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Simple Truths

Quality, service, respect and integrity are key words used to describe core values; and it's your core values that will determine your success in business and in life. That is Simple Truths' reason for being. In fact, our company is based on three key beliefs:

We believe core values are critical for building strong brands and great companies.

We believe that continually reinforcing those values is necessary for employees and customers to "get it."

Lastly, we believe that less is usually more. Simple products with a memorable message and great design are what people will read and remember.

Our goal, like our name is simple... to help you reinforce what's most important. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Simple Truths' authors include Mac Anderson, Earl Nightingale, Tom Mathews, Marcy Blochowiak, Dee Groberg, Michael McMillan, Lance Wubbels, Bruce W. Heinmann, James A. Francis, Ken Blanchard, Barbara Glanz, and Todd Duncan.
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  1. The Simple Truths of Appreciation

    The Simple Truths of Appreciation

    The Simple Truths of Appreciation is a beautifully crafted gift book that incorporates amazing photography, powerful quotes and inspirational stories about how we can make a difference in the lives of others.



    Barbara Glanz has created an instant classic that takes you on a journey through 10 key principles of appreciation. If your looking for a great gift to recognize someone special or to simply say "Thank You", then this is the perfect gift.




    Ways to Use: Thank you gift to friends, family, customers or employees. A great door opener for prospecting.


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  2. The Dash

    The Dash

    Mac Anderson's Simple Truths book series
     The Dash by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson

    When Linda Ellis wrote her poem, The Dash, in one afternoon ten years ago, it would change her life forever. In 239 words, she captured the "Simple Truths" of why we were put on this earth.

    Since then, The Dash has been published hundreds of times in books, newspapers, magazines and company newsletters. It has also been read countless times at company meetings, graduations and funerals. In the last three years, Linda has received over one million e-mails thanking her for writing The Dash, and asking the question ... Where can I get a copy?

    Now you can! We proudly present this classic poem in a beautifully designed gift book along with nine simple truths from Mac Anderson about what we can do to make a difference with our lives. To your customers or your employees, give the gift of inspiration. It'll be one that keeps on giving.

    Ways to Use: Thank you gift, Anniversary gift to customers, employees, distributors, prospecting door opener, awards and recognition.

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  3. To a Child, Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

    To a Child, Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

    Mac Anderson's Simple Truths book series
     By Mac Anderson and Lance Wubbels

    With beautiful photographs, heartwarming quotes and inspirational insights, this book encourages parents to make time for what's most important in life.

    Best-selling authors Mac Anderson and Lance Wubbels offer inspirational insights on what parenting is all about. It's a little book with a powerful message. It will make you rethink life's priorities.

    Ways to Use: This is a perfect gift for any organization with children or parents as their focus (i.e., schools, hospitals, churches and various charities).

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