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Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary, considered by many to be the world's foremost presentation strategist, has traveled globally for almost two decades teaching others how to present with excellence. Driven from an early age, at 23, Tony became a self-made millionaire by helping others. He demonstrates his value by being extremely disciplined and organized and, as a result, a man of action. Tony has published more than three dozen books and resources on the subjects of presentations and success acceleration. In his Success Acceleration Studio, he personally coaches the Fortune 100's finest CEOs and presidents of companies like Wal-Mart, Ford, New York Life and Samsung, and has influenced hundreds of thousands in 36 countries.

Tony consistently provides best practices, benchmarking ideas, and business resources to his clients from over 15,000 personal connections. There are many words that could be used to describe Tony Jeary: coach, communication authority, speaker, celebrity, or even a "high-performance resource"; but his incredible track record of consistently exceeding expectations as a conference speaker, teacher, and author has earned him the title of Mr. Presentation™!
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  1. Communication Mastery

    Communication Mastery

    We've all heard the time-tested truth "Who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying." Yet it is equally true that people's perception of who you are is controlled by dozens of small actions that you take every day. How quickly you return emails and phone calls, how you dress, the manner in which you speak and listen, the quality of your work, the people you surround yourself with, and even the look of your business card - all speak volumes to others about the person you are.

    In short, every action you take, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is a form of communication.

    The key to being successful, and in particular, to communicating the essence of who you are to others, is to make sure your actions deliver a consistent
    and compelling message. A message you have predetermined ahead of time will help you to achieve your highest goals and objectives. A Perfect Message.

    In this compelling audio experience, Mr. Presentation™ - Tony Jeary - will give you his "insider information" on how to create your Perfect Message and how to deliver that Perfect Message with every action you take.

    The Perfect Message System you'll discover in Communication Mastery is the very same one CEOs from top Fortune 100 corporations pay Tony thousands of dollars to teach them. And once they have defined their Perfect Message, they've been able to radically simplify and focus their career plan, double and even triple their incomes, and increase their ability to influence and motivate others. They've also applied the Perfect Message System to their businesses, to focus their marketing messages and exponentially increase customer acquisition and bottom-line revenue - with the same product line and the same staff!

    With Communication Mastery, that same insider information is yours. Tony will act as your personal coach, giving you the essentials of his system, including:
    • The 8 essentials of the Perfect Message

    • The power of the "So What" Factor

    • The personality types you must be able to recognize and handle

    • The single word that will convince 93% of your listeners every time

    • And much, much more!
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