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This I Believe

By Vic Conant

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4 Compact Discs/1 Workbook
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In these warm, conversational sessions, Vic explores dozens of topics, including confidence, change, character, marriage, health, genius, retirement, sales success, leadership, teamwork, and much, much more.
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"It is with my utmost respect and warmth that I endorse my friend's teachings. Vic's unsurpassed desire for knowledge is an inspiration - a model for a life filled with passion, love, and success."
- Anthony Robbins, Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

When it comes to the question of how to live a successful life, Vic Conant may have given more thought to it, and encountered and absorbed more ideas about it, than just about anyone else on the planet. As the son of Nightingale-Conant's co-founder Lloyd Conant, and as the company's current Chairman of the Board, Vic has spent his life picking up and intimately examining every possible piece of the success puzzle. Thousands of ideas on how to live a happy, healthy, abundant, fulfilling life have come his way through the years, by hundreds and hundreds of authors from every point of view and place on the spectrum. He has considered them all and used many of them to achieve great success and fulfillment in his own life and help others to do the same.

In This I Believe: Timeless Lessons from the World's Greatest Student of Successful Living, Vic shares insights culled from a lifetime in the company of the greatest success ideas - and the greatest practitioners of those ideas - that the world has ever known.

Through reflections and personal stories, Vic reveals the success principles and practices that have had the greatest impact on his own career, marriage, and family, and that can have an immediate impact on yours.

In these warm, conversational sessions, Vic explores dozens of topics, including confidence, change, character, marriage, health, genius, retirement, sales success, leadership, teamwork, and much, much more.

Personal development isn't merely Vic Conant's job - it's his life. And with a 35-years-strong marriage, two terrific kids, a thriving business, and an unshakably positive attitude that has carried him through good times and bad, he is living proof of their incredible effectiveness.

Once you hear This I Believe, you will understand why Vic Conant is so widely admired, respected, and loved - and why the greatest success thinkers in the world routinely seek out his advice on how to improve their businesses and enrich their lives.

This I Believe By Vic Conant

Here's what other customers who have purchased This I Believe had to say about the program:

"[This I Believe] is perhaps the very best summary of some of the most helpful, practical, and inspiring ideas ever done in the field of success. Everybody should listen to it."
-Brian Tracy, author,
The Psychology of Achievement and Million Dollar Habits

"If there ever was 'the greatest student of successful living,' it has to be Vic Conant. [He] has been one of the greatest inspirations in my life."
-Denis Waitley, author,
The Psychology of Winning and The Seven Sacred Truths

"Vic Conant is the undisputed king of personal development."
-Roger Dawson, author,
The Secrets of Power Negotiating

"If there's one person on this planet who knows more about successful living than anyone else, it has to be Vic Conant. This I Believe … will change your life forever."
-Dolf De Roos, author,
Real Estate Riches

"Vic is truly a living, walking, talking example of the power of positive thinking and innovative ideas in achieving personal and professional success. Vic has grown up in this industry, cutting his teeth listening to the legends of motivation. Vic's mind, body, and soul are part and parcel of this great self-improvement transformation that has made a significant positive difference in the lives of millions. He lives the lessons."
-Ed Foreman, author,
Fully Alive, Fully Human

"Vic Conant … is the student of all students of the timeless wisdom of the ages. He is a quietly effective man who gets results. I'm proud to call him my friend."
-Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator,
Chicken Soup for the Soul, co-author, Dreams Don't Have Deadlines and The One-Minute Millionaire

"I first met Vic Conant when I came to Nightingale-Conant to record my Transforming Debt into Wealth program. I was nobody in particular, just another author that his staff had identified as having a potentially marketable information product. Yet Vic took the time to take me out to dinner that night and showed a real interest in my thoughts and ideas. Over the years, since then, I've come to understand that Vic's interest was more than just business courtesy. Ideas are what drive Vic Conant. He truly believes that this world is just a handful of ideas away from being a much better place and that individual lives can be revolutionized by one good idea. Vic's passion is to find and share life-changing, live-improving ideas. And for decades, he has done that more successfully than anyone in the world."
-John Cummuta, author,
Transforming Debt into Wealth

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