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The 24 Laws of Influence

By Robert Pino

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6 CDs, Writable PDF Workbook
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In The 24 Laws of Influence, bestselling author Robert Pino shares with you the key success factors of business leaders, charismatic people, and people who are successful in all areas of life. People who have that “X-factor.”
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What makes a leader a true leader? A great leader? Why is it that some people have such charisma about them that you can feel it when they walk into a room? How is it possible that some people get their message across with power and crystal clarity with an almost magical consistency? Well, maybe they’ve listened to Robert Pino!

In The 24 Laws of Influence, bestselling author, strategist, executive coach, and TV personality Robert Pino shares with you what he himself has been studying for years — what the key success factors are of business leaders, thought leaders, charismatic people, and people who are successful in all areas of life. People who have that “X-factor.”

Robert teaches you not only the proven methods of power and control, but also how to make them part of your everyday life. Based on advanced psychological techniques, science, and profound and practical examples, Robert distilled the 24 Laws of Influence that are now widely used by politicians, negotiators, and celebrities all over the world and presents them to you. For more than two decades, Robert has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of people get to the next level by utilizing these 24 laws. With humor, zest, and passion, he teaches you consciously and unconsciously how to apply the 24 laws in almost every situation.

With Robert as your coach, here are some of the laws you’ll learn:

Law number 2 — You are the influencer and the influenced.
Law number 6 — Your intention rules.
Law number 19 —You influence by marking.
Law number 22 — You can display the perfection of imperfection.

And much, much more!

Melding the 24 laws into a complete strategy for success, you’ll soon discover that your effect on your family, your co-workers, and your community is one of unquestioned integrity, dedicated passion, and a consistently positive influence!

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