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  1. Universal Mind Power

    Universal Mind Power

    Maximize the incredible power within you

    Universal Mind Power is a revolutionary approach for using the unlimited power of the mind to transform your life. Based on the established Silva Method — which, for decades, has benefitted millions of people worldwide — it will put you in touch with your ideal self: the truly creative, loving, and successful person you were meant to be.

    This program is packed with techniques and methods designed to help you assert more mental control in all areas of your life. You’ll learn how to:

    • Quickly and easily tap into the "ideal state"
    • Empower your subconscious and access help from a higher intelligence
    • Create a compelling future for yourself, free from stress and self-limiting habits
    • Enhance wellness and banish illness from your body and mind
    • Use your mind’s power to create wealth and prosperity
    • Establish more positive relationships and career moves
    • Maximize your multi-faceted intelligence
    • And more!

    Begin developing your mind power today with the Silva Method, and soon you will be living your life to the fullest, discovering all you can become. Once you are, nothing will be beyond your grasp!

    £81.65 Select
  2. The Jewels of Enlightenment

    The Jewels of Enlightenment

    The first part of this program contains twenty-four Jewels of Enlightenment comprising real life training in the philosophy of joy in the Taoist idiom.

    You'll receive a treasure chest full of jewels - 24 in total. Each is equally important because each one is designed to enhance how you view the world and how the world views you.

    Here's a brief glance at all 24:

    Jewel # 1: Notice What's Happening - Rediscover where you are, what you are, what you are thinking about, and how you think about it.
    Jewel # 2: Stop Fighting - Stop trying to fight and change what you're feeling. Accept it and your life will evolve.
    Jewel # 3: Accept What Is - Discover just how to be in the success zone by accepting where you are.
    Jewel # 4: Breathe/Participate - How your breathe determines how fulfilled your life
    will be.
    Jewel # 5: Relax/Soften - Best way to prepare yourself to respond to everything life has to offer.
    Jewel # 6: Observe Don't Judge - Keep moving forward without fear. Set yourself up to receive the best in life.
    Jewel # 7: Connect With All - Keep your vitality flowing internally. Stay alive and stay in the adventure.
    Jewel # 8: Feel the Tao - Embrace the Tao in everything you do. It's big.
    Jewel # 9: Trust the Tao - The more faith you put into the Tao, the more you can rely on it to provide all your needs.
    Jewel # 10: Accept Responsibility - Accept and love your life for everything it is and everything it isn't.
    Jewel # 11: Choose What You Want - Learn to express what you want and the Tao will take you there.
    Jewel # 12: Ask and Know It Is Given - Take aim at your most profound joy. Determine what needs will get you there.
    Jewel # 13: Open Yourself to Receive - Learn how to ask, how to relax, and know it will be given.
    Jewel # 14: Don't Disturb the Flow - There's a right way and a wrong way to complete your manifestation.
    Jewel # 15: Follow the Flow - Discover how there are no limits on what you can receive.
    Jewel # 16: Deal with the Swing - You'll experience negative and positive phases. Here lie the instructions.
    Jewel # 17: Be Supple - Life will push you, challenge you. Learn how to bounce back every time.
    Jewel # 18: Always be Willing to Lose All - You truly have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
    Jewel # 19: Be Willing to Gain All - Realise how to make what you want come to you with greater ease and speed.
    Jewel # 20: Be Willing to Be Wrong About Everything - Accept that you could be wrong and you invite a more relaxed, stress-free existence.
    Jewel # 21: Remember Death is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy - Fully enjoy and embrace every second you have on Earth.
    Jewel # 22: Be Ordinary - Without being ordinary, you can lose perspective and personal power.
    Jewel # 23: Let Everything be Ordinary - The extremes in your life will balance each other out.
    Jewel # 24: Give Thanks .. give thanks to your life, your health, your
    opportunities .. everything!

    What I share with you is far more important than simple ideas, strategies, and tips. They are grounded in the ancient Tao philosophy. They've been carefully cultivated, then polished and perfected. They are mutifaceted by bringing you improvements throughout every corner of your life. They are - in every sense of the word - jewels.

    How exactly will these 24 Jewels of Enlightenment improve your life?
    Here's a glimpse ...

    • Shape your own reality - What is it that you want out of life? Harmony and peace. Pleasure and total fulfillment. Prosperity and wealth. Discover precisely how
      to do it.
    • Just a subtle difference in how you breathe can mean the difference in how confident you are, your level of happiness, and even how much you're capable
      of earning.
    • Experience an astonishing must-try phenomenon that dissolves your stress. Simply touch this part of your body, produce a few unique sounds, and suddenly, anxiety, fear, and stress are replaced by a soothing calmness.
    • What you probably do that you are unaware of that invites fear into your life. It restricts your joint movements as well as blood flow. It doesn't have to ... the remedy is a snap!
    • How to ask the Tao for anything (and everything) you want. Health, wealth, vitality, strength, love, warmth - something as specific as a 20 percent increase in pay. Or something as important as new confidence and clarity.
    • Together, we unlock the keys to securing your manifestation. Simply asking the Tao for what you want doesn't guarantee you will receive it. But I'll make sure you have every opportunity to get it with this technique.
    • Something miraculous happens when you relax the back of your neck! Don't miss Jewel 14 - its message as well as its exercises will prove momentous!
    • How are you blocking your energy field around your heart without realising it?
      Unblock the energy, and what you want comes to you with greater ease
      and swiftness.
    • We mistakenly believe that death is our worst enemy. It's not. I teach you why you should not only accept your impending death - but embrace it, every one of your days on Earth can be bliss.

    Just close your eyes and imagine. Imagine being able to move through life manifesting what you need without effort. Maintaining a state of calmness in your body. Being healthy, being strong, being positive-minded. Full of respect and love; humour and enjoyment. Your life unfolds from one miracle to the next. You're never thrown off balance by things seeming to go against you. These 24 jewels from my program The Jewels of Enlightenment help make all of this possible. And very likely.

    The School for Warriors 8 DVD set

    School for Warriors is my eight week DVD training course in the principles of personal power. These are the underlying principles behind all Taoist practice. The way that I put them across in these DVD's is the result of thirty five years of studying and teaching these techniques. Here is a brief glance at whats covered:

    Principle Of Personal Powers 1-8:

    1. Intro and becoming a unified force
    2. Mindful breathing
    3. Optimising posture
    4. Proper relaxation
    5. Sinking the weight
    6. Centre brain awareness
    7. Opening the heart
    8. Connecting to the Tao

    You get a film for each of the exercises and all you have to do is follow along. By the end of eight weeks, your life will have gone through a complete radical transformation.

    1. 8 School for Warrios DVD's (one per week each split into daily lessons)
    2. School for Warriors Workbook (makes the information on the DVD's habit forming)

    Combine this with the 24 Jewels and you'll be literally skipping along with delight with the results of what you're doing. But to make it even more powerful the third part of my program is my Tai Chi Workout.

    Tai Chi Workout DVD

    This Tai Chi Workout DVD contains the workout I do myself everyday and have done for decades now, and it's the most fantastic system of very simple exercises. You don't work up a sweat, you don't need to wear special clothes, you don't have to make any effort whatsoever. The exercises are so easy that the momentum carries you along. And by the time you've gone through all the system, which takes about eighteen minutes, you'll feel completely refreshed, strong, healthy and in a good mood. These really work and they provide a perfect opportunity to experience the true joy that comes from the Jewels
    in action.

    The great thing about Tai Chi is that when you start practicing it as a form of exercise, you start to naturally use it in your everyday life as you go about your daily business. It brings joy and the Taoist principles into play in every moment of your life, so you become perpetually enlightened in a state of bliss. You can't wish for more than that, can you?

    1. Tai Chi Workout DVD (you're 18 minutes away from feeling completely refreshed, strong and focused - I've done it everyday for decades).
    2. Tai Chi Workout Workbook (keep your progress on track)

    Through The Jewels of Enlightenment, School for Warriors, Tai Chi Workout, you'll have an advantage that will stay with you every waking day - a complete organic training system.

    £249.95 Select
  3. Meditate


    On this fantastic DVD, Meditate, BAREFOOT DOCTOR
     will dispel all the mysteries surrounding meditation.

    The Barefoot Doctor will show you how to meditate and why you should meditate. He will explain to you how meditation has affected his life and being for the better and how, if you follow his easy instructions, you too could be living the life you deserve. Free of mumbo jumbo, robes or leotards, Meditate makes meditation easy to understand and practice, so giving you the balance and harmony you really want in your life.

    On this DVD you will learn:

    • How to relax and feel calm and in command.
    • How to generate a feeling of power and energy.
    • How to visualise yourself in the state you really want to be in and then,
      how to get there and become that state.
    • How to put more meaning and love into your relationships.
    • How to draw into yourself and feel inner calm and confidence.
    • How to give yourself positive commands just when you need them.
    • How to relax and overcome the stresses of everyday life.
    • How to enjoy each and every minute to the maximum, come what may.
    • And much, much more.
    £24.95 Select
  4. Arthritis, an Integrated Approach

    Arthritis, an Integrated Approach

    Where complementary, alternative and orthodox
     practices meet, we have integration!

    In Arthritis, an Integrated Approach we explore orthodox methodologies and some powerful and effacious alternatives including:

    • Acupuncture
    • Environmental medicine
    • Electromagnetic therapy
    • Nutritional medicine
    • Chi gung
    • Herbal medicine
    • Provocation neutralisation
    • Breathing
    • Massage
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Homeopathy
    • Kairos
    • Biaura
    • Sea spray therapy
    • Buteyko

    Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Most people with arthritis will experience pain and difficulty moving around. Over nine million people in the UK have arthritis and, like them, you can take control of your symptoms and continue to have a good quality of life.

    There are over 200 kinds of rheumatic diseases – the word rheumatic means aches and pains in joints, bones and muscles. Two of the most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    In this DVD presented by Barefoot Doctor they discuss alternative complimentary options to help manage arthritis and its effects.

    Featuring options and opinion from Dr Mosaraf Ali, Dr Jean Monro, Dr George Lewith, Dr John Mansfield, Dr Jagjit Singh, Archna Patel, Tom Chapman, Jonathan Wellbeck Pure, Dr Vladimir Jovanich, Alister Monro, Professor Dame Julia Polak, Professor Michael Patton, John Tindall, Jody Scheckter, Dan Khan, Katherine g. Benstead, Caroline Cladding and Kathy Lethbridge.

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  5. Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

    Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

    The must-have classic on the fundamentals of successful living!

    Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone were two of the most inspiring, motivating figures of the 20th century personal development movement. In this, their legendary collaboration, these two icons present a formula for successful living that is unsurpassed in its simplicity, practicality, and power.

    Once you listen to this program, you will understand and believe in, as never before, the extraordinary power of your own mind to shape, determine and change the outer circumstances of your life. What’s more, you will discover easy, extremely effective ways to control and maximize this power — and create exactly the life you wish to live. A life of success, wealth, prosperity, and true abundance in every area.

    Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude has influenced the lives of countless men and women around the world. No achievement-minded person should be without this classic, foundational treatise on personal success.

    £89.95 Select
  6. The Urban Warrior's Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks!

    The Urban Warrior's Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks!

    Use the world’s oldest supreme wisdom to break the trance of the everyday world and …

    • Realize who you really are

    • Take divine power over your life and your circumstances

    • Enjoy happiness, deep relaxation, and unstressed success at all levels

    • Walk in bliss, have fun – and be BETTER LOOKING TOO!

    For more than 2000 years, the Tao, or “The Way”, has been recognized as one of the most profound and powerful systems available for achieving a clear, balanced, focused and happy mind.

    The Urban Warrior’s Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks! will show you how to use the world’s oldest supreme wisdom to operate with maximum effectiveness in the 21 st century.

    Under the guidance of the world-renowned Barefoot Doctor, you will learn how to:

    • Visualize events you want to happen in a way that actually makes them happen

    • Give yourself positive commands (not just “positive thinking,” but something much deeper, because you do it from the center of your mind) so you are always focused and powerful

    • Jump over hurdles and hindrances previously posed by other people and by circumstances

    • Understand how to divine the life you truly want, and then manifest it into abundant reality

    • Heal yourself and make yourself strong, by applying specific preventative healing energies to your five vital organs

    • Balance the three competing psychic chambers of your body, and so become the harmonious master of your own mind

    • Become physically attractive to others, as the increased Chi (or life) Energy flowing through your face gives you effortless charisma with everyone you meet

    • And much more!

    £71.44 Select
  7. The New Courtship After Marraige

    The New Courtship After Marraige

    In our hurried and self-centered culture, the real
     work required to keep love alive is often ignored!

    We live in an era where "We just don't love each other anymore" is considered grounds for divorce, and frequently the consequences of ending a marriage are minimized. We've all heard the overwhelming statistics.

    Zig Ziglar recognizes the importance of building a relationship that can stand the test of time and the pressures from society to become a strong, firm foundation for the entire family. In The New Courtship After Marriage, Zig teaches couples how a warm, loving, respectful commitment can stay and even grow stronger throughout the years.

    Zig and his beautiful wife Jean ("the redhead" as he affectionately calls her) have been married for more than 50 years. In this audio book, Zig shares his personal experience, the ups and downs that he has encountered in his own marriage, and how these experiences have strengthened his marriage beyond what even he dreamed possible.

    Zig's practical advice offers a positive alternative to the grass-is-greener thinking that permeates our culture today and that forces couples to give up when there is actually still much hope for their relationship. Zig teaches couples how to focus on their own marriage and invest themselves in simple, effective strategies that can make their marriage everything it was meant to be. Strategies that have stood the test of time and the stresses and pressures we all face day-to-day.

    In this updated version of Zig Ziglar's Courtship After Marriage, you'll learn to:

    • Build a foundation of pure trust through communication and love
    • Settle differences fairly when arguments arise
    • Ignite (or reignite) the spark in your sex life
    • Give total support to each other through good times and bad
    • Develop commitment to your spouse
    • Find that true love is always there, right in front of you

    The romance never has to fade. You don't have to settle for a mediocre marriage or figure that things will never change. Above all, you don't need to look elsewhere for happiness and fulfillment. You can make your marriage the one you always dreamed of.

    Whether you've been married one year, five years, or 50 years, like Zig and Jean, The New Courtship After Marriage will show you that you can have it all. With a little work and a lot of love, you will discover or rediscover your best friend - your spouse. You'll find that you can have love that will last a lifetime.

    £71.44 Select
  8. Get Abundance

    Get Abundance

    How would you like to be the center of a massive outpouring of wealth, innovation, success, and prosperity… the force behind a wave of abundance that rolls over your friends, family, and associates?

    Now you can be!

    Despite what the pessimists say, we live in an era of exponential growth and abundance. Astonishing new technologies are driving a new world where the unimaginable is being imagined and turned into reality.

    In this optimistic yet realistic program, X PRIZE Foundation chairman and Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis and his team of experts provide dozens of ideas, techniques, and strategies you can apply to your life, business, or career to accelerate your progress in line with these compelling advances.

    In this thrilling antidote to today’s dark pessimism, Peter downloads to you his exhaustive research and extensive interviews with top scientists, innovators, and captains of industry to explore today’s most important emerging forces. He examines the stunning impact these forces are having on categories of critical importance, while also establishing hard targets and a plan for change.

    Providing abundance — for yourself, your family and the world — is your single greatest challenge. But there will be no end to the abundance and wealth of those who capitalize on today’s new and emerging technologies.

    Rise to the occasion of today’s magnificent, unprecedented opportunities with this extraordinary and timely program!

    £99.95 Select
  9. The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment

    The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment

    In The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment, Dan Millman connects the heart of spiritual teachings with the practical realities of daily life.

    He provides down-to-earth perspectives on everyday issues like money, sex, relationships … unraveling the mysteries of body, mind, and emotions to make the spiritual ascent simple and attainable.

    Favoring practical outcomes over abstract philosophy, Dan Millman provides sound advice so that, entered one by one, each of the 12 Gateways frees your attention to see the Spirit everywhere, everyday, in everyone and everything — leading you to a realistic practice of everyday enlightenment.

    Here is an opportunity to gain deep insight into the meaning of life. Whether you’re looking to find your true life-calling or a greater sense of awareness, The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment: 12 Gateways to Your Spiritual Growth will help illuminate your journey toward a richer, more meaningful life.

    In The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment, you’ll learn how to:

    Clarify the higher purpose of your everyday life.
    Develop a will of iron and turn knowledge into action.
    Energize and rejuvenate your body.
    Overcome fears and fully immerse yourself in life.
    Open the gateway to enlightenment by practicing compassion and gratitude.
    And much more!

    £81.65 Select
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