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The Optimism Advantage: 10 Qualities of Confident and Resilient People

By Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. and Terry Paulson, Ph.D.

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6 CDs & Writable PDF Workbook
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What if you could bolster your confidence, steamroll through obstacles, and instantly rebound from any setback simply by making a CHOICE every day? You CAN. Strengthened by 10 unique qualities, optimism becomes the choice that leads to vast results.
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Forget everything you thought you knew about optimism.

Because it’s not empty motivational hype. It’s not a Pollyanna approach to life. And it’s not a soft skill used by soft people to deal with a world they wish would treat
them better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because here’s the truth: Once you make the choice to engage the full power of optimism and leverage 10 essential qualities, it becomes one of the most life-electrifying choices you have at your disposal.

Introducing a powerful, humor-filled, and inspiring new audio program from two thought leaders—who also happen to be die-hard optimists—Dr. Tony Alessandra and
Dr. Terry Paulson.

It’s called The Optimism Advantage, and in it, Terry and Tony introduce real-world stories and practical strategies that turn positive psychological research into insights on how you can produce incredible results, year after year after year.

Simply listen, and you’ll trade feelings of frustration, doubt, and stress for the flexible optimism, innovative resourcefulness, and strategic persistence that the unshakably confident people exhibit every day.

Among the many benefits you’ll gain when you use their 10 qualities to wield the full power of optimism:

  • You’ll find your own Transforming Purpose that helps provide focus and meaning to the optimistic beliefs, choices, and actions you take.
  • You’ll learn to be Continually Adaptable by being flexible and embracing change in today’s economy and your workplace, and when dealing with people you love.
  • You’ll cultivate a Bias for Action to keep your life moving quickly toward the very goals you set.
  • You’ll build Unshakable Confidence, leading to awe-inspiring results.
  • You’ll learn to be Relationally Connected by building an optimistic network that works for you.

All told, you’ll gain dozens of ideas, strategies, and powerful insights found throughout these 6 CDs. Plus, you’ll also receive a workbook complete with questions and exercises to help you apply everything you learn about optimism.

You owe it to yourself to make a lasting difference in your personal and professional life.

The moment you embrace this unique level of optimism, you’ll think, feel, and behave differently. You’ll gain a belief in yourself you’ve never before known.

Make the choice now to order this first-of-its-kind program. Choose optimism. Choose The Optimism Advantage.

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