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Peter McLaughlin

Peter McLaughlin has been rated one of the best business speakers in the country. For many years, he has shown people how to develop the habits and lifestyles necessary for enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional abilities — key tools for success in today’s business world of increased competition and quick change. His clients have included AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM, and PepsiCo. Peter’s work has been featured in USA Today and on CNN, in addition to numerous other publications and programs. He is the president of McLaughlin Company.
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  1. Unlimited Energy

    Unlimited Energy

    Energize your life for unlimited success!

    Humor, relaxation, proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and positive thinking are what lead to high energy levels that make up the foundation of a happy and successful life. This life-altering program not only will help you adopt a positive, productive mindset, but, with a strategic diet and exercise program, will train and fuel your body to deliver optimal results.

    You will finally perform in your “energy zone” — where energy, confidence, calmness, flexibility, focus, and fun combine to create a fulfilling and vital life — as you learn how to:

    • Thrive in a high-pressure world
    • Master the positive mental attitudes that lead to success
    • Eat and exercise for optimal performance and longevity
    • Break up stress and fatigue with a program of rest and relaxation
    • Use humor to relieve stress and solidify relationships
    • Create an energizing work and home environment and energize the people around you
    • And more!

    Armed with the tools you’ll find in Unlimited Energy, you will emerge refreshed and active after a long day’s work, enjoy performing common tasks you may have previously dreaded, and find a renewed pleasure in every activity. With an abundance of energy, stamina, and vigor, you will perform at your highest level.

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