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  1. Jay Live in London

    Jay Live in London

    When it comes to making more money, most business owners think it will cost them more investment, more staff, more stock - and overlook the wealth that's right under their noses. During his career, business growth consultant Jay Abraham has probably made more money for his business clients than any other consultant alive today. He simply uses his almost magical ability to tap into the hidden assets and undiscovered opportunities that lie within most companies to create extraordinary growth.

    Jay Abraham attacks business problems in many different ways. Often he will take ideas from one industry and superimpose them on another with startling results. For some companies he restructures their entire business strategy; for others he improves entire selling approaches. Sometimes he changes the focus of where they sell or what they offer. Other times he re-engineers strategic alliances.

    Frequently he will "leverage up" a company's distribution network or business relationship to mine far greater results out of it.

    In this exciting live recording The Abraham Marketing and Business Growth Seminar Jay Live in London you'll learn how you can use the hidden potential that lies within your business to outstrip your competitors.
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  2. 62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profits

    62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profits

    How to make your business insanely
     profitable on a shoestring budget!

    This program shows you how to dominate your market, snatch business away from your competition and outthink, outmaneuver, outwit, outpace, outsell, and outperform every competitor in your field - large or small!

    New! The ultimate guerrilla marketing master and legend, Jay Conrad Levinson, reveals explosive new marketing secrets and tactics that have never been published before!

    • A pizza restaurant in Ohio saw a 30% increase in sales - by changing its flyers to Post-it notes that looked like UPS delivery notices!
    • A retail store in Florida held a special "Christmas Wish List" event and reported a record sales day - in just three hours!
    • A law firm doubled its sales by putting business cards inside law books at the local law library!
    • A marketing company hosted a blood drive for their community and got tons of free attention from local TV and radio stations. Sales shot up 22%!
    • A software firm launched a new product for locksmiths by giving samples to locksmith schools. Sales went through the roof - without a marketing budget!
    • A computer paper company in New Jersey ran quarterly contests for new product ideas from customers - sales multiplied by 17 times in only three years!

    These examples all illustrate one fact - businesses can grow their profits without spending lots of money. If you own a business or are thinking of starting one, start thinking big! There's tons of money to be made, and you can get more than your share if you're smart - even if you don't have lots of money to spend!

    62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profits will stimulate hundreds of breakthrough ideas for you to ponder. Quite simply, the program takes a revolutionary approach to marketing that is more powerful than any other marketing force you've ever encountered before!

    Jay Levinson is like a walking encyclopedia of marketing insight. For example, he'll
    teach you:

    • Why it's a fatal mistake to use only one or two marketing tactics at a time. It's critical that you methodically and systematically implement new marketing tactics and weapons to grow your business. 62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profits will show you how you can implement one or more new strategies per week by investing as little as 10 minutes to an hour. It's a small investment of your time, but the returns are enormous.
    • Why marketing doesn't have to be expensive. As the title indicates, 62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profits proves to you that the best ways to market your business are also the cheapest. Your knowledge, energy, and imagination are what will make your business insanely profitable, not big spending.

    You'll also learn:

    • The one secret that will help you save time, reach new markets, compete with the giants, customize your market, dazzle customers with your service and caring, and make quantum leaps in efficiency
    • Why cooperation is vastly more important than competition in today's business environment, and how viewing your competitors as enemies can actually hurt
      your profits
    • How to turn complaining customers into your most valuable asset
    • How to make your advertising make money, and how to avoid the 25 mistakes that cause most advertising to fail
    • How to create superb television commercials and avoid the 10 pitfalls of bad commercials (Did you know that some cable stations offer spots for as little as $12?)
    • Your deadliest marketing enemy - how to avoid the single factor responsible for 68% of all business that is lost
    • Twenty-four ways to make your marketing and advertising budgets work harder
      for you
    • Plus many more secrets that are guaranteed to drive your business profits to
      new heights!

    As soon as you abandon traditional views of what marketing is, you will begin to open up vast new worlds of opportunity for your business. Jay Levinson will show you over 100 of today's most effective marketing methods, 62 of which are free. His program paves new ground, and it's simply not available anywhere else, except through Nightingale-Conant.

    I can't wait to tell you how you can get your hands on this, the ultimate business-building, profit-boosting program ever created. But before I go any further, I want to share one more renegade marketing tactic with you.

    It's the perfect program for the marketer or business owner, whether it's business to business, small business, home based business, direct marketing, email marketing or internet marketing.

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  3. Sell Your Way to the Top

    Sell Your Way to the Top

    Zig Ziglar can put money in your pocket! Discover the 44 proven best ways to close a sale, the 5 basic reasons why prospects don’t buy, 24 negative words to avoid, and more. Sell Your Way To The Top is full of money-making, deal-closing techniques that can bring huge rewards!
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  4. The MasterMind Marketing System

    The MasterMind Marketing System

    The difference between merely getting by and making a
     large fortune in business is totally dependent upon a few
     key strategies and actions that you take that your
     competitors don't recognize or act on!

    Jay Abraham's The MasterMind Marketing System shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets, and advantages you possess NOW, the advantages that all super-successful people capitalize on as a matter of principle. You will discover a kaleidoscopic array of possibilities you can implement immediately to exponentially increase your success, income, and opportunity base. Jay Abraham uses time-tested strategies in a unique layered approach that will free you from business worries as they iron-clad your future success.

    Hundreds of people have become millionaires or multimillionaires by following Jay Abraham's advice. Thousands of people have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their sales or income. The secret they know is this: 98 out of 100 people use tunnel vision in their own business endeavors, never looking beyond the traditional ways of doing business in their own field. Through Jay Abraham's experience in over 400 different industries, you will expand your view of what is possible and learn a myriad of ways to keep your customers coming back for your product or service permanently.

    You will discover how to bring a customer into your sphere of influence and never let him or her go, with strategies to optimize each business relationship. You will learn how to see opportunities differently than you have before, to remove obstacles and view things from a non-myopic standpoint. You will uncover the small distractions and adjustments you can easily make to them increase your business, not laterally, but exponentially.

    In The MasterMind Marketing System you'll learn:

    • The difference between good leverage and bad leverage
    • Tunnel vision vs. funnel vision
    • To develop a strategy of preeminence
    • The Power Parthenon strategy for your business
    • The only three ways to increase your business
    • The power of a great referral system
    • Why your business will become the only choice for your clients
    • How to increase the size and frequency of all your future business transactions

    The MasterMind Marketing System is about making connections. It took about one thousand years after ice cream was developed for someone to invent the ice cream cone. The flush toilet was invented around the late 1700s, but it took until about the late 1800s for someone to invent toilet paper. Bread and meat have obviously existed for a long, long time, but it took even longer for some brilliant person to invent the sandwich. This program will make elegant solutions evident to you so that you can start looking at making important connections: project connections, business connections, and money connections. You'll look at things differently and gain the ability to think outside the box and look outside your normal range of business applications to find solutions - solutions that mean big profits to you.

    You'll be able to look at your business and personal life as a series of connected skills, each skill, each element building and bringing you an even greater competitive advantage. When you're implementing the techniques outlined for you in The MasterMind Marketing System, you'll soon realize that the scales have become tipped in your favor, you've leveled the playing field for everyone else and exalted yourself. Your business has become your clients' only choice. You're having fun. You've dominated, redefined the rules. You'll soon set the pace for what others in your industry will try to do. When you've got things clicking with The MasterMind Marketing System, there's no limit to what you and your business can do.

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  5. The Business Building Summit

    The Business Building Summit

    What will the difference be between last year and your success this year?

    Captured live and presented on high quality DVD The Business Building Summit 3 DVD set showcases three highly successful entrepreneurs who share their secrets on the key mindset shifts needed to create, build and lead in business.

    If you want to aim big and are ready to take your career or business to the next level, then this is just the insight you need. Packed full of invaluable business strategies and lessons, and hosted throughout by Jamie Edwards, the Summit proved a massive hit with those who attended.

    1. Learn how to overcome fear in business and your career and how to keep staff motivated in challenging times.
    2. Discover the choice exercise that changes lives and creates focus.
    3. Find out why insane ambition is good and why relationships are more important
    than anything.
    4. Hear how changing hate into passion resulted in relentless new drive that ended in a multi-million pound business deal.

    This is powerful stuff. Grab a copy today and start standing out from the crowd and getting results at work and in business that your endeavours deserve.

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  6. The Entrepreneurial Challenge

    The Entrepreneurial Challenge

    Did you know that nine out of 10 successful entrepreneurs leave their company when things are good? They don’t wait until times are tough. They don’t wait for the boss to drop the pink-slip bomb on them. They don’t wait for others to control their life.

    They take action. They stay in control. They move when the opportunity is right, not when things are desperate.

    Because of this you need to plan your escape today, right now. You really have no choice but to become an entrepreneur. And The Entrepreneurial Challenge by Paul Zane Pilzer will show you how!

    Paul has put together a totally unique program that will show you the right business for you, help you determine when the right time to get started is, and tell you exactly how you need to do it. His program will help you make that walk to your boss’s office you always dreamed about.

    For almost three decades, Paul has been acclaimed as a world-famous author and global economist. His work and his photo have been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications.

    But, until recently, no one but a handful of individuals have been aware of Paul’s extensive involvement in starting, running, managing, and selling businesses.

    In fact, Paul has started, financed, or helped run more than 21 different businesses in the past 15 years alone. That is more than most people do in their lifetime!

    This new program, from the author of the Nightingale-Conant classic The Fountain of Wealth, comes straight from Paul’s heart. He holds nothing back.

    Inside The Entrepreneurial Challenge, he will tell you all about his victories, successes, and wild profits... but he is also going to tell you about the failures and mistakes so that you can avoid those same pitfalls.

    Unlike most programs that encourage you to buy into their program, Paul’s is designed to help you discover the very best business for you, personally, and then help you successfully start it and run it profitably... without losing an ounce of your
    personal freedoms.

    Paul personally guarantees that you will be amazed with The Entrepreneurial Challenge. Inside you will find:

    • The 10 most valuable skills needed by entrepreneurs today
    • Detailed information on how to choose the best business opportunity, uniquely suited for you
    • Special insights on what it really takes to start a business today. This is no-holds-barred reality so you know exactly what you’re getting into
    • A detailed report on the “10 Best Businesses to Start and Expand Now,” including a complete pattern you can use to evaluate any business
    • Inside information on financing, running, managing, and growing your new business
    • Powerful counsel about how to take an existing business to the next level, including restructuring it and integrating new and future technologies to reduce or eliminate transaction costs and maximize your personal freedoms
    • Complete information on how to successfully become an “intrepreneur” by combining your company’s existing resources with your personal skills and abilities to create a powerful win-win situation that ensures that you never see a pink slip and make substantially more money than you could as a regular employee of
      the company
    • And so much more. In all, you’ll receive 6 CDs and a comprehensive printed 104-page Guidebook... everything you need to fully participate in the coming Golden Age for Entrepreneurs.

    The greatest percentages of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. Our new economy is about to produce similar success stories. Paul wants YOU to be one of them — for your sake, for the sake of your children, and for the sake of the world!

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  7. The E-Myth Manager Seminar

    The E-Myth Manager Seminar

    As a manager, you face growing pressures to improve productivity, decrease expenses, and motivate employees. Being a leader in today's work force has never been tougher. Virtually all managers make mistakes along the way, including working harder, working longer, and demanding more from their employees. If you ever dreamed of accomplishing twice as much, twice as fast, and with half the budget, it's time you discovered the remarkable secret of today's top managers.

    The E-Myth Manager Seminar explores a radically new approach to management. Find out what type of manager you are and how you can learn to work on the business, instead of in the business. Too many managers do the work themselves, instead of seeing that the work gets done. Others try to coerce or manipulate their employees into becoming more productive. But the key to effective management and efficient use of time is to create a system that employees can manage themselves. This program will help you inspire and organize your team to achieve amazing results. You’ll learn how to get average people to produce superior results.

    Regardless if you are a small business, a big business, or a home-office manager, The E-Myth Manager Seminar will revolutionize the way you manage. It will help you take control of your job, your employees, and your life, as you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

    Even the best managers need a little help now and then. The E-Myth Manager Seminar will support your goal to lead with vision and passion. You’ll discover how to:

    • Develop your primary aim
    • Create a strategic objective — your vision of the business
    • Hire and train productive employees
    • Enhance employee commitment
    • Reduce and eliminate employee errors
    • Promote productive use of work time
    • Identify and track high turnover and profitable inventory
    • Manage the six different types of employees
    • Organize your business to run effectively in your absence

    The E-Myth Manager Seminar will revolutionize the way you manage. It will help you take control of your job, your employees, and your life, as you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. E-Myth managers have a clear vision of the future, a focused plan, and the ability to communicate and motivate. Once you acquire these skills, your business or department will soon be running itself. That’s a promise.

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  8. E-Profits


    Accounts of fortunes made, sometimes overnight, make the idea of starting or getting involved in an Internet related business a very tempting proposition. The hype and hysteria surrounding many on-line companies and their public offerings make many people wonder: is this Internet phenomenon for real? What are the pros and cons of getting involved in e-commerce? How can I ride out the ups and downs of on-line business and establish myself or my organization as a leader in the industry? How can I spot a sound investment in this on-line craze?

    In E-Profits: The 12 Steps to Creating a State-of-the-Art E-Commerce Strategy for Any Size Business, business technology expert Peter S. Cohan maintains that the Internet, while unique in its’ aspect, is not much different from other industries. There are certain rules and guidelines to follow, and if those rules and guidelines are followed, a successful organization will emerge from the pack as an industry leader. In E-Profits, Peter gives you those rules and guidelines. He breaks down the complexity of the Internet market by answering two basic questions: Who makes money in e-commerce? And how do they do it?

    All the research has been done for you!

    Using tried and true economic research and analysis, Peter examines specific Internet business segments and identifies the underlying dynamics of each. He compares the strategies and practices that distinguish each segment from its peers. He cuts through the hyperbole surrounding e-commerce to make economic sense of the Web and provides listeners with a thorough understanding of today’s industry. Peter gives you examples from sound, successful companies that are industry leaders so that you can adapt their strategies to your business. Most importantly, Peter will separate myth from reality regarding the future of e-commerce.

    If you are an investor, Peter will introduce you to a unique framework to evaluate potential Internet investments. You’ll be introduced to rules of Web investing and tips for venture capitalists. If you are currently running an Internet business, Peter will introduce you to the Pyramid of Web Business Models to help you evaluate where your business is at, where it’s headed and what your strategic options are for success. These strategies will also help non-Internet business managers assess the costs and benefits of engaging in e-commerce.

    In E-Profits you’ll learn:
    - The pyramid of different web business models
    - Ten important principles for e-commerce success
    - The myths and realities of web business
    - Things to avoid on your website
    - The spectrum of e-commerce architectures
    - Negotiating deals and managing implementation
    - Adaptability as the market changes
    - Getting traffic to your site

    In clear language with powerful examples from dominant industry leaders that Peter has consulted with, E-Profits gives you specific e-commerce applications that have generated high payoffs and created a competitive advantage for companies. He also dissects less effective ventures and tells you why they fell short. Case studies show you how companies have wrestled with their transition to e-commerce and managed not only to introduce, but also to sustain change and make a profit. To capture your share of the action, the time to implement your e-commerce strategy is now. This program will provide you with a uniquely practical blueprint – one that is focused on measurable return on investment.

    Sooner or later, you will need to come to the realization that e-commerce must be a part of your future, especially if you are to succeed in the business-to-business world of sales. distribution and marketing on-line. We will all be involved in e-commerce in one way or another. E-Profits gives you the blueprint to follow so that your strategies are effective while meeting your objectives with the least amount of risk – and be profitable. If you’re an investor or own your own business, if you are a manager or employee within an organization, or if you’re considering starting an on-line business, you can use the tools taught to you by Peter Cohan to be successful and move up the ranks of your organization to reap the benefits in the real world of internet business.
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  9. The Brand Called You

    The Brand Called You

    What does your name attract? How much fortune, fame, and career advancement have you achieved?

    No matter how well you may have done in the past, until you develop your own unique personal brand, you will only be skimming the surface of the true potential that lies within you.

    Welcome to a brand-crazed planet. In this revolutionary audio program, The Brand Called You™: How to Promote and Market Your Skills in Any Economy, author and personal branding pioneer Peter Montoya will take you step by step through the process of building your own personal brand. He'll reveal why developing your personal brand is essential for your success, whether you're a motivated professional or an ambitious solopreneur. Above all else, personal branding is about changing the rules. Personal branding is a process.

    It takes your skills, your personality, and your unique characteristics and packages them into a powerful identity that will lift you above the crowd of anonymous competitors. Personal branding is actually a very simple concept. It's who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. This total package, your unique personal brand, will take you to levels you never imagined possible. You'll be on your way to the success and achievement you so truly deserve!

    In The Brand Called You, you'll learn:

    • How and why personal brands work.
    • The Eight Unbreakable Laws of Personal Branding.
    • Why specialists are one hundred times more successful than generalists.
    • How to put "personal branding tools" to work for you.
    • The importance of positioning.
    • Why visibility is more important than ability.
    With The Brand Called You: How to Promote and Market Your Skills in Any Economy, Peter Montoya takes you on a thought-provoking journey to discover your own powerful personal brand. Will you control your personal brand or will someone else control your life and career? The choice is yours. By listening to this program, you will learn the powerful secrets that can turn the right personal brand into an engine for unlimited success and wealth. Start that engine now!

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  10. The Power of Outrageous Marketing

    The Power of Outrageous Marketing

    In this amazing program, Joe Vitale reveals the extraordinary, unusual methods of people who
    attracted the most money and attention to
    themselves and their businesses with the least
    amount of effort and time.

    He reveals the 10 secrets used by such outrageous marketers such as P.T. Barnum, Richard Branson, Madonna, Donald Trump, Houdini, J. Paul Getty, Mark Twain, and Martha Stewart, among others. Whether your business is large or small, here are the ideas you need to hit the big time.

    If you faithfully follow Vitale’s methods in The Power Of Outrageous Marketing, you cannot fail — 100 guaranteed!

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  11. Brain Massage 2.0

    Brain Massage 2.0

    Release the untapped potential of your brain with the simple push of a button!

    Imagine your mind having the same incredible feeling your body would have after the best 80-minute full-body massage you’ve ever experienced.

    That’s exactly what happens when you listen to Brain Massage 2.0, a major breakthrough in psychoacoustic and brainwave research.

    Whether you want a higher perspective on your life and its purpose... to experience deeper feelings of love and joy…or to facilitate healing or improved well-being… just slip the appropriate disc into your CD player and press "play." With no effort, the music will immediately transport you to the extraordinary state you want to experience.

    With Brain Massage 2.0, you can give your mind the break it needs — and deserves —while still taking care of business… shifting from "overdrive" to "calm and relaxed"… almost instantly.

    With this new generation of Brain Massage, you can even change your state of mind to generate a very rare —and highly beneficial — fifth brainwave pattern! Known as Gamma, this brainwave state is associated with heightened self-awareness… overcoming barriers to personal change… and an ecstatic state of consciousness that awakens the body’s natural source of wisdom, inspiration, and healing.

    Brain Massage 2.0 removes barriers to personal change by penetrating your body and mind on a deep level. Transform the parts of your life that aren't working and reach new heights… by ordering this breakthrough program today!

    SPECIAL BONUS CD! The Ison Method for Sleep by David Ison. This session has been proven effective at the National Institutes of Health to help you relax deeply and quiet your mind, and is used by the U.S. Army in Iraq to help soldiers achieve a restful night’s sleep. If you ever have a hard time falling or staying asleep, you simply have to try this CD.

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  12. Your Hidden Power: Using Nonverbal Intelligence to Propel Your Business or Career to Excellence.

    Your Hidden Power: Using Nonverbal Intelligence to Propel Your Business or Career to Excellence.

    Announcing the fastest path to unprecedented business growth





    For 25 years, Joe Navarro interrogated career criminals, terrorists, and witnesses for the FBI. As a former agent in counterintelligence working with the most deceptive and untrustworthy people on earth, getting to the truth was a matter of life or death.





    What worked best for him was using body language and nonverbal cues to magically influence his clients. By wielding this awesome power, Joe was able to extract the exact information he needed to get to the truth and keep America safe.




    And if it’s potent enough for the FBI, it’s more than powerful enough to enable you to command a presence in your own business. To influence colleagues, customers, and vendors. And to achieve the tangible results you want to ensure profitability and long-term growth.




    Introducing Joe Navarro’s newest program: Your Hidden Power: Using Nonverbal Intelligence to Propel Your Business or Career to Excellence.




    Throughout four CDs and a DVD featuring an eye-opening Question and Answer session, Joe personally teaches you how to master nonverbal intelligence, the ability to interpret and use nonverbal signals—in poker terms, “tells”—in business to assess and influence others.




    Drawing on his three decades in the behavioral sciences, Navarro shows how to decode what’s really being said at meetings, interviews, negotiations, presentations, business meals, and more.




    Because Joe is personally sought out by CEOs worldwide, his calendar is usually booked solid. When he’s not conducting a seminar or training a Fortune 500 company, you can usually see him being interviewed on programs such as NBC’s Today Show, Fox News, CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, and CBS’ Early Show.




    But today, by trying Your Hidden Power, you’ll have him and all of his secrets to yourself.




    To ratchet-up your sales, to give your start-up business a significant edge, to put you on a career track to upper management, president, or CEO… simply by using your new hidden power!


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  13. The Power of NO

    The Power of NO

    Discover the secret world of systematic negotiation





    It’s a simple fact: You are negotiating, or being negotiated with, all the time. If you’re not actively participating in that process — or if you’re using the old, ineffective guidelines and strategies we were all raised with — then you’re NOT getting all you can and should get.





    In The Power of NO, world-renowned negotiation coach Jim Camp gives you his proven step-by-step system for structured, comfortable, compromise-free negotiation that will empower you to successfully get everything you want in every agreement you make.




    The product of 25 years of research, development, and testing, this system based on solid, proven neuroscientific information about how the human mind reacts, processes information, and makes decisions.




    You’ll discover:


    • The six words to say — at the very start of a negotiation — that will instantly shift the power balance in YOUR favor.
    • How to eliminate negotiation fear and anxiety forever
    • The one and only thing that will influence your adversaries
    • The number of times you should ask a question
    • The sentence to say when someone gives you negative feedback
    • The greatest weakness in any negotiation (and how to make it your greatest strength.)
    • The 6-point checklist for a successful negotiation
    • And SO MUCH MORE



    Imagine walking into your next negotiation knowing exactly what’s going to happen, from the moment you sit down until the moment you walk out the door. Imagine feeling 100% comfortable and totally fearless throughout the entire process. Imagine never having to resort to a fallback position, concede anything, or compromise on any of what you want.




    This is what negotiating should be like. What it IS like for the more than 100,000 people Jim Camp has coached and trained — who have collectively negotiated tens of billions of dollars in results using this very system.




    Now it’s what negotiating can be like for YOU, once you master The Power of NO.


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  14. How They Did It:  Real World Advice From Today's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

    How They Did It: Real World Advice From Today's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

    'The time is to act is NOW!'

    The opportunities for wealth, success, and personal freedom are greater today than ever before. The only question that may be holding you back is: “HOW?”

    HOW do I launch that startup I've been dreaming about for years? HOW do I take my business, career, and income to a place of high respect and high reward?

    In How They Did It, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Robert Jordan gets the answers, as he sits down one-on-one with 10 of today's most successful company founders from the American heartland — energetic entrepreneurs who built their businesses from virtually nothing to a collective $18 billion in value.

    In their own words, these founders share their stories, setbacks, and ultimate triumphs, and reveal the key strategies, philosophies, and real-world solutions they've used to build their $100+ million-dollar empires — groundbreaking ideas YOU can use starting today to advance your own career.

    You’ll meet:

    Raj Soin – Founder of Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC) Raj and his wife started their company with $1,700… and sold it for $485 million. Discover his fail-proof system to multiply your business opportunities and earning potential.

    Steve Shank – Founder of Capella Education Steve turned a simple idea into an IPO serving 39,000 students throughout 50 countries. He teaches you how your customers shape your business.

    Dave Becker – Founder of First Internet Bank, Virtual Financial Services, RICS, and RDS Learn the management formula Dave used to build his business to nearly half a billion dollars in assets.

    Dane Miller – Co-founder, CEO and now board member of Biomet Dane’s business is listed as one of the most profitable businesses ever. Discover how he risked his own health to grow it by 30,000%!

    Bonnie Baskin – Founder of Viromed Laboratories and AppTec Bonnie transformed a $50k loan from her father into a $203 million payday. Here, she reveals the proven secrets to building multiple streams of income.

    Brian Sullivan – Inventor of the PUR water filter Brian sold his revolutionary product to Procter & Gamble for $265 million. He’ll show you firsthand how to plan, create, market, and sell any product.

    Joe Mansueto – Founder of Morningstar and owner of Inc., Fast Company, and Time Out Chicago magazines Joe grew his 650-square foot apartment office to a public company worth about $3 billion. Find out how he did it, and learn how to always keep your company one step ahead of your competitors.

    Mark Tebbe – Founder and Chairman of Lante Corporation and Co-founder of Answers.com From humble beginnings of one employee to 1,400 employees and an IPO, Mark’s experiences present a new perspective on the future of your business.

    Howard Tullman – Founder of Certified Collateral Corporation, President and CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Director of The Cobalt Group and more All told, Howard is responsible for creating about 6,000 jobs and $1 billion in value from scratch. He shares his 5 Dimensions of Business Excellence and reveals how to improve your sales tenfold.

    Jim Dolan – Founder and CEO of the Dolan Company The great mind behind a company worth half a billion dollars, Jim shows you how a fresh business perspective will benefit your customers, your prospects, and your bottom line.

    Listen as these 10 elite entrepreneurs tell you HOW THEY DID IT… and discover how YOU can do it, too!

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  15. The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course

    The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course

    If you answered “no” the skill of leadership can help you!

    It can put you in total control of your life and make your dreams a reality. It can move your career on to the fast track and bring you high levels of prestige.

    It can make you a powerful communicator with a vast influence over others. Plus, it can improve your relationships, your decision-making ability, and your peace of mind about the world and
    where it’s headed.

    • Gain the respect and admiration of others using little-known secrets of America’s most successful leaders.
    • Get family, friends, and co-workers to do what you ask because they want to do it, not because they have to.
    • Respond effectively when under crisis using proven techniques for thinking clearly and reducing anxiety under pressure.
    • Recognize and develop talent in yourself and others while you learn to distinguish between image and substance.
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  16. The Personal MBA Masterclass: A Home Study Course for Mastering the Art of Business

    The Personal MBA Masterclass: A Home Study Course for Mastering the Art of Business

    Get a superior business education WITHOUT the $150,000 MBA price tag!



    It's a simple fact that without expanding your knowledge base, upgrading your skills, and improving your performance, you won't get any further in your career than you've gotten so far. But exactly which skills and what knowledge do you need, and what's the best way for you to get them?





    MBA programs and so-called business training experts have made a fortune convincing people that the answer to that question is complicated, time-intensive, and very expensive. But the truth is, achieving big success in business doesn't have to involve any of those things.





    Josh Kaufman has spent nearly a decade systematically isolating the universal principles of modern business practice. In this breakthrough business training program, recorded LIVE at one of his exclusive $2500 Personal MBA Masterclasses, you'll learn all of the fundamental principles and proven tactics you need to know (and none you don't need to know) about how to really succeed in business. including how to:





    • Skillfully negotiate contracts to get the best deal and the best work
    • Identify ideal customers and generate high levels of demand
    • Craft marketing campaigns that have people clamoring to buy
    • Analyze and improve internal systems for smooth, efficient operation
    • Accelerate productivity to get much more done in far less time
    • Increase cash flow and revenue predictably and reliably
    • Read and interpret financial statements to stay on top of cash flow



    The critical concepts you'll learn in this program are absolutely guaranteed to have an immediate and profound impact on your professional life. And believe it or not, they're concepts that even the best business schools in the world simply don't teach.



    Whether you're looking to get promoted... improve your company's profitability... or quit your current job to start your own business doing something you love... The Personal MBA Masterclass will give you all of the business knowledge you need to achieve massive success — at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MBA program!



    £129.95 Select
  17. More Money, More Life

    More Money, More Life

    Start working LESS and LIVING MORE!

    You know it’s been in the back of your mind for a while. But you just weren’t sure it was real, it was possible, it was even you.

    Now, self-made multimillionaire Stephen Pierce erases all doubt as he proves anyone — even YOU — can swiftly and easily gain More Money and More Life by mastering the simple-to-learn science of making money online.

    You see, there are only two ways to reach your dreams. Either you do things differently, or you do different things.

    Stephen Pierce took that same advice a decade ago and quickly became a multimillionaire as a result. And right now, those same opportunities to supplement your income — or even REPLACE and INCREASE your income — are available to you.

    In fact, by listening to Stephen’s 8-CD audio program MORE MONEY, MORE LIFE: Grow Your Income with the Wealth-Generating Power of the Internet, all you have to do is follow his decade-tested and proven seven steps to earning a residual, passive, and PREDICTABLE income online.

    Throughout these 8 idea-rich CDs, Stephen Pierce walks with you step-by-step all the way to your first online payday. You’ll discover:

    • The ONLY 3 WAYS to make money online
    • How to make tens of thousands of dollars online WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING
    • How to create a money-generating website that MAXIMIZES LEADS and SALES — whether you do any of the work or not!
    • The secret to getting people to PAY YOU top dollar to be on your site
    • The proven formula to get your website on PAGE ONE of Google ... every time!
    • The can’t-fail strategy that turns blogs into CASH
    • How to use social networking sites to ATTRACT BUYERS

    Stephen Pierce’s MORE MONEY, MORE LIFE system for creating an alternative income gives you exactly WHAT you need to do, HOW you need to do it, and WHERE to find the top resources that guarantee your optimum results.

    Plus, you’ll discover 776 Internet Insider Secrets in the 108-page Interactive PDF Workbook. You’ll learn:

    • 46 Niche Market Ideas to Jump-Start Your Increase in Income
    • 75 Ideas to Turn Information into Income
    • 25 Ways to Get More Leads and Build a Bigger List
    • 35 Quick Ideas to Boost Your Internet Income
    • And MUCH more!

    MORE MONEY, MORE LIFE is your one complete hands-on, step-by-simple-step solution to using the Internet to accelerate your income ... and your life!

    £81.65 Select
  18. Creating Demand: How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service

    Creating Demand: How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service

    Magically enter people’s subconscious minds—and command them to buy from YOU!

    What is really going on in a person’s mind that causes him or her to choose one product or service over another one to buy? How can you cut through the barrage of messages and information that customers receive every day to make your product or service stand out? It’s really quite simple, and in this powerful program, you’ll discover the answer to these questions.

    Using practical, easy-to-implement strategies and techniques, along with step-by-step procedures, Rick Ott, author of the Nightingale-Conant program Unleashing Your Productivity, now brings you Creating Demand: How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service to guide you through the art and science of marketing to the masses. Whether you’re a small-business owner, an executive at a large corporation, a marketing or advertising professional, a politician seeking election, or an artist trying to “hit it big,” you’ll find a wealth of powerful ideas in this incredible program. You will learn the ability to induce a tremendous desire for your product, service, or idea in a person’s mind. Then, you’ll learn how to leverage that desire to the masses, creating ever-increasing levels of demand.

    Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn from Rick Ott:

    • The secret technique that causes people to become magically attracted to your product,service, or business
    • The four things people really want and how to provide them
    • How to get people into Decision Making Mode instantly
    • How to avoid the biggest wastes of your marketing money
    • Understanding how the brain responds to advertising
    • A technique called “Pre-processing” that causes your brand name or logo to bypass mental barriers and achieve instant impact every time people see it!
    • The power of the Simulconscious Strategy
    • How to double the effectiveness of your advertising at no additional cost

    This is not your typical marketing program. This is not a program about high budgets, struggling to write killer headlines, or making difficult media decisions. This is a program about understanding your most valuable asset – your customers – so you can sell your product or service the way they would most prefer it, so you can reap the profits and benefits.

    Get right inside your customer’s mind with Rick Ott and Creating Demand.

    £81.65 Select
  19. Piranha Marketing

    Piranha Marketing

    Discover these simple and inexpensive breakthrough
     marketing strategies and start enjoying the easy,
     lucrative, fun business you've dreamed of!

    Too many business owners and sales and marketing professionals are killing themselves to generate more cash using all the wrong methods that the so-called "experts" have convinced them are right.

    In Piranha Marketing: The Seven Success Multiplying Factors to Dominate Any Market You Enter, famed marketing renegades Joe Polish and Tim Paulson reveal their radically different, consistently proven system for turning any business into a profit-generating machine that operates at full tilt 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The low-cost, low-effort, high-return strategies you will discover in Piranha Marketing are guaranteed to transform your business with amazing speed and ease.

    In these 16 power-packed sessions, you'll find out:

    • How to permanently eliminate the need for face-to-face selling.
    • The one question you MUST be able to answer if you want to excel - and the one answer that's not good enough.
    • The conveyor-belt process that will make your advertising operate like a well-oiled machine - no manual marketing labor required.
    • How to dominate your industry and effectively become the only provider of your particular product or service.
    • The amazing sales force that will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days
      a week, for FREE.
    • How to reach more people in one hour with one phone call than you could normally
      reach all year.
    • The $80 investment that generated $8,000 of business in one week.
    • The brilliant way to instantly differentiate yourself from your competitors - and immediately increase your average sale, your perceived value, and your
      conversion rate.
    • How to build rock-solid customer loyalty by controlling this one simple thing.
    • Four habits that will make people far more likely to refer you.
    • The marketing vehicle you should eliminate today and never return to.
    • The practically FREE thing you're probably not doing that is costing you
      HALF your profits.
    • The Number One way to create an immediate cash flow surge.
    • How to create lifetime value out of each and every customer you bring in.
    • And much more!

    You can put many of these revolutionary strategies to work almost instantly to experience an IMMEDIATE influx of customers and cash. Best of all, the Piranha Marketing system is designed to take the pressure off you and put the fun and joy back into being a business owner.

    The Piranha Marketing system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs add millions of dollars to their bottom lines. If you're ready to make a lot more money and have more fun doing it than you ever thought possible, this is the breakthrough you have been waiting for!

    £204.20 Select
  20. The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    Harness the Most Powerful, Persuasive Force in the Marketplace - 'Word of Mouth' ... and Watch Sales Grow Exponentially!

    People are already talking about your company. But are their words repelling people? Or spurring a stampede of new customers your way?

    Most entrepreneurs think word of mouth is out of their control. But what if you could harness this powerful, influential force — to get people talking about you in a way that builds sales exponentially?

    Now you can! In this authoritative, dynamic program, The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How to Trigger Exponential Sales Through Runaway Word of Mouth, George Silverman, an acknowledged expert on “WOM” marketing, reveals a step-by-step process for launching your own highly successful WOM effort.

    Learn to harness word of mouth — and it can drive consumers to try your product or service more than any other marketing technique will … more than advertising, salespeople, direct response, and public relations combined! Plus, it’s inexpensive (and some tools cost nothing) to implement!

    Use this program and you’ll learn:
    •28 secrets of WOM marketing

    •How to harness WOM using the Internet, blogs, your employees, the media, industry experts, seminars, focus groups, teleconferences, testimonials, newsletters, viral marketing, and countless other resources

    •How to identify and enroll the help of your biggest product evangelists (the people who want to shout out to the world about how great your product is)

    •The five secrets of “decision acceleration” (a key factor for multiplying your sales)

    •The five characteristics your product must have for people to talk about it with enthusiasm

    •The motivations that get people talking happily, for free

    •How to uncover and counteract negative WOM

    •The best way to research WOM to hear what people are saying

    •How WOM works differently in different stages of the product-adoption cycle — using the Decision MatrixTM — a great resource for tailoring your WOM messages

    •… and many more tools, methods, and tips for implementing WOM, because using WOM is more crucial than ever before.

    People are so busy and overwhelmed with informa-tion, they’re ignoring conventional advertising. They’re using TiVo or ReplayTV to skip TV commercials … Caller ID to ignore telemarketers … pop-up blockers to ignore online pop-up ads … spam filters in their email … and other methods to ignore ads.

    But they’ll often turn to a friend, relative, peer, or co-worker for a recommendation when they’re in need of a product or service. The secret, then, is to get people talking about you. So, listen to Seth Godin’s advice about this program: “Buy it now … before your competition does.”

    George Silverman is President and Founder of Market Navigation Inc., a marketing consulting firm in Nanuet, New York. He’s an acknowledged expert on word-of-mouth marketing, conducts speeches and workshops all over the world, is a member of the Advisory Board of WOMMA (the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association), and is a frequent speaker at WOMMA’s conferences. He’s also a former psychologist, the inventor of the telephone focus group, and co-inventor of the peer word-of-mouth group — widely acknowledged to be the most powerful marketing method ever developed in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and medical device industries. He has also created successful WOM campaigns for many major companies, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies.
    £81.65 Select
  21. Advanced Selling Techniques

    Advanced Selling Techniques

    You’re a sales professional. It’s what you were meant be. Selling is in your blood.

    You know how critical it is to stay at least one step ahead of your customers, your competition, and the changing circumstances of these challenging business times.

    Seldom if ever do you doubt your ability to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. You know how to take advantage of emerging trends; you can master any technique that can give you an edge. Your goal is to always stay at the top of your game.

    But to keep moving ahead, it helps to have a coach, a mentor, a knowledgeable, reliable source of new sales information. You need a practical, visionary guide — someone who’s been there, who knows where the sales field is today and where it is going. You need, quite simply, an advanced course in selling taught by a master of the trade.

    And that’s exactly what you have in Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques.

    Following up on his phenomenal best-selling audiocassette program, The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques is a powerhouse advanced selling program for seasoned sales professionals.

    As invaluable and accessible as its groundbreaking predecessor, this audio seminar, based on detailed research and real-life experience, is aimed at selling any product in today’s ever more complex marketplace.

    Learn the critical issues involved in selling to professional buyers in large organizations. Understand how to make prospecting easier and more effective. Become the preferred vendor of your product or service.

    Let renowned sales master Brian Tracy also teach you why:

    • Traditional selling techniques don’t work anymore
    • Positioning is the key to success in selling
    • Motivation to buy has changed with business customers today
    • People buy solutions, not problems
    • Information gathering is an investment with a high return
    • Power determines purchases
    • Education, skills, and experience mean sales
    As good as you are now, you can always be better... especially with a brilliant mentor showing you the way. Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques is your key to immediately increased sales and even more spectacular selling success — your guarantee of staying one step ahead.

    Designed for the experienced professional who wants to earn more money, Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques will refine your strategies for today's customers and markets.

    £71.44 Select
  22. The E-Myth Seminar

    The E-Myth Seminar

    Eighty percent of all businesses
     fail in their first five years!

    When you are facing down those kind of odds, you’d better know exactly what you are doing before you take
    the plunge.

    Business guru Michael Gerber knows that most small-business enterprisers are not getting what they want out of their businesses. And the chances are slim that they
    ever will — because the majority of business owners are missing the fundamental point: The sole and specific reason to build your own business is to provide you with a better life — and more of it. Period.

    Great businesses take ordinary people and leverage them with extraordinary systems. Michael Gerber will give you the practical know-how to build your own system and to become a “Business Development Specialist.”

    Success lies in the system!

    Gerber knows that for a business to be prosperous it must function like a powerful machine. The type of business is irrelevant — a precise system of dynamic interplay between the connected parts should be in place. The well-planned system will, once started, chug along continually and predictably, transporting you to the better life of which you’ve only dreamed.

    After all, your business should make it possible for you to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, while continuing to produce exceptional results. . . without you! That is your fundamental goal — dispensability!

    Gerber will:

    • Show you the Three Essential Components of Business Development — Innovation, Quantification, and Orchestration.
    • Teach you the important questions to ask in order to nurture an
      extraordinary business.
    • Reveal the five skills vital to the entrepreneur — Discrimination, Concentration, Organization, Innovation and Communication.

    Gerber’s refined techniques for entrepreneurs enumerate how to successfully build a business that will soar in both booming and sagging economic markets, learn to focus on the results, not the work, and to see your business as your product.

    You’ll also hear:

    • Gerber’s 7 Steps of Business Development:
    • Development of Your Primary Aim
    • Development of Your Business Picture
    • Organizational Development
    • Management Development
    • People Development
    • Marketing Development
    • Systems Development

    Let Michael Gerber teach you to work on your business, not in it, to create a perfect turnkey operation — a perfect money machine — that delivers predictable results, day after day, whether you are there or not.

    £71.44 Select
  23. Wealth Without a Job

    Wealth Without a Job

    Are you earning all the money you want doing work you love?

    Are you dissatisfied with the work you do? Or do you believe that you can't make the kind of money you want doing work you love?

    Unless you're blessed with a trust fund to pay your bills, it's essential to devise a way for the work you love to provide an abundant income. This phenomenal system, Wealth Without a Job: Freedom and Security Beyond the 9 to 5 Lifestyle, provides you with
    that preparation.

    The author of this system, Andy Fuehl, was downsized and unemployed after devoting over 15 years to corporate America. Yet, he became a Millionaire in Less than THREE years as a result of using the accelerated subconscious reprogramming technology and specific strategies, behaviors, and beliefs of the ultra-wealthy that you'll be using in this system.

    Thousands of other people have also used this system to create an abundant and happy life instead of just getting by, wishing and hoping it would change. Now, you too can Take Control of Your Life and start the business of your dreams, doing the work you love, or skyrocket the results of your current business to new heights exactly the way you want.

    Here's a fraction of what you'll learn in this system:

    • Why a job is much riskier than being in your own business.
    • How to determine your true purpose so that you choose a business that expresses your own values.
    • How to minimize the emotions that hinder success in entrepreneurship and maximize the emotions proven to help you succeed.
    • How to incorporate the three ingredients necessary for effective change - Awareness, Acceptance, Action - into your everyday life.
    • The most powerful negotiating strategy ever used to produce win-win results.
    • How to launch your own business even if you're currently employed or unemployed.
    • How to make the transition from having a job to being a successful entrepreneur in the business of your choice.
    • The language of success that stimulates you and motivates you to Take Action Now.
    • And much, much more!

    Let Andy show you how to make the emotional and psychological adjustments required to become successful as your own boss, on your own terms. Then let him guide you with a step-by-step battle-proven system for doing just that.

    Do this, and you'll quickly find the happiness, freedom, income, and security that you've always been looking for but have never quite achieved.

    £149.95 Select
  24. Talent Rules!

    Talent Rules!

    Discover the hiring secrets for building a strong,
     powerful, profitable team … one person at a time!

    Almost everyone involved in the hiring process understands why it is so critical to find the very best candidate for a particular job. But few understand how to do it. People base hiring decisions on gut reaction or on a largely irrelevant set of criteria. All too often, the resulting employee is ineffectual, unmotivated, or simply not a good fit with the job they were hired to do — which can damage morale, team performance, and ultimately profits for years to come.

    In Talent Rules, veteran headhunter and renowned hiring expert Lou Adler lays out a step-by-step system that will empower you to hire the right person every time. Lou's proven methods — which include detailed interview and assessment checklists and specific benchmarks — will enable you to evaluate a candidate based on measurable performance objectives, rather than your own impulses, and make consistently sound hiring decisions that result in a strong, cohesive team that operates at optimum levels. Lou also shares insights on utilizing the latest recruiting technologies, both off- and online, to approach and attract great candidates right from the start. You'll discover:

    • What you could be saying in your job descriptions that attracts the wrong candidates … and more importantly, doesn't attract the right ones
    • How the top candidates look for jobs, and what you need to do to get your position in front of their eyes
    • The two effects that lead to more hiring mistakes than any others
    • A radically different way of defining jobs — both internally and externally
    • The most important interview question of ALL TIME — it will give you 65-75% of everything you need to make a hiring decision
    • The 10-factor assessment form that will empower you to accurately determine a candidate's performance potential once the interview process has ended
    • Highly effective ways to overcoming compensation challenges and persuade a great candidate to pass up more money in order to take your job
    • How to maximize the power of online sourcing channels like Google, Career Builder, Monster, etc.
    • And so much more

    Finding great talent is both more critical and more challenging than ever before. Talent Rules will give you a huge competitive edge over all the other organizations out there, and the best possible chance of attracting and hiring the single best person for the job, your team, and your bottom line.

    £89.95 Select
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