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Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson is one of the UK's leading strategists in the areas of communication and personal and business growth. He has a very diverse history and, along with his other ventures, has been a very successful entrepreneur. Having started in business in 1972, he built and sold 3 successful companies, enabling him to retire at age 42. Far from living the leisurely life, however, Peter is an active public speaker, motivator, and writer, having published 3 books, 6 tips booklets, and over a dozen audio programs with Nightingale-Conant. One of his most recent acquisitions has been an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters) from The American Intercontinental University for his work in communication skills and helping others to succeed in life.
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  1. The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators

    The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators

    When you investigate the most powerful and influential people in the world, you will discover that they all have something in common. Effective communication.

    Whether they personally possess such skills or have hired a support team that did, ultimately, effective communication was one of the fundamental keys to their success. Using the principles of powerful communication, they developed the ability to influence others in a profound way, all the while winning both respect and admiration.

    Now you have an opportunity to have a glimpse into their world and uncover the best-kept secrets of the world's most successful communicators. In this revolutionary program, you will learn the secrets that have been shared only by the fortunate few. World-renowned communications expert Peter Thomson is not only an incredible communicator himself, but he has also worked with some of the most influential communicators the world over! Based on over 20 years of experience, this program provides you with a multitude of theories, practical tools, and exercises that, if practiced and applied, can make you a much more charismatic and influential communicator.

    You will learn the powerful art of persuasion and discover that effective communication branches out well beyond mere words. Body language, intention, positioning, and many other factors all play a significant part in dynamic communication. Peter has an exceptional gift for making the unconscious aspects of communication conscious. As he shares his secrets with you, you will uncover the myriad skills that can go into making you a more compelling and dynamic communicator. Integrating these practices into all your endeavors, whether in a social or business context, will help you maximize your persuasive powers and have a much greater impact on those with whom you interact.

    In The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators, you'll learn:

    • Active listening techniques and the impact they have on enhancing your personal and professional relationships.
    • How to handle difficult communication situations with very little effort and a great deal of effectiveness.
    • The hidden power of questions: those questions to ask that will turn potentially challenging situations into winning achievements.
    • How to be even more confident and persuasive in any endeavor that you pursue.
    • Body language - how to read others and spot whether people are lying or telling the truth.

    As you implement these strategies, you just might surprise yourself with how much the quality of your life will improve. The possibilities are endless.

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  2. The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers

    The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers

    Do what great achievers do so you can have what great achievers have!

    You already know the formula for success: Do what great achievers do, and you’ll have what great achievers have. The trick is knowing what those things are and which of them will bring you the fastest, most explosive, most sustainable results.

    Peter Thomson spent more than eight years of intense inquiry identifying the “do” part of the success equation, and what he “has” as a result numbers in the many millions of dollars (and counting!) — just like the extraordinarily high-achieving men and women whose secrets he uncovered.

    In The Best-Kept Secrets of the World’s Great Achievers, Thomson reveals more than 70 of these little-known, highly prized, and extremely effective secrets to you, including:

    • A way to predict and prevent the mistakes you’re going to make before you make them.
    • 6 key questions to ask any time you set out to achieve anything important.
    • How to earn the money you rightfully deserve.
    • How to apply the Strangest Secret instantaneously, dramatically, and pervasively.
    • How to easily outdistance your competitors by taking one simple action.
    • How to use pool balls and light bulbs to maximize your problem-solving ability.
    • The “Focused Five” process for eliminating all unnecessary tasks.
    • 2 items you must carry with you at all times.
    • What you need to do the next time (and everytime) you experience rejection.
    • Which rules of living you can throw right out the window.
    • The first thing you should think about in the morning.
    • How to influence people to act the way you want and events to turn out the way you want.
    • 7 steps to starting what you finish.
    • A scientific formula for increasing your success.
    • A revolutionary new way to create a to-do list.
    • The little-known reason why virtually all great achievers are rich.

    And much more!

    In The Best-Kept Secrets of the World’s Great Achievers, you’re also going to get to “eavesdrop” on some of the very episodes that unearthed these secrets in the first place. In these live one-on-one conver-sations, you’ll hear from several of the high-achieving individuals Peter spoke with in the process of his inquiry. They reveal to him and to you not just their secrets, but the real-life stories that prove their power. Stories that leave you with a briefcase full of tools you can go out and use the very next day.

    When you’re a truly great achiever, you have all the money you want and need … a career you love and excel at … the freedom and time to do what you want, when you want … and complete peace of mind about the future. Start using the more than 70 secrets uncovered by Peter Thomson in this program, and experience this magnificent reality for yourself!
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