim in the next trillion-dollar market.
    • How to take advantage of the wealth of choices on the internet.
    • Why in the new economy, contrary to popular wisdom, community and relationships have never been better.
    • How to get more of the wealth that money can't buy.

    Finally, in one place, you have an OPERATING MANUAL FOR SUCCESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. The Fountain of Wealth will completely revolutionize the way you see life-as a businessperson, as a consumer, as a parent, and as a spiritual being.

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  2. The Entrepreneurial Challenge

    The Entrepreneurial Challenge

    Did you know that nine out of 10 successful entrepreneurs leave their company when things are good? They don’t wait until times are tough. They don’t wait for the boss to drop the pink-slip bomb on them. They don’t wait for others to control their life.

    They take action. They stay in control. They move when the opportunity is right, not when things are desperate.

    Because of this you need to plan your escape today, right now. You really have no choice but to become an entrepreneur. And The Entrepreneurial Challenge by Paul Zane Pilzer will show you how!

    Paul has put together a totally unique program that will show you the right business for you, help you determine when the right time to get started is, and tell you exactly how you need to do it. His program will help you make that walk to your boss’s office you always dreamed about.

    For almost three decades, Paul has been acclaimed as a world-famous author and global economist. His work and his photo have been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications.

    But, until recently, no one but a handful of individuals have been aware of Paul’s extensive involvement in starting, running, managing, and selling businesses.

    In fact, Paul has started, financed, or helped run more than 21 different businesses in the past 15 years alone. That is more than most people do in their lifetime!

    This new program, from the author of the Nightingale-Conant classic The Fountain of Wealth, comes straight from Paul’s heart. He holds nothing back.

    Inside The Entrepreneurial Challenge, he will tell you all about his victories, successes, and wild profits... but he is also going to tell you about the failures and mistakes so that you can avoid those same pitfalls.

    Unlike most programs that encourage you to buy into their program, Paul’s is designed to help you discover the very best business for you, personally, and then help you successfully start it and run it profitably... without losing an ounce of your
    personal freedoms.

    Paul personally guarantees that you will be amazed with The Entrepreneurial Challenge. Inside you will find:

    • The 10 most valuable skills needed by entrepreneurs today
    • Detailed information on how to choose the best business opportunity, uniquely suited for you
    • Special insights on what it really takes to start a business today. This is no-holds-barred reality so you know exactly what you’re getting into
    • A detailed report on the “10 Best Businesses to Start and Expand Now,” including a complete pattern you can use to evaluate any business
    • Inside information on financing, running, managing, and growing your new business
    • Powerful counsel about how to take an existing business to the next level, including restructuring it and integrating new and future technologies to reduce or eliminate transaction costs and maximize your personal freedoms
    • Complete information on how to successfully become an “intrepreneur” by combining your company’s existing resources with your personal skills and abilities to create a powerful win-win situation that ensures that you never see a pink slip and make substantially more money than you could as a regular employee of
      the company
    • And so much more. In all, you’ll receive 6 CDs and a comprehensive printed 104-page Guidebook... everything you need to fully participate in the coming Golden Age for Entrepreneurs.

    The greatest percentages of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. Our new economy is about to produce similar success stories. Paul wants YOU to be one of them — for your sake, for the sake of your children, and for the sake of the world!

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