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Thomas Leonard

Thomas J. Leonard (1955 - 2003) is the founder of CoachVille, the world's largest association and training school for Personal Development and Corporate Coaches. Through Thomas' leadership, CoachVille has grown to 9,400 members in more than 70 countries across the globe. Thomas, along with input from over 1,000 members on the CoachVille Research & Development Team, developed a comprehensive program, the 28 Principles of Attraction, which is all-inclusive of not only all top coaching models, e-courses, and teleclasses, but also dozens of models on Personal Development and Growth. In 1992, Thomas founded Coach University which today is a world leader in coach training with over 6,000 coaches operating in 38 countries. In 1994, Thomas went on to found the International Coach Foundation which today is the largest association of professional coaches with over 130 chapters worldwide. Thomas has been featured in over 200 media outlets since 1996 including Newsweek, Time, Fortune, NBC Nightly News, The Los Angeles Times and the Times London.
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  1. The 28 Laws of Attraction

    The 28 Laws of Attraction

    Would you like your phone to ring more often with the right kind of calls? Would you like to get involved with better opportunities, things that are geared toward your passions in life? Would you like to attract people in your life who will help you reach your goals, dreams, and vision? Would you simply just like to have more time with your family?

    28 Laws of Attraction is a program developed to take the stress and confusion out of your life. If you're tired of forcing things, handing out boxes of business cards, constantly shaking hands with strangers, making uncomfortable cold calls, and attending every networking function within a 500-mile radius, then Thomas Leonard's 28 Laws of Attraction program is just what you need to streamline your life.

    With Thomas Leonard's time-tested, power-packed system, you'll walk away with an appreciation of how you can have things, people, and opportunities be attracted to you rather than your chasing after them. Thomas has found a way for success to find you. If you've chased success for many years, couldn't find it, never found it, or found it and lost it, you'll find that if you build your life around these 28 laws, just like Thomas, you'll wake up happy and go to bed happy each and every day.

    These principles are solid; they've been used by countless individuals to improve all aspects of their lives. Through exhaustive research in his personal life as well as his research and development team at CoachVille, which he founded, Thomas has gathered from what he has seen as the most powerful principles that make people successful and has honed them into an all-inclusive program. Thomas recommends that as you listen to the 28 laws, work them, get into them, and listen for the five that really touch you the most. That's all you need to get started with this program, it's as simple as that — and you'll be amazed at how quickly the changes start taking place.

    You'll gain supportive partners in the process. You'll find that as you become more attractive, you're going to attract more and more people to you who will then become the structural support you're going to need to take you from your idea to converting it into a revenue stream. It's a long process from raw idea to money in the checking account that sticks, and by using these principles, you'll increase the number of ideas that come to you as well as the quality of people that come to you in your life.

    In 28 Laws of Attraction you'll learn how to:

    * Get a fulfilling life, not just an impressive lifestyle
    * Eliminate delay - get things done on time
    * Show others how to please you and not make them guess
    * Deliver twice what you promise, in a reasonable amount of time
    * Unhook yourself from the future and live powerfully in the present
    * Master your craft and market your talents shamelessly
    * Establish priorities in your life to make time for what really matters to you, like family.

    As you apply these 28 attraction laws in your life, you'll gain the ability to define what success is for you. Because, after all, if you're going to be attracting things to yourself like a magnet, you want to make sure you're attracting the right things, and one of the ways to do that is to make sure you're familiar with what's most important to you, what your definition of success truly is.

    You will find things coming to you that hadn't come to you before or that things come to you a lot easier. No more chasing, no more hoping, no more waiting, no more wondering. Once you get started with this process, things will start happening to you. You can apply all of these laws - and what you're going to find as a result is opportunities will start finding you and you will never go back to the old way of chasing success.

    These 28 attraction laws will help you design and live the ultimate life that you were meant to live. As you continually deepen your relationship with these principles over time and they become the underpinnings of your life, your evolution as a person in mind, body, and spirit will help you live a life of meaning and abundance, staying true to your own personal vision. Let Thomas Leonard get you started on your own path to living an incredible life.
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