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  1. Altered State Psychic Series

    Altered State Psychic Series

    Rapidly develop and expand your psychic powers with
     this powerful new aura-opening and charging induction!

    Supercharge your psychic powers in 8 crucial areas – this one course from the master is all you need.

    Each CD is approximately 50 minutes long and contains two separate psychic sessions.

    CD 1:  You Can Visualise/Visualise Winning Numbers
    Discover how visualisation is the basis of finding psychic answers and assistance and how to explore your past lives.  Then, explore the future to find winning numbers for lotteries, casino gambling, racing and anything you can bet on, wager and win!

    CD 2:  Telepathy/Clairvoyance
    You are shown the importance of visualisation and guided gently into making contact with another mind.  The clairvoyance session shows you how to reach up to a new level of vision, perceiving accurate information from past, present or future.

    CD 3:  Psychometry/Remote Viewing
    Psychometric telepathy lets you gain information by holding an object belonging to another person and remote viewing lets you mentally project so you can observe another person or distant location with your inner eye!

    CD 4:  Walk-In and Wanderer Probe/Contact Departed Loved Ones
    Millions of people know they don’t belong on this earth – are you one of them? You could be a Wanderer or a Walk-In! Contact departed loved-ones in dream-like, but controlled, meetings. You can ask the questions you need to ask and receive the answers you need to hear.

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  2. The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience

    The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience

    Decades of research into brainwave activity has revealed that masters of meditation and yoga, great artists and inventors, and highly accomplished people from all walks of life exhibit remarkably similar brainwave patterns — patterns which are reflective of a fully awake, fully alive state of consciousness.

    Now, the revolutionary sound technology you’ll discover in the Awakened Mind State Audio Experience enables YOU to achieve this enlightened level of awareness automatically, anywhere and any time you want to.

    With nothing more than the push of a button, you can effortlessly adjust your brainwave activity and achieve astonishing real-world results. You will:

    • See the world with fresh eyes and greet each day with renewed vitality
    • Easily tap into your highest potential
    • Quickly discern out-of-the-box solutions to any problem or challenge
    • Uncover and express your hidden creative impulses
    • Draw on your deepest levels of wisdom for confident decision making
    • And much more
    This completely experiential audio program includes 6 CDs featuring lush ambient soundtracks that will automatically and enjoyably guide your brainwaves into the specific state you choose: peaceful restorative meditation, heightened creativity, and more. As you listen, you will feel your old irritations melt away and replaced with the kind of peace, calm, and crystal-clear vision normally experienced only by breakthrough thinkers, great artists, and business visionaries.

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  3. Real Intelligence

    Real Intelligence

    Knowing the year the Civil War ended or the molecular formula for water may impress people at a party. But in the real world, you need intelligence that produces results - intelligence that empowers you to creatively solve a problem that expands your business … make the right decision on how and where to invest your money … or do any of the things that are going to make your life better in a practical, tangible way.

    From classrooms to corporate training programs to the very way organizations are structured, most of the learning outlets you encounter are designed to engage only two of your brain's learning mechanisms, or "intelligences." The other eight are like brand-new batteries, with 80% of your intellectual potential locked up inside of them, waiting to be used.

    Synthesizing groundbreaking findings of other researchers with his own findings, world-renowned learning researcher Dr. Laurence Martel developed a system that empowered people to figure out "how they are smart" so that they could adapt any learning situation to their unique strengths and needs, and unleash their real intelligence any time they wanted to.

    In Real Intelligence, Dr. Martel reveals this proven brain-expanding system to you and shows you how to quickly and easily implement it in the most important areas of your life so that you can experience similarly extraordinary results.

    First, he'll guide you through a series of straightforward questions designed to help you identify your unique learning style. You'll discover which factors increase your ability to effectively think, act, and process information - and you'll come to understand exactly why, over the course of your life, you have excelled in some areas and struggled in others.

    Then you'll be introduced to the Magic Learning Box - a storehouse of unexpected yet extremely potent and practical secrets, techniques, and strategies, all designed to help you ignite your brain's full power. At a moment's notice, you'll have any one of these incredible "tools" at your disposal, including:
    • The Ergonomics of Learning: 16 subtle, almost invisible environmental factors that will make or break your performance and success.
    • A series of strategies, tactics, and tools that will build your real intelligence.

    • Theory R relationship-building strategies to enhance your learning.

    • Keys to bridging the gap between your brain and your heart to achieve an incredible state of integrated, whole-mind learning.

    • A simple remedy for "reading fatigue."

    • Gadgets, gizmos, and contraptions you can build to increase your learning experience and make it fun!

    • The story of seven letters that will lead to unfathomable increases in your performance.

    • How to use your eight different intelligences you may never even have known you had!

    • And so much more, including how to use certain kinds of music, specific colors, foods, drinks, and a host of low-tech, low-cost gadgets any time, in any situation, to think, learn, concentrate, and process information with much greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    If you can imagine throwing on eight bright lights in a room that had previously been lit by only two candles … or adding a team of eight more horses to a heavily loaded coach that had previously been drawn by just two … then you have a good idea of the incredible difference Dr. Martel's brain-expanding techniques will make in your life.
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  4. The Silva Ultramind ESP System

    The Silva Ultramind ESP System

    In just 15 minutes a day, you can develop the ability to:

    • Read minds accurately.
    • Influence people from a distance.
    • Receive guidance from High Intelligence.
    • Create “good vibes with anyone you meet.
    • Detect hidden information.
    • Find lasting inner peace.
    And in the process ... unleash the telepathic powers you were born with!

    Skeptical? I was, until I proved it to myself. You see, telepathic powers exist in all of us; they are part of the natural way we communicate with each other.

    Your brain beats at various frequencies, much like your heart. Usually your brain beats at 14 cycles per second, the Beta frequency. Very occasionally it beats between 7 and 14 cycles per second. This frequency is known as Alpha frequency. Alpha is the key to becoming telepathic.

    A man named Jose Silva perfected a simple 15-minute technique for entering the Alpha level at will, creating his own brand of ESP, which he called “effective sensory projection.” The result of this breakthrough is the new Silva Ultramind ESP System. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you’ll be able to:
    • Read people like a book. Know if someone’s telling you the truth. Gain knowledge about others’ intentions just by looking at them. Know anyone’s real motives by simply being in the same vicinity.
    • See through walls. Project your mind to any place in the world to detect information. The U.S. government spent $30 million training people to do this and had a 100% success rate in certain cases.
    • Influence others from a distance. Leave reminders and create an instant connection using ESP projection techniques.
    • Discover your mission in life. Learn what you were sent here to do. Improve the lives of others. Live a life that’s fulfilled and happy.
    • Detect hidden information. Use dowsing rods and pendulums to locate objects and information you’re looking for. Learn how the science of psychometry can help you improve the accuracy of your intuitions about people.
    • Get and stay healthy longer. Learn to tune in to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
    • Establish instant rapport with anyone you meet. Create a feeling of trust, connection and enjoyment.
    • Relieve stress and relax more easily. Once you’ve mastered the simple technique for going to the Alpha level, you’ll be able to go there almost instantly. Melt away stress and be totally relaxed.
    • Learn to trust your intuition. Make better life decisions.
    • Concentrate with total focus and clarity, whenever you choose.
    • Find lasting inner peace. Clear your mind and heart of past baggage.
    Jose Silva's New Ultramind ESP System is so life-changing, we’ve turned it into an audio seminar.

    Jose Silva's New Ultramind ESP System opened my eyes to the full potential of the human mind, and what I have described is just the “tip of the iceberg.” There is so much more!

    You’ll learn about the broadcasting technique that allows you to connect with several people telepathically at the same time. You’ll hear about the little finger in the palm of the hand technique, which magnifies your psychic power when you combine it with one other thing. You’ll also discover the mental video technique, the 3-scenes technique, the mental rehearsal technique and other proven methods that will make you more telepathic.

    -Vic Conant

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  5. The Phoenix Process

    The Phoenix Process

    Get healthy, happy, harmonious and whole — in just ONE MINUTE A DAY!

    The phoenix is a mythological bird who, the story goes, died in flames, and then rose again out of the ashes, born anew. In the same way, now YOU can emerge from the frustrations, false starts, disappointments and fears of your past, a newly empowered person — the same, and yet totally transformed.

    The Phoenix Process represents a revolutionary, comprehensive path to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, restoring your power to act in freedom and opening the way to true longevity. In these six remarkable sessions you will discover how to utilize a collection of four simple, 60-second, do-anywhere techniques in order to:

    • Halt your body’s aging process in its tracks and extend your lifespan
    • Prevent and even eliminate disease
    • Resolve conflicts and disturbances the minute they arise
    • Rid yourself of panic, anxiety, worry, and fear — and their devastating effects
    • Make better decisions — quickly, easily, without doubt or regret
    • Receive the abundance you need by removing the roadblocks to its arrival
    • Witness ACTUAL one-minute transformations recorded LIVE
    • And much, much more!

    Created by world-renowned guided imagery pioneer Dr. Gerald Epstein, The Phoenix Process is designed to be highly practical, understandable and universally applicable. Each technique and its potential uses are explained in clear detail, and you’ll learn how you can successfully apply them to just about any problem or challenge you will ever encounter.

    You’ll feel the transforming effects of these techniques immediately, the very first time you use them. With daily use — just ONE MINUTE a day — the transformations will quickly take hold and completely replace old, ineffective, and damaging mental habits.

    What’s more, once you’ve mastered these powerful yet simple techniques, you’ll find you can activate them in far less than a minute. Total transformation will be possible in just seconds!

    The elegant one-minute practices you’ll discover in The Phoenix Process will realign you with the natural life-giving flow of the universe, putting you back where you are meant to be so that you can do what you are meant to do in order for your whole self — body, mind, and spirit — to function optimally and work together towards your highest good.

    Gerald N. Epstein, MD, is one of the foremost practitioners of integrative healthcare for healing and transformation. Trained as a Freudian analyst, he abandoned this direction in 1974 to study therapeutic uses of the imagination under the guidance of Madame Colette Aboulker–Muscat in Jerusalem. Since then, he has been a pioneer in the use of mental imagery for treating physical and emotional problems. As his work evolved over the years, he has become a leading exponent of the Western spiritual tradition and its application to healing and therapeutics.

    In 1981, as a result of his clinical experiences, he wrote Waking Dream Therapy. Dr. Epstein authored Healing Visualizations in 1989, now considered the classic book on the therapeutic mental imagery. Inspired by the Bible and the Western spiritual tradition, he wrote Healing Into Immortality (1994), a clear account of the reasons and remedies for illness. In his 1999 book Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, he takes the reader on an experiential journey through the Bible to find a way to spiritual freedom. In his latest book, Living Kabbalah, he weaves the wisdom of the Kabbalah with guided imagery to master everyday challenges.

    Dr. Epstein is also the author of the Nightingale-Conant bestseller, The Natural Laws of Self Healing.

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  6. Focused Mind, Powerful Mind

    Focused Mind, Powerful Mind

    Unlock the true power of your mind!

    Most people think meditation is a technique to empty the mind. But it can do much, much more than that.

    Based on the meditation techniques and mental exercises of some of the greatest thinkers of all time, Focused Mind, Powerful Mind is an advanced mind-development program that doesn’t just teach you how to set aside time to do different meditation techniques.

    It provides a system you can use in the real world to train your mind so you’ll be able to shift into the appropriate brain-wave and mental states on demand, and achieve a variety of specific benefits, including:

    • Enhanced creativity
    • High-level problem solving
    • Increased levels of happiness
    • Emotional stability
    • Improved mental focus and clarity
    • Better sleep
    • Better sex
    • Spiritual insight
    • Improved relationships
    • Greater physical health

    You’ll also learn about 12 Meditation Masters: people, past or present, who used or use meditation to achieve remarkable success in their given field.  In some cases, these Masters have shared tips and techniques specifically for this program — information you won’t find anywhere else!

    Whether you’re a beginning meditator or a seasoned practitioner, Focused Mind, Powerful Mind provides useful step-by-step techniques for tapping the greater powers of your mind and using them to live happily, productively, and abundantly.

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  7. Spring Forest Qigong

    Spring Forest Qigong

    According to Chinese medicine, sickness, pain, and other health anomalies are caused when energy — or “Qi” — is blocked. Qigong is an ancient practice that facilitates the healthy, natural flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”) in the body.

    Spring Forest Qigong is a new audio course that introduces you to an advanced, simple, powerful form of this 5,000-year-old practice.

    Created by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong uses an easy-to-follow combination of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement in order to remove blocks, increase the flow of energy, and awaken your body's natural healing power.

    By incorporating Spring Forest Qigong methods and techniques into their lives, people have experienced astonishing improvements in health and well-being, including:

    * Improved metabolism and digestion
    * Easy, healthful weight loss, and a noticeably younger appearance
    * Strengthened immune functions and less susceptibility to colds, flu, and viruses
    * Improved circulation and relief from conditions such as arthritis and fatigue
    * Ever-present serenity and contentment -the result of a soothed nervous system
    * And so much more!

    Spring Forest Qigong does not require a dramatic time commitment. With just a few minutes of practice a day, you’ll begin experiencing immediate, profound benefits — both physical and spiritual. You’ll feel refreshed and revived. You’ll glow with health and vitality. Most importantly, you will reconnect with your own natural ability to heal pain, illness, and imbalance from within.

    People who regularly practice Spring Forest Qigong have reported remarkable improvements in their health and well-being!

    Chunyi Lin was born in China, and spent more than 20 years studying with China’s advanced Qigong Masters. His intense study and practice led him to develop Spring Forest Qigong, a new form which presents this ancient practice in clear, easily understandable terms. Master Lin has taught this powerful healing method to thousands of people, is a frequent keynote speaker at health-related conferences, and has been involved with multiple research programs with organizations such as the University of Minnesota.
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  8. The Enhanced Ultimate You Library

    The Enhanced Ultimate You Library

    Improve ANY aspect of your life – in just 20 minutes a day!

    Take a 20-minute break, and bathe your genius mind in wonderful new ways to get the most from your life.  No matter what you do – whether listening to Get Around to It to get a job done … Instantaneous Personal Magnetism to kick up your sex appeal … Self-Esteem Supercharger to boost your confidence … or Ideal Weight to shed a few pounds – you will feel good and refreshed!

    Just think of what you want, play the CD, and drift into a peaceful world of relaxing music, nature sounds and words.  Your mind will immediately – and gently – begin learning how to serve you best.

    Special "Holosync" audio tones are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning, making the Paraliminal experience even more effective than ever.

    Each Paraliminal comes with a 20-page booklet so you can read how to get even more benefit, reach your goals sooner, and live life to the fullest.

    The secret to the Paraliminals lies in the genius of Paul Scheele. Each CD was crafted by Paul, trained in Neuro-Linguistic programming, whole mind learning and preconscious processing, to give you the best audio excursion for your investment. State-of-the-Art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your mind.

    There are no 'questionable' subliminal messages on your CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul gently guide your mind so that you get the results you want – all the while you are taking a break!

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  9. EFT: The New Technology for Immediate Healing and Vitality

    EFT: The New Technology for Immediate Healing and Vitality

    Your FINGERS hold the power to unlock your greatest potential for achievement and lifelong vitality! 

    Any health, emotional, or success challenges you face are no match for this radically new 3-minute tapping technique that's unlike anything you've ever experienced.

    In three minutes... you can program yourself to overcome your most challenging obstacles, allowing you to reach elusive personal goals.

    In three minutes... you can overcome your fears, eliminate your stress, and conquer any pain or ailment that dominates your life.

    In this "hands-on" audio program, Dr. Lee Pulos, a clinical psychologist and author of multiple bestselling Nightingale-Conant products, introduces this remarkable technique that's rooted in 4,000 years of science.

    This incredible phenomenon of tapping your body to improve your life in dozens of different ways is known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It's a powerful new discovery that combines two well-established sciences so you can benefit from both at the same time:

    • Mind/Body Therapy and
    • Acupuncture... but without the needles, without the cost (it's free), and without the commitment (you can perform it anywhere, anytime, and it takes just 3 to 5 minutes)

    Simply by learning this technique that can be up to 95% effective, you'll gain dozens of benefits… to your health, to your vitality, and to your everyday performance. Here are just some samples of what EFT can bring to your life:

    • ENSURES peak performance in business, sports, and relationships
    • IMPROVES your confidence, self-image, and future success
    • INCREASES your focus and concentration
    • ERASES back, neck, and foot pain
    • ABOLISHES your fears, anxieties, and anger
    • CHANGES negative thoughts into empowering beliefs
    • PREVENTS premature body and brain aging
    • CUTS your sugar, alcohol, or tobacco addictions
    • REDUCES your daily stress level
    • And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

    In these 12 unforgettable sessions, you'll gain everything you need to know to be able to master EFT for your own success and vitality as well as for that of your family and friends.

    It’s like having a mind-enhancement program, achievement program, health and vitality program, and spiritual program... all wrapped into ONE.

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  10. The Biology of Empowerment

    The Biology of Empowerment

    Traditional transformation strategies address the conscious and subconscious repositories of belief, often quite successfully. But far beneath these intellectual planes, your cells maintain the memory of that original belief.

    In other words, your cells are compelling you toward very specific situations and outcomes - often in direct opposition to your conscious and even subconscious intentions!

    To truly, permanently change your life for the better, you must learn how to communicate at the cellular level. Otherwise, you are doomed to remain stuck in negative patterns.

    The good news is, you CAN achieve this deep level of change. Cellular communication is not only possible, but remarkably easy! The secret lies in a collection of amazingly powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools that are easy to use and that ignite the processes of transformation instantaneously.

    In The Biology of Empowerment, Dr. Lee Pulos distills decades of research in the fields of human physiology and quantum physics (including groundbreaking NEW findings) into an extraordinary set of tools that will enable you to quickly identify and then change - at the conscious, subconscious, AND cellular level - the belief patterns that are holding you back from growth, change, and total personal success.

    Using the tools you'll discover in The Biology of Empowerment - including The Pendulum, The Ideomotor, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and many others - you will be able to:

    • Identify your core beliefs regarding money, work, relationships, sex, and more, INSTANTLY, without overanalysis or an uncomfortable psychological return to the past
    • Distinguish positive, growth-oriented beliefs from beliefs that are blocking your path to success
    • Program your entire self - your conscious, subconscious, and cellular minds - to achieve any external outcome you desire
    • Understand how and why "miraculous" processes such as remote viewing and bi-location really are possible
    • Easily uncover and quickly correct the root causes of financial challenges, relationship problems, and health and wellness issues
    • Receive answers from the deepest, most knowledgeable levels of your consciousness to questions like, What is my life's true purpose? … Should I take this job? … Is this person "the one"?
    • Learn how effective cellular communication may even overcome congenital health problems and other seemingly unchangeable conditions
    • See why perceived limitations such as time and space are really mere illusions, and hear amazing true stories of people who have transcended them
    • And so much more!
    Permanent personal transformation is possible … and it all starts at a cellular level. The Biology of Empowerment will equip you with the most powerful tools ever discovered for creating rapid, lasting changes that will naturally propel you toward wealth, health, happiness, or any goal you can think of!

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  11. The Five Forces of Wellness

    The Five Forces of Wellness

    Most of us believe that aging is accompanied by a
     sharp decline in our physical and mental abilities.

    We think getting older means getting sick. But, as you'll soon discover, disease is not an inevitable part of aging. In fact, it is even possible to become biologically younger while you become chronologically older!

    In this cutting-edge program, Dr. Mark Hyman, former medical director from the famed Canyon Ranch Health Resort, unveils a revolutionary science-based program for staying active and disease-free for life. The Five Forces of Wellness will work for absolutely everyone - old, young, healthy, sick, or anywhere in between.

    This program presents the new science of staying healthy - otherwise known as ultraprevention. This powerful medicine of the future shatters the myths of today's "fix-the-broken-parts" medicine. Instead of masking symptoms, it's a proven plan for identifying and eliminating the forces that cause more than 90 percent of today's most common and devastating diseases. It's a patient-centered plan that shows you how to create a lifetime of good health.

    In The Five Forces of Wellness: The Ultraprevention System for Living an Active, Age-Defying, Disease-Free Life, you'll learn what's best for your body. Among other things,
    you'll determine…

    • How to prevent disease from ravaging your body, using the medically proven "remove, repair, and recharge" system.
    • Which foods make you thrive and which make you sick.
    • How you can decrease the activity of the genes that will create illness and increase the activity of the genes that will create wellness.
    • Why you should NEVER go on a diet and how to lose weight without going
      on a diet.
    • What kinds of vitamins you need and how much.
    • Whether your body does better with vigorous exercise or more gentle exercise.
    • How to identify and rid yourself of toxins that make you sick.

    We all want to die as old as possible while feeling as young as possible. We want to enjoy vibrant health all the days of our life. When you apply the strategies you'll learn in The Five Forces of Wellness, this desire moves beyond being something you merely wish for to the story of your life!

    Mark Hyman, M.D., is the former co-medical director at Canyon Ranch Lenox, an internationally acclaimed health resort, where he combined the best of conventional and alternative medicine with a blend of science, intuition, integrity, and compassion. He is the co-author of the recent New York Times bestselling book Ultraprevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy for Life, and winner of the Books for Better Life Award. Dr.Hyman is also the author and creator of The Detox Box: A Program for Greater Health and Vitality. He is editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most prestigious journal in the field of integrative medicine.

    Dr. Hyman has appeared on The Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, The View with Barbara Walters, and CNN. He was recently featured on the PBS television special Get a Life. He has been heard on NPR and many other radio programs, and is quoted regularly in popular magazines, including Natural Health, Health, Self, Town & Country, Elle, Fitness, Glamour, Shape, and Family Circle.

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  12. Reprogram Your Subconscious

    Reprogram Your Subconscious

    From the way you handle money to what you eat to the people you choose as your friends and companions ... there is a specific reason for every single thing you do in life. And those reasons are part of the programming found in your subconscious mind.

    If you want to create real, permanent changes, you need to communicate with your subconscious by speaking the "language" it understands. When you do, you will have the power to rewrite the script that directs your thoughts and behaviors, and begin effortlessly creating exactly the life you desire - a life based on good health, self-fulfillment, self-empowerment, and happiness.

    In Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want, highly respected, board-certified hypno-counselor Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., Ct. H.A., introduces you to the remarkable power of hypnosis to create specific and positive permanent changes applicable to every aspect of your life.

    In this fascinating program, which includes both tutorial and experiential sessions, you'll discover the mechanics behind the process of hypnosis: how the subconscious receives and interprets information and how to "speak" to it in exactly the right way. You'll learn how hypnosis can correct your misperceptions by revising old stored messages and reprogramming the emotional responses that are subconsciously responsible for undesirable outcomes. As a lifelong teacher with a broad range of instructional experience, Gale is highly skilled at communicating even challenging concepts with clarity and graceful ease.

    You will also experience the extraordinary power of this process for yourself, as Gale's soothing voice guides you through several sessions of hypnotic guided imagery to target and disarm some of the most prevalent issues people face today, including anger, anxiety, and sadness. What's more, you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to address your own unique challenges and advance your personal goals, acting as your own facilitator.

    People have successfully used hypnosis for countless reasons, including:

    • Releasing counterproductive behaviors, such as smoking and overeating.

    • Retaining a positive attitude.

    • Relaxing and enjoying a better night's sleep.

    • Eliminating bad financial habits.

    • Lowering blood pressure.

    • Increasing memory retention and concentration ability.

    • Overcoming shyness and improving speaking skills.

    • Maintaining peace of mind and controlling anger.

    • Recovering from surgery faster and with better results.

    • And so much more!
    Whatever your subconscious may have chosen for you with "good intentions"
    but without your awareness or permission, you may reprogram through hypnosis. In this series, you clearly learn how to accomplish this - easily, comfortably, and very time efficiently.

    Once you know the secret to effectively communicating with your subconscious, you will be able to create the thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that are consistent with the person you really want to be. At last, you will have true control over the direction of your life and the results you experience!

    Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., Ct. H.A., is a hypno-counselor, a featured speaker, and the president of Glassner Associates Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Wellness, with offices in the Healing Zone, an integrative wellness center in Montclair, New Jersey. In 2002, she authored the hypnotic guided imagery recording Relax, Release and Dream On. Additionally, Gale writes an informative column on hypnosis for Montclair Life and Leisure newspaper.
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  13. The New Paraliminals

    The New Paraliminals

    Four new Paraliminals to help you achieve personal and professional goals!

    Paraliminals are self-improvement for busy people. They help you live to your fullest potential through a unique blend of music, words and technology.

    There are no exercises that you have to do. Nothing to practice. No homework. Just listen with stereo headphones and relax as you gently activate your inner mind to make your life better and better.

    The secret to the Paraliminals lies in the genius of Paul Scheele. Each CD was crafted by Paul, trained in Neuro-Linguistic programming, whole mind learning and preconscious processing, to give you the best audio excursion for your investment. State-of-the-Art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your mind.

    There are no ‘questionable’ subliminal messages on your CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul gently guide your mind so that you get the results you want – all the while you are taking a break!

    Here are Four new Paraliminals to help you achieve personal and professional goals!

    New Paraliminal #1: Peak Performance with Tom McCarthy and Paul Scheele
    Fire up your motivation for superior results

    New Paraliminal #2: Talking to Win with Tom McCarthy and Paul Scheele
    Communicate with ease; Present with authority

    New Paraliminal #3:  Creating Sparks with Paul Scheele
    Ignite fun, attraction and romance

    New Parliminal #4:  Break the Habit with Paul Scheele
    Free yourself from the cycle of addictive behaviours

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  14. With Your Spirit Guide’s Help

    With Your Spirit Guide’s Help

    Take your personally guided path to success, fulfillment
     and harmony … WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE’S HELP!

    You have a super-powerful ally – a lifelong friend who wants nothing more than to see you succeed in achieving all your goals while you become happier and more spiritually enlightened too. This is your Spirit Guide; a being whose only mission is just to help you achieve yours, an unstinting and untiring friend who will work unceasingly to help you fulfill your sacred purpose in this life, and to achieve your full potential as a developing spiritual being.

    As you can probably sense, your Spirit Guide is beside you right now. Watching over you and waiting to give you all the help you need … just as soon as you can open
    the connection.

    This series of guided meditations has been created specifically to help you do just that …
    to help you get in close touch with your own personal Spirit Guide.

    CD 1: Become Self-Actualized – Spirit Guide fills you with power so you can easily
    express compassion while rising above judgment and adversity.

    CD 2: Heal Your Body – Combine your Guide’s sacred energy with your own to
    accelerate the physical healing process and protect your physical body.

    CD 3: Develop Psychic Intuition – Who better than your Spirit Guide to help you
    develop your inborn psychic awareness

    CD 4: Walk in the Light – Your Guide leads you on a journey into the ultimate light of
    existence and your power increases many fold!

    CD 5: Fulfill Your Earthly Purpose … Loving Presence – Your Guide enables you to
    look into the previously hidden darkness to see exactly why you’re here on earth.

    CD 6: Explore Your Past Lives – Your Guide holds the key to opening the soul-atom
    of your subconscious mind, so you can relive positive and happy past life
    experiences safely.

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  15. The Complete Sleep Programming Series

    The Complete Sleep Programming Series

    Dick Sutphen is a best selling New Age author and seminar trainer who specialises in brain/mind technology. He instructs medical professionals in how to use his life-changing techniques. 165,000 people have attended a Sutphen Seminar.

    The Complete Sleep Programming Series truly includes everything you need... to become everything you're capable of being.

    While your body and conscious mind rest, your subconscious is waiting to give you the power and ability to get everything you've ever wanted, easily and effortlessly. Each program is structured to accomplish a desired goal. Whether you need to overcome a specific problem, habit or fear, develop new abilities or get in touch with your higher self or spiritual guides, you'll be glowing with a whole new dimension of confidence, energy and drive!

    You begin by creating the essential foundations for powerhouse achievement: security, self-confidence, self-discipline, assertion. Next, you're gently but irresistibly programmed with killer techniques for fast learning and fast earning - and all this takes just weeks, or even days. You're fully reprogrammed with the belief system of the world's very highest achievers - the unshakable knowledge that anything is possible.

    You continue by reprogramming your mind to be more relaxed and stress-free than ever before, while you gain a deep belief in your own worth and power. Then you program your body to heal itself, automatically and rapidly, while you begin to channel your deep mind into the thought patterns developed by the Zen masters - you learn how to find solutions to every waking problem in your dreams.

    All you have to do is listen as you go to sleep. As you relax and drift into first-stage sleep, the cycle-per-second activity of your brain slows down to alpha. The second level of theta precedes deep delta sleep. Alpha and theta are the levels accessed for hypnosis programming. So suggestions delivered at these mental levels are as effective as hypnotic mind programming. And a US Government Technical Services research report on sleep programming indicates that even in deep delta sleep, the suggestions are very effective.

    Mastered as approximately 50-minute sessions, the programs begin with Dick Sutphen directing a relaxation. Behind his voice and soothing music is a brain/mind 'follow-response' sound that helps to put you to sleep. When the relaxation is complete you hear nearly 2,000 words of paced and repeated suggestions, phrased for acceptance by all levels of your mind. The words fade away at the end of each CD, directing you to sleep soundly through the night and to awaken refreshed, at peace with yourself, and inspired to begin a new day.

    CD 1: Self Discipline. Feel better about yourself - accomplish your personal and professional goals - do what you should do, and stop doing what you know won't work - control your thoughts, and so your actions, to get amazing positive results.

    CD 2: Be Assertive. You always speak in a calm way without challenging - you never respond to guilt, or repress your real emotions - you act assertively because you are a free individual - you always act in ways that protect your self-esteem - you communicate openly, directly and honestly.

    CD 3: Learning Acceleration. You use the limitless power of your mind to greatly accelerate the speed at which you learn, and remember what you learn - you think faster and more precisely - triple your learning speed as you accomplish your goals.

    CD 4: Increase Your Income. You focus your subconscious mind to create cascading wealth - free of guilt, you are receptive to making large amounts of money - clarity brings great monetary return - you are a self-confident winner who creates unlimited monetary abundance.

    CD 5: I am Secure and Confident. Sleep, then wake up secure and confident - balanced and harmonious - filled with positive thoughts, independence and determination - projecting a positive self-image - you are completely sure of yourself.

    CD 6: Anything Is Possible. You see how and why anything is possible - you draw positive and joyous experiences into your life - your positive thinking creates a positive life - your acceptance makes good things happen - you are persistent, ambitious, determined, and you accept that you are a success.

    CD 7: Sleep Off Pounds. Positive affirmations to support healthy, intelligent weight-loss - programs you to lose weight now - stick to your decisions and your diet - eat only at meal time - draw upon the regulating power of your mind to assist you in fulfilling your weight loss goals.

    CD 8: Be Relaxed and Stress-Free. You are peaceful, balanced and harmonious - with unlimited potential you find it easy to detach from worldly pressures, rising above judgement, blame and negativity - you find inner peace, joy and fulfilment.

    CD 9: I Am Fine The Way I Am. You are faithful to your very best self - you let others love you the way you are - you are a fully self-actualised, highly evolved soul - where you are now is perfect for your growth - you release the past and embrace a peaceful, loving future.

    CD 10: Get Well. You focus the unlimited power of your mind on healing your body - you can rapidly accelerate your healing - your positive, loving attitude helps you get well - every cell is filled with positive healing energy, the universal light of life energy.

    CD 11: A Zen Attitude. You accept and reflect a Zen attitude towards life - you overcome resistance by going along with flow - your mind is like calm water - you are ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-learning - you live in the miraculous now, outside of time.

    CD 12: Metaphysical Affirmations. You have the power to become all you are capable of being - free of delusions at last, you come to know who you really are worthy and deserving of the best life has to offer - wisdom erases karma - you view problems only as opportunities to learn, to grow.

    CD 13: Find Answers in Your Dreams. You dream solutions and remember the solutions on awakening - tonight you will find your positive, practical answers - you will fall asleep and receive guidance from your higher mind, and from your guides and masters.
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  16. The Natural Laws of Self-Healing

    The Natural Laws of Self-Healing

    Have you been searching for healing by practicing spiritual traditions outside of your own, or seeking out medicinal cures that do not work?

    You needn't look any further. In Dr. Gerald Epstein's, The Natural Laws of Self-Healing: Harnessing Your Inner Imaging Power to Restore Health and Reach Spirit, you will learn simple and miraculous healing techniques that are based in our own Western tradition; techniques that allow you to access infinite wisdom from your own internal university.

    In this provocative program you will learn how to take charge of your health by using mental imagery to rapidly, cost-effectively, and noninvasively restore health from acute and chronic conditions. The secret lies in developing a dialogue with the "invisible dimension" of the super-conscious. Through the language of imagery, you will acquire the tools to communicate with that invisible dimension, opening all channels for you to gain invaluable healing insights from that sacred place where all knowledge is stored.

    Far beyond "guided imagery" used for relaxation, Dr. Epstein will teach you how to use imagery tailored specifically to your health challenge using your untapped powers of intuition and imagination. A psychiatrist and scholar of the Western spiritual traditions, Dr. Epstein has been exclusively using "imaginal medicine" for close to three decades. Through the American Institute for Mental Imagery he has taught both patients and health practitioners alike how to use mental imagery for conditions ranging from depression to stress, cancers, auto-immune disease, diabetes, heart disease, and all forms of pain.

    As you listen you will discover that this is not a typical visualization or affirmation program. In this unprecedented program, Dr. Epstein provides you with many simple, fast, and highly effective self-healing imaging techniques for healing your physical body, enhancing your emotional well-being, and guiding your spiritual growth. He also offers you:

    • Ancient Western perspectives on changing imbalance to balance, based upon refreshing and powerful reinterpretations of biblical scriptures.
    • Live interactive dialogue on the 12 Natural Laws of Self-healing, including personal testimonials and powerful healing imagery remedies.
    • The 12 False Beliefs that impact your life and how you can free yourself from them.
    • A Western spiritual framework for analyzing and healing multiple dimensions of health (including physical, mental, emotional, moral, social, and environmental).
    • A comprehensive list of the various organs in your body, along with their corresponding emotional conditions, and a full range of powerful healing imagery exercises.
    • The tools you need to take back responsibility for your health by bringing health-care into spirit.
    • …And so much more!

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  17. The Brain Massage

    The Brain Massage

    Breakthrough audio technology enables you to induce sleep, creativity, focus, and more by controlling your natural brainwave activity.

    Can you recall a time when you felt extremely calm and relaxed … or unusually energized and focused … or particularly creative? These and other extraordinary states of mind correspond to unique patterns of brainwave activity - activity that can be measured and mapped. When you know how to "conduct" your brainwaves into the desired patterns, you can quite literally control your state of mind.

    That means you can become relaxed, meditative, creative, restful, or mentally rejuvenated instantly - any time you want to!

    The Brain Massage audio system represents a major breakthrough in audio technology and brainwave research. This unique CD compilation brings together findings from brain research with innovative recording and sound-processing techniques, for an audio experience unlike anything that has come before.

    The Brain Massage comprises two distinct composition collections designed to trigger your brain to produce brainwave patterns that match the state you want to experience. The Brainwave Suite combines free-flowing ambient music and sounds of nature that will recharge your brain for optimum functioning. The Brainwave Symphony includes carefully chosen musical selections from Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, and other classical composers, to relax and clarify your mind and restore your senses.

    These carefully selected musical soundtracks are the result of extensive research and revolutionary findings by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, an acclaimed pioneer in sound-frequency therapy who has made groundbreaking discoveries in the use of sound-frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks.

    This collection has been specially created to accompany you throughout your day. Alpha- and Beta-wave–stimulating compositions will wake you up in the morning and keep your mind clear, sharp, and highly focused throughout the workday. Alpha-Theta–stimulating sessions heighten emotional sensitivity and foster communication, openness, and intimacy. And Delta-wave–stimulating compositions will help you relax and ease you into a deep, restful night's sleep.

    This exclusive Brain Massage collection also includes a special FREE bonus session. Inner Dance will take you on a mystical voyage through a variety of musical soundscapes, each designed to call forth different emotional images. It will leave you feeling remarkably refreshed, revitalized, and creatively awakened.

    Simply slip the desired disc into your stereo and press "play." With no other effort, you will be instantly transported to whatever state of mind is most appropriate for the moment you're in. These compositions are so beautiful and unobtrusive; they provide the perfect background music in any situation. You can listen in your office, while exercising, or while lying in bed.

    Discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to achieve your ideal state of mind any time you want with this wonderful and rejuvenating brain retreat.
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  18. Sound Health, Sound Wealth Frequency Treatments

    Sound Health, Sound Wealth Frequency Treatments

    Unlike any audio system you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, Sound Health, Sound Wealth is a one-of-a-kind program that synthesizes ancient wisdom, post-quantum physics, vibration, color therapies, and the very latest scientific research and technology into an unprecedented new sound frequency treatment. Because these frequencies operate at a primordial, cellular level, you can reap all the amazing benefits of this cutting-edge system with almost no effort at all! When spending just 30 minutes of listening while at rest to the Relaxation and Prosperity CD, the powerful applications in this program will connect you with the realm of the miraculous and effortlessly reshape your destiny.

    Included in this unique system are four CDs, each consisting of distinct healing properties that utilize specific sound frequencies along with a layering of corresponding verbal, energetic, and vibration technologies. When combined, these elements create powerful biochemical messengers that enable you to literally access your DNA codes, increasing their ability to heal psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

    Some of the benefits that you will experience through continued listening to Sound Health, Sound Wealth include:



    • Greater peace of mind and the ability to focus your energy on those things that you most deeply desire to manifest into your life.

    • Soothing relaxation breaks, from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, that can be your much-needed pick-up in an otherwise busy and chaotic schedule.

    • A deeper understanding, at both the conscious and subconscious level, of how your body really works - creating a powerfully strengthened immune system.

    • Holographic access to the conscious and subconscious mind, mystically creating nonlocal healing and transformation.

    • Empowering of your subconscious mind to effect the most appropriate and needed types of healing.

    • An ability to naturally attract foods with a higher, more healing frequency, bringing your pH into balance.
    “I have been listening to Sound Health Sound Wealth for 6 mos. and I find it wonderful. Thank you for the great work you are doing for planet earth and all the others who receive your love and wisdom through your tapes.”
    Gabrielle Harding
    East Sussex, England
    Oct. 27th, 2003

    “I have enjoyed tremendous benefits from listening to Sound Health Sound Wealth. I listen to it every morning to help me start my day. It assists me to enjoy a healthy and relaxed Spiritual Life. I recommend it to all my patients.”
    Dr. Claude DeWarrat, Chiropractor
    January 2003

    "With Sound Health, Sound Wealth, Dr. Oakes has created a magical oasis of healing and regeneration. In less than 30 minutes I can feel calmer, stronger and more centered, even in the midst of a hectic day. I highly recommend this program for anyone, but especially those in need of spiritual and physical renewal.”
    Lily Toppenberg
    Sacramento CA

    "I love Dr. Luanne Oakes’ Sound Health Sound Wealth! I have numerous health problems which give me chronic pain. Since my daughter shared these CDs with me, I find they help keep me centered and balanced and aids me in deep sleep. It has helped me with my pain enormously. Her voice is so beautiful and gives me a warm feeling. In addition, it also keeps me focused. I feel that Sound Health Sound Wealth has been instrumental my healing process with fibromyalgia, and chronic back pain."
    Mrs. B. Rosenbaum



    £59.95 Select
  19. Transform Your Body Naturally

    Transform Your Body Naturally

    Let America's Natural Physician™ Dr. Mark Stengler Guide
     You to Better Health – with Today's Energy Medicine!

    Join renowned physician Mark Stengler, MD, the author of the enormously popular Bottom Line Natural Healing newsletter as he outlines his proven system for weight loss, vitality, and overall wellness based on the healing practices of homeopathy, herbs, supplements, natural hormones, exercise and more!

    Considered by many to be the future of healthcare, homeopathy — known as today's energy medicine — is currently in regular use by doctors around the world. Supporters of homeopathy have included members of England's royal family, seven Catholic popes, and 11 American presidents (including Bill Clinton) who have used it themselves, or have sponsored legislation to allow its practice.

    While natural medicine is becoming increasingly popular in America, few doctors have the training and experience that Dr. Stengler does with homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine. That's why, in this empowering audio program Transform Your Body … Naturally!: Join the HealthCare Revolution with America's Natural Physician,
    Dr. Stengler reveals:

    • The six principles of holistic wellness
    • Diet and nutrition: foundations of great health
    • The top 22 proven herbal remedies
    • Homeopathy: understanding today's energy medicine
    • The top 28 nutritional supplements
    • The essentials of exercise for longevity
    • The 8 super foods you must have in your diet
    • The importance of healthy relationships for good health
    • Banishing fat more effectively and how to combat weight gain
    • The major pitfalls of pharmaceutical drugs
    • Natural prostate preservers
    • Natural ways to clear your arteries
    • Hormone balancing tips for men and women ... and so much more!

    There has never been a better time to learn from a program like this. Holistic therapies, combined with diet and exercise, have been proven to fight weight gain and diseases. What's more, these nutritional and holistic therapies are a tiny fraction of the cost of conventional healthcare. Plus, holistic therapies are generally safe for everyone and have no side effects when used properly.

    Dr. Stengler urges you to take control of your own healthcare — your life and time are too important to waste! So get ready to use the advice in this program to transform YOUR body — naturally!

    £81.65 Select
  20. The FlexBrain Method

    The FlexBrain Method

    Strengthen your brain, increase your intelligence,
     and prevent mental decline with just five minutes
     of “brain flexing” a day!

    Based on the very latest research into brain function, memory retention, and neurological health, The FlexBrain Method is a thoroughly interactive, “brains-on” audio program designed to substantially improve your brain functioning right now and to keep your brain on an upward track of growth, expansion, and strength for the rest of your life.

    Each session of The FlexBrain Method weaves together fascinating information on how your mind works, with built-in exercises to keep your brain stimulated and engaged at a deep level and with quick “neurobic workouts” designed to optimize specific brain functions in just a few minutes.

    You’ll learn how to improve your memory, increase your mental agility and more, by making simple yet carefully targeted changes to the way you do ordinary, everyday things, such as brush your teeth, set your alarm clock, start your car, write your to-do list, and even sit in a restaurant. And that’s not all! In the 12 sessions of The FlexBrain Method, you will discover:

    • If your diet is dooming you to brain deterioration later in life
    • The single best and worst things you can do for your brain
    • An easy way to reduce your risk of dying from heart disease by 40%
    • How to become WHO you think about
    • 5 supplements proven to increase neural connections in the brain
    • The secret to building muscle strength without ever moving a muscle
    • A do-anywhere exercise that acts as a natural tranquilizer
    • Why you don’t ever have to experience stress again
    • Foods that are proven to increase your ability to focus and concentrate
    • And so much more!

    Take control of your mental fitness now and maintain it forever, with this groundbreaking system that will expand your memory, make you smarter and sharper, and improve your performance in every area of your life — for the rest of your life!

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  21. The Musical Body: Chakra Meditations For Spiritual Exploration

    The Musical Body: Chakra Meditations For Spiritual Exploration

    Transformative ‘Ison Methon’ clears tension blockages
     and awakens the vital force inside of you!

    Right now, your happier, more creative, more spiritual, and less stressed self — your highest self — is much closer than you think. So close in fact, you can “HEAR” it. And once you listen, you’re able to give so much more to the world.

    It’s transformational music. And it can have a profound effect on your body, mind, and soul. Healthcare professionals around the world have benefited from its miraculous effects for the past 15 years.

    For 40 years, David Ison — a sound engineer, meditation teacher, and practitioner — worked to perfect his musical meditations. Today, a three-year study has proven its ability to reduce a variety of symptoms, including:

    • Levels of stress
    • Chronic pain
    • Tension
    • Anxiety
    • Even depression

    In fact, many people who’ve listened to David Ison’s meditative music experience:

    • A more balanced state of mind
    • An experience of unconditional self-love
    • An enhanced ability to express themselves
    • A sense of inner peace and personal fulfillment
    • A deeper understanding of their purpose in life
    • An integration of body and mind

    David’s unique transformative music was once available only to a privileged few. But today, you can listen and benefit by listening to his audio program The Musical Body.

    If you’re ever feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, frustrated, or saddened, you can simply play the appropriate CD. Just hearing the therapeutic music will release your energetic blocks and awaken your vital force. In just 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll feel remarkably better.

    Discover how this ‘musical acupuncture’ can have a profound effect on your body, mind, and spirit.

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  22. Brain Boosters

    Brain Boosters

    Do you want a sharper edge? Do you want to improve your abilities? Are you a goal setter with specific purposes in mind? Do you want to develop more passion for your ideas, to see them blossom into a reality that brings you the success you deserve? How does increasing your intelligence tie into all this and can, in fact, your intelligence be increased?

    "Intelligence" - many people have different definitions for it. When scientists talk about intelligence, they are referring to your score on a standardized I.Q. test, even though that test is so profoundly affected by so many other factors. Or one can look at society's definition of intelligence: your status, financial intelligence, business savvy, or where you may be in pursuit of your wants and needs. Everything that can be identified as part of any definition of intelligence can be improved by specific training. Intelligence and mental abilities can be improved, and fairly readily so. That training is provided to you in Brain Boosters: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence.

    Throughout Brain Boosters, you will be given resources that will help you improve your intelligence. Resources that will let you do so as easily and conveniently as possible. Dr. Win Wenger, co-author of the popular Nightingale-Conant program The Einstein Factor, will provide a series of practical theories and exercises that you can use for as little as 20 minutes per day and make meaningful gains in your genius abilities. Or you can make further gains even more rapidly by investing more than 20 minutes per day in these practices. You'll learn that the possibilities, like your intelligence, are limitless.

    Win's teachings on genius are rooted in a simple philosophy - you get more of what you reinforce. Have you ever started to have an idea, didn't do anything about it at the time, didn't write it down and it slipped away and disappeared, and you simply forgot it? There is tremendous value in each and every one of your ideas and thoughts. Each time you respond in some specific way to one of your own ideas, you reinforce the behavior of being more creative, more intelligent. In Brain Boosters, Win will show you how this simple idea of reinforcing your creative ideas is directly tied into increasing your intelligence, complete with many exercises to reinforce these ideas.

    In Brain Boosters: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence, you'll learn how to:
    • Reinforce yourself into being more perceptive, more aware.
    • Quickly and easily improve your intelligence daily.
    • Come up with greater ideas and insights for your business or career.
    • Not edit yourself.
    • Understand, both in words and beyond words.
    • Think in detail.
    • See the powerful connection between music and intelligence.
    • Do so much more to boost your brain to a genius level.

    You may be surprised at the genius-like capabilities that are already within you and at how easily you can learn and use them. Brain Boosters is the program to fully and rewardingly experience being a genius.
    £71.44 Select
  23. Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

    Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

    I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. (Mark 11:23)

    There is a divine healing power within you. It is a powerful force on which we all can depend. You can use this power to make wonderful things happen in your life. Not just coincidences, but scenarios in which you desire for something to happen, and it happens. This healing power you have doesn't require you to use any rituals or any formalities. It is a simple power, a manifestation of the divine within you.

    In Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power: Making the Connection with the SOURCE of all Healing, Dr. Ron Roth will teach you how to connect to an inherent cellular intelligence within you. It is a divine healing power every person has and that every person already uses unconsciously. This program will show you how to bring this power into your active consciousness so you can direct it toward the results you desire.

    The strategy for bringing this divine power into your active consciousness lies within the power of prayer. The prayer Ron talks about is the kind that can bring out miraculous results. It's about an energy within us, an authority and power within that we can bring forth, and then expect great things to happen. It is the faith that lives within you and you can get it to work for you.

    In Medjugorje Yugoslavia, for example, there has been documented research into spiritual healing energy. For the past 19 years, miracles have been happening there. When people get together to pray there is a healing energy that is released and that has been recorded by machines. There were extremely high energy readings during certain prayers, followed by a rapid disappearance. On that Friday evening, the people inside the church were subjected to one hundred rads per hour. The maximum amount of radiation a human can withstand is 0.1 rad per day. By all known accounts, then, those people should have died from radiation symptoms. But on the contrary, everyone was in good health. Therefore, the only conclusion to draw is that the energy was spiritual in origin.

    In the same way, you have the capacity to generate that kind of a surge of divine energy, an energy that can heal you and the people around you. What Ron can do, you can also do. And the healing can occur in any part of your life that needs it.

    Faith that can move mountains

    Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:20)"

    As a former priest, Ron Roth took those words to heart. He studied the miracles of Jesus and of prophets such as Elijah and Moses and he realized that what these men did was not anything like the "prayer" we have been taught. He developed a system prayer based on the principle of decree. It can be called blessing. It can be called command. But whatever you call it, it will teach you how to speak to your mountain.

    What is your mountain? Is it a physical disability, a broken relationship, a career problem? In Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power, Ron Roth will show you how to speak to that mountain knowing you have the authority to do it and knowing that something will follow. He will show you how to expect a result and how to make that result happen.

    True knowledge isn't about intellect as much as it is about spirit. It isn't about the mind as much as it is about having firsthand experience of something on an intimate level.
    There's a tremendous power available when you really understand prayer on an intimate level. It's spiritual dynamite.

    Jesus said to speak to your mountain. Whatever that mountain is, whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual, it doesn't matter. The principle of decree works across the board if you learn how to work the principle. And Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power will show you how to use it and work it.

    The power to move mountains is already in you. This program will simply show you how to release that power. It will show you, step by step, how to develop the spiritual power that will allow you to give a command for something to happen and then witness it as it happens. There are no limits to what you can accomplish once you have reclaimed your spiritual power. Nothing will be impossible for you.
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  24. Mind/Body Nutrition

    Mind/Body Nutrition

    Are you sick of struggling with food?
    Fighting with your desires, avoiding what you really want, and eating things you don't like in order to lose weight-only to watch the pounds come back on the minute you veer off course.

    Are you tired of the no pain-no gain mentality that says you won't ever look and feel as great as you want to without a huge amount of effort and sacrifice?

    Workouts that feel like a punishment; exercises that end up doing your joints and muscles more harm than good.

    Are you fed up with the ever-changing information you hear regarding what is "good" for you and what isn't? One day they tell you bread and pasta should make up most of your diet. The next, it's high-protein, low-carb. First you're tracking calories, then you're counting fiber grams.

    All you want-all any of us wants-is to look good, feel good, and be healthy, inside and out. It's the getting those things that's the problem. It takes so much work. So much willpower. So much sacrifice.

    Or does it?

    In Mind/Body Nutrition Your Energy, Eat Without Stress, and Transform Your Health, esteemed nutritional researcher, counselor, and author Marc David tells you everything he has discovered-and science has proven-about how to naturally achieve the body, state of health, and lifestyle of enjoyment you want.

    Mind/Body Nutrition will take your focus off the food on your plate and tune it in to the "brain in your belly"- the true control center of your metabolic processes, which holds the key to weight loss without deprivation, and health and well-being without sacrifice. You'll discover:

    • The one simple change you can make that will immediately change your body for the better
    • The 12 most important nutritional facts (that aren't what you think)
    • The secret to the famed "French paradox"
    • The emotion that virtually shuts down the metabolic process
    • The 3 levels of diet, and how to tell what your body needs at different times
    • The two-week Pleasure Diet you have to experience to believe
    • Nutritional myths we've all been raised on … SHATTERED
    • Whether your artificial sweetener is actually making you fat
    • The five categories of metabolically limiting beliefs
    • The "Gut Wisdom Inventory"
    • 5 nutritional lifestyles and how to identify your type
    • And much, much more!


    You may be shocked by some of the things you'll discover in Mind/Body Nutrition. There are things you may not even believe at first. But everything Marc David shares has been scientifically researched and proven over and over again. Most of all-as you'll discover from the moment you start listening-it just makes sense.

    If you've followed the fad diets without lasting success … if you feel frustrated and confused by the conflicting nutritional information that you're bombarded with each day … this program is going to give you the clarity, insight, and practical tools you've waited for and deserve. It's easy to follow, and it is guaranteed to yield changes in your body and being that are meaningful, deep, and lasting.

    £71.44 Select
  25. Gary Null’s Perfect Health System

    Gary Null’s Perfect Health System

    Discover the 7 steps to Perfect Health!

    The march of time may be inevitable, but the effect that time has on the way you look and feel is entirely under YOUR control. In Gary Null’s Perfect Health System, world-renowned nutrition and health expert Gary Null lays out in amazing detail his complete, A to Z system for anti-aging and total health that will empower you to:
    • Halt and begin to reverse the biological aging process

    • Look and feel better in 10, 20, even 30 years than you do today

    • Identify and root out the underlying causes of imbalance in your life

    • Never worry about being sick again

    • Create a mind and body that are not in conflict and know how to deal with stress

    • And so much more!

    The Perfect Health System is built around 7 practical, doable steps that Gary has distilled down from years of scientific research, study, experimentation, and observation about what it takes to be truly, deeply, comprehensively healthy.

    Gary outlines each of these seven powerful steps for you in vivid detail — explaining exactly why each step is critical to your overall health and wellness … what the impact will be on your body and mind once you take the step (and what it will be if you don’t!) … and the specific actions you should take to implement the step across the spectrum of your life. You’ll discover:
    • The common food ingredient that is so toxic and opens you up to so many diseases, the FDA would almost undoubtedly ban it if it were discovered today. (You’ve almost certainly consumed it today—maybe even right now!)

    • The secret to being “naturally thin”. (It’s simply a matter of removing one specific thing from your diet.)

    • A surprising cause of allergies and a host of even worse health problems that you probably consume every day—because you’ve been told all your life how good it is for you!!

    • A formula for calculating precisely how much water your body needs (versus someone else’s) so that you’re getting the maximum benefit from this miracle drink

    • The once-a-day-for-4-months drink you can make in minutes that will get one of your most vital organs working at peak levels. (When it is, the likelihood of your getting sick decreases exponentially!)

    • 6 foods to start eating as soon as possible, and 9 that you should do away with as quickly as you can

    • The action you should take every 3-4 hours for one week (but no more!) to help detoxify your system

    And so much more! This program gives you dozens of simple, logical, practical, and extraordinarily powerful steps you can take immediately to begin activating the 7 steps to perfect health in your life. Way beyond mere dietary changes, this System addresses the well-being of your whole self—mind, body, and spirit.

    Practical solutions to everyday real-world challenges

    We live in a society rife with toxicity and overloaded with too many choices and not enough information A trip to the average grocery store illustrates this challenge to healthy living perfectly. Most every shelf is packed with process junk, often disguised as “healthy” or “good for you” when in fact it’s been stripped of anything truly beneficial.

    And when you do stumble in to a true “health food” area, the array of options—jars and bottles up to the ceiling with names you can’t even pronounce—can be so overwhelming and confusing, it feels healthier just to walk away!

    All this means that even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to end up making misguided, misinformed, or just plain wrong choices that wind up having an adverse effect on your body, health, and future.

    So in The Perfect Health System, Gary Null doesn’t let you go it alone. He literally steps out into the world with you, into the some of the most ordinary, everyday situations — your kitchen, the grocery store, restaurants, the herb and supplement aisle — and shows you exactly what to look for, what to make, what to choose, and what to avoid in order to keep your body and life toxin-free and on the road to optimum inner and outer health. You’ll get:
    • Delicious recipes for every meal and every taste. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will blow you away with their incredible flavor, and leave you feeling satisfied and revitalized inside and out.

    • A substantial yet manageable list of the best therapeutic herbal supplements, vitamins, and amino acids. He’ll tell you what they’re called and how they help and heal your body, so that the next time you visit the supplement aisle or health-food store, you can get exactly what you want and need and ignore everything else.

    • The grocery store outing that could save your life! Think you’re safe from chemicals, additives, and other toxins if you stick to the fruit and vegetable aisle? Think again! In an eye-opening and extremely helpful DVD, Gary walks you through a typical produce section and shows which options will keep your diet fresh, vibrant, varied, and free from disease—and which ones are best left behind. Prepare to be surprised and shocked by the foods that aren’t as good for you as you’ve been led to believe, as well as thrilled when you welcome some delicious and unexpected new treats into your life.

    • A guide to dining out in Perfect Health. Restaurants can be tough places to maintain a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle AND enjoy a delicious, relaxing meal—but they don’t have to be! You’ll join Gary on a DVD trip to an actual restaurant and show you what to look for and how to order so that you know what you’re eating is well prepared and consistent with your Perfect Health plan. The experience of eating out will be that much better when you know that you’re doing something great for your soul and your body!

    With Gary as your guide, you’ll find out fast that the Perfect Health lifestyle is about anything but deprivation. Just the opposite, in fact! You will have virtually limitless choices for what you can eat, buy, prepare, and do to achieve glowing health inside and out.

    Order Gary Null’s Perfect Health System RISK-FREE today, and you’ll receive the complete program, including:
    • 16 sessions on 8 Compact Discs in which Gary Null reveals his complete, detailed, step-by-step system for thinking, looking, and feeling younger and healthier NOW

    • 2 DVDs including Super Charge Your Immune System and The 7 Steps to Perfect Health

    • An extensive workbook packed with practical lists, powerful exercises, and life-changing information. You’ll find yourself referring to it constantly!

    • 2 FREE BONUS CDs: The 7 Steps to Perfect Health, and De-Stress Now! featuring a potent de-stressing exercise you can use anytime, anywhere

    This is the most thorough, effective, and practical program available today for creating total health and well-being. It’s based on decades of painstaking research by one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable nutrition experts of our time. Countless people have already experienced the transformation of their bodies, health, and outlooks thanks to the very information you’re going to discover in Gary Null’s Perfect Health System. Order today, and join them in glowing, ageless, Perfect Health!
    £122.50 Select
  26. Emotional Mastery:  Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness

    Emotional Mastery: Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness

    Take charge of your emotions so they don’t take charge of you!

    Mastering your emotions allows you to face any circumstance and use it in a way that benefits you. It literally changes the course of your life. In Emotional Mastery: Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness, Dr. Gerald Epstein introduces a collection of short imaging techniques that transform the specific challenges you are facing today.

    By applying these simple, powerful techniques, you’ll be able to freely dialogue with your Higher Consciousness on your own at any moment — in the heart of your everyday life — so you can:

    • Snap out of a negative state of mind: Use specific techniques to instantly transform depression, anxiety, fear, and other distressing emotions into beneficent emotions that say “yes” to life
    • Find the right job: Discover a powerful one-minute technique you can use each morning to let Higher Consciousness go to work for you in finding the right job for you. Attain peace of mind as you search for fulfilling work
    • Change faulty anchoring beliefs: Achieve total understanding of how your faulty assumptions have bound and enslaved you. Then free yourself from them and move in a new and empowering direction
    • Generate a stream of money: Connect with the energy of the universe so that it brings you the money you need, just for the asking
    • Improve your self-image: Correct negative self-imagery on a deep level so you stop losing energy and feeling downtrodden
    • Create a new perspective for the future: Case studies, explanations of how and why imagery works, and the techniques themselves show you that there are other possibilities for you. You’ll gain hope for the future, without trying to control
      the future
    • And much more!

    Emotional Mastery gives you a powerful skill you can use anytime, anyplace to transform negative emotions and gain a new, constructive perspective in any moment.

    Find out just how easy it is to take charge of your emotions so they don’t take charge
    of you!

    £81.65 Select
  27. Silva Ultramind’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

    Silva Ultramind’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing


    There will be times when someone is making an important decision … perhaps a life-and-death decision … and you won't be there to help. At that moment, the only influence you will have with that loved one or customer or associate, when he or she is making a decision that will affect the rest of his or her life - and your life - is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. This unique mind technology will help you in every area of your life: health, relationships, business, personal growth, and your purpose in life.

    Transform Your Health:
    With Remote Viewing you can detect health problems and threats to your health, and then take action both physically and mentally - with Remote Influencing - to protect your health or restore and maintain optimum health for yourself and your loved ones. While your doctor works from the outside-in with physical medicine, you help by working from the inside-out.

    Transform Your Relationships:
    Troubleshoot relationship problems by remotely viewing them … even before they develop. Sense the other person's needs and wants so that you can respond appropriately. Then use Remote Viewing to detect the invisible barriers they have erected, old wounds you may have forgotten … or not even know about … misunderstandings that have never been adequately resolved. Then use Remote Influencing to establish deep rapport at deep, inner levels … and watch the changes that take place at the outer level.

    Transform Your Career and Your Business:
    Do you want a better job? A raise? Something more meaningful, interesting and satisfying to do? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want more customers? Bigger sales? Better employees? Better working conditions? First, use Remote Viewing to detect problem areas, then use Remote Influencing to convince others that you have the solution. Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you do a better job … whatever your job is … and wherever the information is. Once you determine the things that need to be done, use Remote Influencing to help you implement your decisions.

    Transform Your Personal Development:
    Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing can enhance your thinking, memory, creativity, and ability to see your future. These technologies can help you find and fulfill your purpose in life, strengthen your connection with your source (higher intelligence), pray more effectively, obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to fulfill your mission in life.

    Study and learn the remarkable new technologies of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing taught in this course, and get ready to take your life and the lives of those your love to the next level.

    Buy Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing by John La Tourrette, Dennis Higgins Today!

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  28. Self Mastery

    Self Mastery

    Envision a life characterized by complete inner peace, even in the midst of suffering and chaos. Envision liberation from negative and aggression people, frustrating expectations, and the self-defeating fears that hold you back from your true potential and ultimate success. The results would be like magic, a complete, total, and lasting transforming of your life and everything in it.

    This is not a fantasy to dream about, but a reality you can enjoy daily once you begin working with Self Mastery: The Zen Way to Attain Peace, Develop Detachment, and Program Success. This extraordinary new program combines the ancient philosophy of Zen with cutting-edge mind programming techniques to create one of the most powerful and liberating transformational experiences ever presented. Self Mastery culminates the decades-long career of Dick Sutphen, an originator and constant innovator of the science of altered mental states and mind programming, and a world-renowned expert and lecturer on the topic of metaphysics.
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  29. Hypnology


    Control the deepest levels of your mind so your life is on autopilot!

    Hypnology, a brand new type of self-hypnosis from acclaimed author and master hypnotist Dick Sutphen, will show you how to control the deepest levels of your mind to guide you instinctively to where you want to go. Like a jet on autopilot, you won't be thinking about what you are going to do to improve. Instead you will just do it.

    Hypnology is the most practical, powerful, and effective life-transformation system you'll ever experience. And it literally applies to every activity you do, every activity you want to do, every activity you want to stop, and every skill, ability or potential you want to develop in any area of your life. And this is just for starters!

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  30. eyeQ


    The speed at which you process information may be the most critical factor contributing to your success in life. With eyeQ, you and your family will be able to read and process information at least two to ten times faster within just 2 weeks!

    The eyeQ program is a proven system that will help you read faster with better comprehension. It’s the best advantage a parent can give a child. And as a working adult, you’ll gain the skills—and the resulting competitive edge—to effortlessly manage today’s information overload. We’re confident you will agree with the people we’ve surveyed who have completed the program: 98 percent said it met or exceeded their expectations.

    The highly effective brain enhancement techniques in eyeQ were developed in the 1980's by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura, one of Japan's leading brain enhancement researchers, who has authored more than 70 books relating to the brain and the learning process.

    A compelling combination of technology and scientific research has resulted in revolutionary methods of brain enhancement, which are shared in eyeQ.

    Since then they have helped over one million people in Japan and America read and process information faster.

    Today, they continue to evolve by harnessing the power of a personal computer.
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  31. Mind Dynamics

    Mind Dynamics

    In Mind Dynamics, you will learn:
    * How to make your greatest wishes come true by learning the secret of communicating with your subconscious mind.
    * How to unleash exceptional creativity and brainstorming skills among you and your colleagues.
    * How to tap the "inner information superhighway" of your subconscious mind for answers to key questions in your life.
    * How to see and shape the future.
    * How to find missing objects.
    * How to attain contentment.
    * How to uncover the hidden genius that exists in every mind to discover abilities you never thought you had.

    "The conscious mind knows a limited amount of information compared to the subconscious mind, which seems to know about everything." Sidney Friedman.

    There is greatness in each of our minds. It often rests far beyond our conscious comprehension. With Mind Dynamics, the ability to tap into this immense gift is now available to all of us! Now you can uncover the hidden treasures of your mind's potential and make that greatness come alive for you, your family and your career.

    In this powerful program, Sidney Friedman, a renowned expert in the study and practice of extra-mental abilities, shares a breadth of knowledge that will help lead you to achievement, wealth, love and contentment.

    Sidney has studied great people the world over - both famous and anonymous, some of them accomplished leaders, communicators, athletes and business people, others just everyday people who quietly achieved a successful life - and he found a common factor among all of them. Whether natural or learned, they all accessed the power of their subconscious minds to make their wishes come true, and now you can too.

    For the executive, manager, programmer, salesperson, student, teacher, administrator, artist, laborer, housewife or househusband - no matter what you do or who you are - Mind Dynamics is a program that can help you achieve your deepest aspirations. It contains time-tested techniques that will lead you to results that seem magical. As Sidney says, "You will make the impossible possible, you will make the unattainable attainable, and you will even make the unbelievable believable."
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  32. RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming

    RX17 Metaphysical Mind Programming

    Even if you don’t believe it will work ... It will work anyway!

    According to leading edge physics research, the use of altered states of consciousness (hypnosis, meditation, sleep programming) can lead to a transformation of nearly every part of your life.

    Physics chemist Ilya Prigogine proved this with his Noble Prize winning “theory of dissipative structures.” Now confirmed by experts, this theory has solved the mystery of why the use of altered states can result in life-changing insights, new behavioral patterns, and the relief of lifelong phobias or ailments.

    First, you must understand that human beings are structures. The structure of your body is composed of bone, muscle and ligaments. Your brain, however, is given structure by the thoughts and memories that dictate your actions. Your mental programming (all your past thoughts, actions, experiences and learning) provides your brain structure.

    The finest digital recording is combined with the latest brain/mind technology and 3-d sound effects, which will synchronize both halves of your brain.

    Titles include:

    Chakra Balancing & Energizing
    Your seven chakras of etheric energy influence all aspects of your life and open naturally as you evolve spiritually. Balancing and energizing these centers assures greater balance, harmony, health, and vitality. Session one is a chakra balancing and energizing session. Session two is a chakra meditation. At the end you are awakened with positive suggestions.

    White-Light Meditation
    Let this light of balance and harmony bring healing to every level of your body and mind. Visualize yourself physically healed. Allow the light and energy to cleanse and heal you mentally. Let go of all sorrow, suffering, worry and blame. Allow the light and energy to cleanse your mind of negativity. From this moment on, you are a channel for the light. You are provided with time to meditate on whatever you wish, or to allow understanding and awareness to flow into your mind. Trust your thoughts and impressions and the visions that dance before your inner eyes. At the end of the session, you are awakened with positive suggestions.

    Past-Life Regression
    A basic introductory session in which you’ll experience one of your past lifetimes. Explore a different incarnation with each use. Once you are proficient with side One, move on to the more advanced session on session two.

    The Altered-State Sound
    The soothing music and sound effects draw your mind into a relaxed alpha state while creating an ideal environment for meditation or metaphysical explorations, such as astral projection or past-life regression. Session two contains the altered-state sound with a gentle metaphysical body relaxation induction, which directs you to manifest etheric electricity.

    Higher-Self Altered-State Explorations
    Your Higher Self is an all-knowing level of consciousness. Session one is a directed Higher-Self session. You are directed to explore Higher Self and perceive information. Session two is an open Higher Self session in which you focus on a question you want answered. Then you’ll be guided up into Higher Self to conduct your own
    in-depth session.

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  33. Asthma, an Integrated Approach

    Asthma, an Integrated Approach

    How to Treat and Manage Asthma Through Complimentary,
     Alternative and Orthodox Methods!

    In Asthma, an integrated approach, one of the world’s leading health and wellbeing authors, Barefoot Doctor, explores orthodox methodologies and some powerful alternatives to treating and managing Asthma.

    This 2 DVD set explains all about Asthma, its causes, its history and various ways of treating it. You’ll also learn how to research your own condition and decide on the orthodox and alternative methods you can use to help yourself.

    Asthma is a chronic condition involving the respiratory system in which the airways occasionally constrict, become inflamed, and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one or more triggers.

    These episodes may be triggered by such things as exposure to an environmental stimulant such as:

    • Allergens, Environmental emissions, Tobacco smoke
    • Cold or warm air, Perfume, Pet dander
    • Moist air, Exercise or exertion, Emotional stress

    In children, the most common triggers are viral illnesses such as those that cause the common cold. This airway narrowing causes symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. The airway constriction responds to bronchodilators.

    Between episodes, most patients feel well but can have mild symptoms and they may remain short of breath after exercise for longer periods of time than the unaffected individual.

    The symptoms of asthma, which can range from mild to life threatening, can usually, be controlled with a combination of drugs and environmental changes. Public attention in the developed world has recently focused on asthma because of its rapidly increasing prevalence, affecting up to one in four urban children.

    In Asthma, an integrated approach we take a look at:

    • Acupuncture, Environmental medicine, Electromagnetic Therapy
    • Nutritional medicine, Chi Gung, Herbal medicine
    • Provocation neutralisation, Breathing, Kairos
    • Biaura, Sea spray therapy, Buteyko

    Featuring some of the world’s foremost experts, Asthma, an integrated approach covers topics including:

    • Diet, Allergies, Food sensitivities
    • Sick Building Syndrome, The environment, Candida Yeast
    • Moulds, Mytoxins, Organic Food
    • Stress, Emotions, Heavy Metals, The Neck

    This two DVD set is presented by and features Barefoot Doctor.
    Other authorities featured are Dr Mosaraf Ali, Dr Jean Monro, Dr George Lewith, Dr John Mansfield, Dr Jagjit Singh, Archna Patel, Tom Chapman, Jonathan Welbeck Pure, Dr Vladimir Jovanich, Alister Monro, Professor Dame Julia Polak, Professor Michael Patton, John Tindall, Jody Scheckter, Dan Kahn, Katherine G. Benstead, Caroline Gladding and Kathy Lethbridge.

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  34. Genius Code

    Genius Code

    "Amplify your genius and increase your intelligence!"

    This groundbreaking ImageStreaming process opens a secret passageway to the dynamic resources of your brain, and it is easily within your reach. Use it, and feel brighter, clearer, calmer, more confident, and happier than you do at present! Take it farther, and achieve greatness.

    From the beginning you will find it infinitely easier to:

    • Make your 6th Sense as available and expedient as your other five senses
    • Attain absolute self-confidence in all you do
    • Solve any personal or professional problem with startling creativity
    • Accelerate the speed of learning anything
    • Achieve your goals using your own immense support
    • Experience every moment as perfectly rewarding

    Have you ever made a decision that turned out to be a disaster?

    Have you had a hunch that you did not honor, only to learn later that it could have:

    • made you a lot of money,
    • introduced you to someone who could have benefited you, or
    • initiated other extraordinary consequences?

    Have you ever been stuck for ideas at work?

    Because your brain is designed to send you messages, you can direct it to send particular kinds of messages to solve problems or give you insight. Such as...

    Have you ever wished you had had an idea that would have made a fortune in the dot com boom?

    Gain mental power by using speed and surprise to outfox your conscious mind.

    Earlier I mentioned mental exercises. You can use two—"Thresholding" and "Over the Wall"—to see answers in advance of the conscious mind. That's right. You can get solutions to problems before you consciously recognize them. This stops your logic from sabotaging what is best for you. These clever exercises make problem solving nearly effortless and automatic and their outcomes wise and successful.

    You only have to do the exercises a few times to receive automatic and permanent value. This is not like the eternal work of building your muscles where you have to keep pumping three times a week forever. And, you can revisit the exercises when you need especially sharp insights to challenges that crop up in your life.

    Clear communication channels to and from the inner mind to improve problem solving and increase intuition.

    For many people the impressions of the ImageStream are cluttered with static such as what you might see on TV. Thankfully, two other mental exercises called "Hidden Question" and "High Think Tank" get the noise and interference out of the communication lines between the conscious and the genius mind. The result is like installing a high-speed DSL line to access the web. It improves problem solving and increases the speed of getting intuitive and creative insights.

    Have psychic experiences!

    Another mental exercise of the Genius Code is the "Psi-Pothesis," which stimulates provocative, near-psychic abilities.

    Win and Paul will also help you connect to the ImageStream during sleep and use dreaming as a means to creative insight and rapid personal development.

    (Are you beginning to see how this course might help you bypass limitations while increasing your reach to greater levels of sharpness, insight, and overall intelligence?!)

    Borrow Genius from others to make leaps in your performance.

    You'll love "Borrowed Genius." You can get into the head of an expert or a genius in any field you want and view your problem, opportunity, or situation from the expert's point of view. Talk about breakthrough perspectives!

    Borrow the genius of Paul Scheele to read with lightning speed. Borrow the genius of Chunyi Lin to help heal others. ...of Tiger Woods to play better golf. ...of Brian Tracy to become a super salesperson. ...of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to handle a crisis. ...of Itzhak Perlman to appreciate and make music. And on and on. There is no limit to what you can do and be.

    A related exercise, "Advanced Civilization," can stimulate mighty bursts of creativity. If you ever think, "I can't possibly do ______," use this exercise. Inevitably, you will discover how to do it. This mental exercise gets you thinking outside of any box!

    Supercharge your PhotoReading with ImageStreaming.

    Perhaps you know that Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, developed the "PhotoReading whole mind system." With PhotoReading you tap into your brain's ability to process large volumes of information at fabulous speeds. Dip into the ImageStream and learn virtually any skill through simply PhotoReading books. Beyond reading for knowledge -- you can read to learn skills. ImageStreaming turbo-boosts this direct learning application of PhotoReading.

    Paul teaches the basics of PhotoReading in Genius Code, so you immediately can apply direct learning to a skill you want, such as:

    • Improve productivity at work.
    • Increase sports performance such as tennis and golf.
    • Refine woodcarving, cooking, gardening, or any other hobby.
    • Build communications skills.
    • You are brighter than you think!

    You have astounding brain potential waiting to be tapped.

    When Paul first came into my office to ask my opinion about collaborating with Win Wenger on a new program, I got so excited, I could barely think straight.

    I have been a great fan of Win's since I learned of his work more than ten years ago. I have read his books, listened to his tapes, and found keen benefit in my experiences with his techniques. "But," I told Paul, "You have to do something to make his processes practical and useable for everyone."

    Paul, in all of his brilliance, succeeded. Paul and Win created a course that even goes beyond the genius of Win's book, "The Einstein Factor". We considered calling the course, "Beyond the Einstein Factor", but their collaboration led to a learning breakthrough that necessitated the name Genius Code.

    You see, the course not only exposes you to the strategies of genius that exemplify the great minds of all times but also leads you to interpret the messages of your ImageStream to actualize your own desired outcomes.

    Is it complicated? No, it is simple, in the way that great things explained often are. It is even as easy as daydreaming. This program is a treasure box of childlike techniques that most anyone can master by simply flowing along with Paul and Win at the helm. It does not matter whether you are a high school student or a Rhodes Scholar, a housewife or a retired grandpa, a businessman or a scientist, a store clerk or an auto mechanic, you can benefit from playing in your own ImageStream.

    The course is as wise as it is profound. And also smart, intriguing, and fun. I had several "a-ha" experiences while playing with the techniques; and I am sure you will, too, plus some really practical results:

    How I saved thousands and why this course may be one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

    I am building an earth-sheltered home in the country. Upon waking one morning, I suddenly realized that the builders were using outdated blueprints. I immediately called, faxed, and emailed the contractor. Sure enough, the plans were in error. Had my message gotten to them two days later, it would have been too late to fix the problem without huge expense.

    Dana Hanson, one of our coaches, noticed a spring on the laundry room floor and thought nothing of it. A couple of weeks later the machine quit working. He immediately saw images of springs bouncing out of the machine, which led him instantly to the cause.

    Those are two mild examples of responding to inner messages. While everyone has had similar instances, using Genius Code positively emits realizations again and again. You see, the messages are always there, but you usually ignore them. By using Genius Code, responding to your inner messages becomes commonplace.

    And while saving a few thousand dollars on a house or fixing a washing machine may not seem extraordinary, solutions like that certainly make life easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Would you like something more exciting?

    Did you ever hear how the inventor of the sewing machine dreamed of savages throwing spears with holes in their tips? He woke up realizing that a hole in the tip of the needle was the key to making an automatic sewing machine.

    Or, as a self-improvement enthusiast, you might be familiar with the Sound & Light machine. The inventor, Dr. Denis Gorges, conceived the idea while ImageStreaming in a workshop with Win Wenger back in 1977.

    £149.95 Select
  35. Mentally Fit Forever

    Mentally Fit Forever

    Millions of Americans over 40 have a secret fear—that their memory isn’t what it used to be ... that they may be slipping into the first stages of an inevitable slide toward forgetfulness, fumbling for names or facts, muddled thinking, and eventually the “S” word—senility. They have good reason to fear. Over 50 percent of Americans over the age of 60 experience some loss of mental acuity including Alzheimer’s disease.

    And yet scientific research is proving that it doesn’t have to be that way! The reality is that you can be sharper as you age, if you start now to care for that most important of all organs, your brain. And even more exciting news—if you are already experiencing memory loss, you can do what hundreds of others have already done—reverse the process!

    Many of us fear something that is no longer true—you can grow smarter as you grow older. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of age-related memory loss, nor do you have to be the proverbial 90-pound weakling at the Scrabble table. You can build your brain power and be Mentally Fit Forever!

    It’s easy to train the mind! With the recommendations you’ll find from psychologist and mind expert Dr. Lee Pulos, you’ll discover not only how to recognize failing or fading cognitive skills, but how to enrich and amplify your natural brain power.

    Mentally Fit Forever is not a program for building your memory in the traditional sense. There are no mnemonic devices, in fact, there is no system at all to memorize! The program focuses specifically on the physiology of the brain and overall brain health.

    In Mentally Fit Forever, you’ll discover the secrets that will allow you to:
    • Eliminate fears about getting older and discover your true potential
    • Use whole-brain thinking to prolong mental fitness
    • Using supplements to tame stress-induced free radicals from causing tissue damage
    • Enhance your thinking skills with mental strengthening exercises
    • Discover a new generation of powerful anti-oxidants, body de-toxifiers, and certain hormones that enhance brain function
    • Improve your mind and body to attain peak performance
    • Achieve and maintain emotional balance and stress-free living
    • Maximize your power to learn and retain new information
    • Sharpen your memory with proven techniques
    • Master the characteristics of mentally flexible people
    • And much more!

    For years Americans have been bombarded by programs for weight-loss, heart health, nutrition, and exercise for a healthy body. But this is the first program of its kind that talks about your single most important physical asset your brain.
    £71.44 Select
  36. Happy For No Reason

    Happy For No Reason

    Happiness is The Secret to the Law of Attraction!

    Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret wrote:

    "I want to let you in on a secret to The Secret. The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now! It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want into your life."

    You may have seen Marci Shimoff in The Secret DVD. Marci is an undisputed expert on the Law of Attraction. Like Rhonda, she knows that happiness is a powerful attractor. She knows that happiness helps draw to you whatever you want.

    That's how Marci became a #1 New York Times best-selling author. People have purchased more than 13 million copies of her books. That is extraordinary considering that most books never sell more than 2,500 copies. She is a mega successful author who knows that happiness is the secret to life.

    And she knows how to help anyone -- yes, including YOU! -- quickly become happier, and remain happy for the rest of your life. And that's what you get in her Happy for No Reason course. In fact, one magazine declared, "Happiness is the newest fashion." People are finally figuring out that it isn't the new flat screen TV, or the iPhone, or the new wardrobe that makes you happy.

    It's the old chicken/egg thing. And happiness definitely came first. From her research, Marci discovered that to be happier, everything you need is inside you -- and she gives you the simple instructions on how to use it. When you are happy, you are likely to live longer. You are more emotionally healthy, physically healthy, creative, energetic, compassionate, and successful!

    In Marci's course you will take a test of 21 questions to determine your level of happiness. You'll then be given a practical 7-step strategy to increase your level
    of happiness.

    £134.95 Select
  37. Diabetes, an Integrated Approach

    Diabetes, an Integrated Approach

    In Diabetes, an Integrated Approach, one of the world’s leading health and wellbeing authors, Barefoot Doctor, explores orthodox methodologies and some powerful alternatives to treating and managing Diabetes.

    This DVD set explains what diabetes is and also what treatments are available both mainstream and also some alternatives that have proven very successful for many people. Things like acupuncture, diet, herbal medicines, breathing, heat treatment, yoga, homeopathy and many more.

    There are most commonly two types of diabetes:

    Type 1.
    Type 1 diabetes develops if the body is unable to produce any insulin. This type of diabetes usually appears before the age of 40. Type 1 diabetes is the least common of the two main types and accounts for between 5 – 15% of all people with diabetes.

    Type 2.
    Type 2 diabetes develops when the body can still make some insulin, but not enough, or when the insulin that is produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance). In most cases this is linked with being overweight. This type of diabetes usually appears in people over the age of 40, though in South Asian and African-Caribbean people often appears after the age of 25. However, recently, more children are being diagnosed with the condition, some as young as seven. Type 2 diabetes is the most common of the two main types and accounts for between 85 - 95% of all people with diabetes.

    There are currently over 2.5 million people with diabetes in the UK and there are more than half a million people with diabetes who have the condition and don’t know it (Source www.diabetes.org.uk)

    The signs and symptoms of Diabetes are:

    • Increased thirst
    • Going to the loo (for a wee) all the time – especially at night
    • Extreme tiredness
    • Weight loss
    • Blurred vision
    • Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush
    • Slow healing of wounds

    In Type 1 diabetes the signs and symptoms will usually be very obvious, developing quickly, usually over a few weeks.

    Although Diabetes cannot be "cured" it can be treated very successfully:

    Type 1 diabetes is treated by insulin injections and a healthy diet, and regular exercise is recommended. Insulin cannot be taken by mouth because it is destroyed by the digestive juices in the stomach. People with this type of diabetes commonly take either two or four injections of insulin each day. If you have Type 1 diabetes, your insulin injections are vital to keep you alive and you must have them every day.

    Type 2 diabetes is treated with lifestyle changes such as:

    • A healthier diet
    • Weight loss
    • Increased physical activity

    Tablets and/or insulin may also be required to achieve normal blood glucose levels. There are several kinds of tablets for people with Type 2 diabetes. Some kinds help your pancreas to produce more insulin. Other kinds help your body to make better use of the insulin that your pancreas does produce. Another type of tablet slows down the speed at which the body absorbs glucose from the intestine. Your doctor will decide with you which kinds of tablet are going to work best for you and may prescribe more than one kind. Type 2 diabetes is progressive. If your diabetes cannot be controlled through lifestyle changes and tablets your doctor may recommend that you take insulin injections.

    In people with Type 2 diabetes the signs and symptoms will not be so obvious or even non-existent in people with Type 2 diabetes. If you’re older you may put the symptoms down to ‘getting on a bit’. Taking early action is key so if any of the symptoms apply to you, ask your GP for a diabetes test.

    In both types of diabetes, the symptoms are quickly relieved once the diabetes is treated. Early treatment will also reduce the chances of developing serious health problems.

    The main aim of treatment of both types of diabetes is to achieve blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels as near to normal as possible. This, together with a healthy lifestyle, will help to improve wellbeing and protect against long-term damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and major arteries.

    In Diabetes, an Integrated Approach some of the world's foremost leaders in their fields discuss the benefits of alternative medicine to assist in the treatment of Diabetes and it's benefits.

    They are Dr Mosaraf Ali, Dr Jeam Monro, Dr George Lewith, Dr John Mnasfield, Archna Patel, Tom Chapman, Jonathan Welbeck Pure, Alistair Monro, Professor Dame Julia Polak, Professor Michael Patton, John Tindall, Jody Scheckter, Dan Kahn, Caroline Cladding and Kathy Lethbridge.

    Presented by Barefoot Doctor.

    £14.95 Select
  38. Mental Toughness Training

    Mental Toughness Training

    Here's a total mind/body training program that teaches you how to alter your brain and body chemistry so you can move from low energy, anxiety and negative emotions to an 'Ideal Performance State' in a matter of minutes. Mental Toughness Training is a revolutionary program that utilizes breakthrough discoveries in the sciences of biochemistry, brain physiology, psychology and medicine. It's an amazing program that trains you to access the Ideal Performance State by showing you exactly how the mind and body work together. As a result, you will train yourself to control your mind/body connection instead of letting it dictate you.

    There's no longer any reason for mediocre performance. The path to your personal best is clear-cut and scientific.
    £71.44 Select
  39. Training the Mind, Healing the Body

    Training the Mind, Healing the Body

    Over the past ten years, mind body medicine has been revolutionizing the way we think about our health. Millions of people are discovering that their thoughts, their feelings, and their physical well being are intimately connected- and this is transforming the way we eat, exercise, work, and even relate to one another.

    Since the time of the ancient Greeks, Western medicine has looked at the body from a materialistic perspective, and approached every problem with a material-based solution such as drugs and surgery. But, through the insights of Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and other pioneers of mind body medicine, it’s become evident that if we want to change who we are, we need to simply move in new directions, open our experiences to new interpretations, and awaken our senses to the new perceptions that await us.

    Training the Mind, Healing the Body offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to all aspects of the mind body connection, including insights drawn from the Indian life science Ayurveda as well as from the latest research from the West. During this 24 session program, you’ll become thoroughly familiar with the philosophical foundations of mind body health care, you’ll also learn how to:
    • Integrate the healing traditions of the East with the latest practical discoveries of Western science
    • Change the way you eat-or even when you eat-to create greater mental and physical energy
    • Sleep well every night
    • Identify what makes you uniquely different from anyone who has ever lived as well as what you share with all of humanity
    • Exercise better, not harder
    • Enter the silent spaces between your thoughts to create a rejuvenating sense of alertness
    • Understand how the process of disease really works, and how you can break the progression that leads to illness
    • Use your heart as well as your brain to make insightful choices and accurate life decisions
    • Increase your personal efficiency by discovering the best times of day for mental and physical activities
    • Discover the intimate connection between your physical body and your emotional and spiritual well-being.

    In the more than ten years that they’ve worked together, Dr. Simon and Deepak Chopra have developed a shared vision of what good health means and how to place it within the reach of every human being. Training the Mind, Healing the Body is the full realization of
    that vision.

    £96.95 Select
  40. Optimal Health

    Optimal Health

    Achieve Mind/Body Mastery!

    Science now knows that the mind and body are interconnected to an extent far surpassing previous assumptions and that physical health and emotional well-being are closely linked. The stress of everyday life—often marked by extended working hours, unhealthy environments, greater demands, and chaotic commutes—presents a formidable challenge to the state of good health, optimal health.

    Optimal health transcends the mere absence of disease. It is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being—what athletes call the Ideal Performance State—in which calmness, energy, humor, confidence, and focus prevail.

    This revolutionary program will show you how to use nutrition, exercise, and even acting techniques to enjoy optimal health and quality living. You’ll also learn how to:

    • Empower yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically
    • Strengthen your immune, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems
    • Make the food-mood connection and use it to your advantage
    • Implement alternatives to mainstream drugs and supplements
    • Determine your ideal menu choices
    • Transform negative emotions and influences into powerful, positive ones for a happier, more productive life
    • Increase your motivation and self-confidence for greater personal effectiveness
    • Use relaxation techniques that can spare you stress and possibly even save
      your life

    There exists within each of us an internal healing system capable of transforming our bodies and minds. To access it, you need to recognize and use the relationships between your emotions, stress level, and immune system.

    Optimal Health will show you how to use your internal healing system to overcome the unhealthy conditions in today’s world and, better yet, to achieve your Ideal Performance State every day.

    £71.44 Select
  41. Universal Mind Power

    Universal Mind Power

    Maximize the incredible power within you

    Universal Mind Power is a revolutionary approach for using the unlimited power of the mind to transform your life. Based on the established Silva Method — which, for decades, has benefitted millions of people worldwide — it will put you in touch with your ideal self: the truly creative, loving, and successful person you were meant to be.

    This program is packed with techniques and methods designed to help you assert more mental control in all areas of your life. You’ll learn how to:

    • Quickly and easily tap into the "ideal state"
    • Empower your subconscious and access help from a higher intelligence
    • Create a compelling future for yourself, free from stress and self-limiting habits
    • Enhance wellness and banish illness from your body and mind
    • Use your mind’s power to create wealth and prosperity
    • Establish more positive relationships and career moves
    • Maximize your multi-faceted intelligence
    • And more!

    Begin developing your mind power today with the Silva Method, and soon you will be living your life to the fullest, discovering all you can become. Once you are, nothing will be beyond your grasp!

    £81.65 Select
  42. The Jewels of Enlightenment

    The Jewels of Enlightenment

    The first part of this program contains twenty-four Jewels of Enlightenment comprising real life training in the philosophy of joy in the Taoist idiom.

    You'll receive a treasure chest full of jewels - 24 in total. Each is equally important because each one is designed to enhance how you view the world and how the world views you.

    Here's a brief glance at all 24:

    Jewel # 1: Notice What's Happening - Rediscover where you are, what you are, what you are thinking about, and how you think about it.
    Jewel # 2: Stop Fighting - Stop trying to fight and change what you're feeling. Accept it and your life will evolve.
    Jewel # 3: Accept What Is - Discover just how to be in the success zone by accepting where you are.
    Jewel # 4: Breathe/Participate - How your breathe determines how fulfilled your life
    will be.
    Jewel # 5: Relax/Soften - Best way to prepare yourself to respond to everything life has to offer.
    Jewel # 6: Observe Don't Judge - Keep moving forward without fear. Set yourself up to receive the best in life.
    Jewel # 7: Connect With All - Keep your vitality flowing internally. Stay alive and stay in the adventure.
    Jewel # 8: Feel the Tao - Embrace the Tao in everything you do. It's big.
    Jewel # 9: Trust the Tao - The more faith you put into the Tao, the more you can rely on it to provide all your needs.
    Jewel # 10: Accept Responsibility - Accept and love your life for everything it is and everything it isn't.
    Jewel # 11: Choose What You Want - Learn to express what you want and the Tao will take you there.
    Jewel # 12: Ask and Know It Is Given - Take aim at your most profound joy. Determine what needs will get you there.
    Jewel # 13: Open Yourself to Receive - Learn how to ask, how to relax, and know it will be given.
    Jewel # 14: Don't Disturb the Flow - There's a right way and a wrong way to complete your manifestation.
    Jewel # 15: Follow the Flow - Discover how there are no limits on what you can receive.
    Jewel # 16: Deal with the Swing - You'll experience negative and positive phases. Here lie the instructions.
    Jewel # 17: Be Supple - Life will push you, challenge you. Learn how to bounce back every time.
    Jewel # 18: Always be Willing to Lose All - You truly have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
    Jewel # 19: Be Willing to Gain All - Realise how to make what you want come to you with greater ease and speed.
    Jewel # 20: Be Willing to Be Wrong About Everything - Accept that you could be wrong and you invite a more relaxed, stress-free existence.
    Jewel # 21: Remember Death is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy - Fully enjoy and embrace every second you have on Earth.
    Jewel # 22: Be Ordinary - Without being ordinary, you can lose perspective and personal power.
    Jewel # 23: Let Everything be Ordinary - The extremes in your life will balance each other out.
    Jewel # 24: Give Thanks .. give thanks to your life, your health, your
    opportunities .. everything!

    What I share with you is far more important than simple ideas, strategies, and tips. They are grounded in the ancient Tao philosophy. They've been carefully cultivated, then polished and perfected. They are mutifaceted by bringing you improvements throughout every corner of your life. They are - in every sense of the word - jewels.

    How exactly will these 24 Jewels of Enlightenment improve your life?
    Here's a glimpse ...

    • Shape your own reality - What is it that you want out of life? Harmony and peace. Pleasure and total fulfillment. Prosperity and wealth. Discover precisely how
      to do it.
    • Just a subtle difference in how you breathe can mean the difference in how confident you are, your level of happiness, and even how much you're capable
      of earning.
    • Experience an astonishing must-try phenomenon that dissolves your stress. Simply touch this part of your body, produce a few unique sounds, and suddenly, anxiety, fear, and stress are replaced by a soothing calmness.
    • What you probably do that you are unaware of that invites fear into your life. It restricts your joint movements as well as blood flow. It doesn't have to ... the remedy is a snap!
    • How to ask the Tao for anything (and everything) you want. Health, wealth, vitality, strength, love, warmth - something as specific as a 20 percent increase in pay. Or something as important as new confidence and clarity.
    • Together, we unlock the keys to securing your manifestation. Simply asking the Tao for what you want doesn't guarantee you will receive it. But I'll make sure you have every opportunity to get it with this technique.
    • Something miraculous happens when you relax the back of your neck! Don't miss Jewel 14 - its message as well as its exercises will prove momentous!
    • How are you blocking your energy field around your heart without realising it?
      Unblock the energy, and what you want comes to you with greater ease
      and swiftness.
    • We mistakenly believe that death is our worst enemy. It's not. I teach you why you should not only accept your impending death - but embrace it, every one of your days on Earth can be bliss.

    Just close your eyes and imagine. Imagine being able to move through life manifesting what you need without effort. Maintaining a state of calmness in your body. Being healthy, being strong, being positive-minded. Full of respect and love; humour and enjoyment. Your life unfolds from one miracle to the next. You're never thrown off balance by things seeming to go against you. These 24 jewels from my program The Jewels of Enlightenment help make all of this possible. And very likely.

    The School for Warriors 8 DVD set

    School for Warriors is my eight week DVD training course in the principles of personal power. These are the underlying principles behind all Taoist practice. The way that I put them across in these DVD's is the result of thirty five years of studying and teaching these techniques. Here is a brief glance at whats covered:

    Principle Of Personal Powers 1-8:

    1. Intro and becoming a unified force
    2. Mindful breathing
    3. Optimising posture
    4. Proper relaxation
    5. Sinking the weight
    6. Centre brain awareness
    7. Opening the heart
    8. Connecting to the Tao

    You get a film for each of the exercises and all you have to do is follow along. By the end of eight weeks, your life will have gone through a complete radical transformation.

    1. 8 School for Warrios DVD's (one per week each split into daily lessons)
    2. School for Warriors Workbook (makes the information on the DVD's habit forming)

    Combine this with the 24 Jewels and you'll be literally skipping along with delight with the results of what you're doing. But to make it even more powerful the third part of my program is my Tai Chi Workout.

    Tai Chi Workout DVD

    This Tai Chi Workout DVD contains the workout I do myself everyday and have done for decades now, and it's the most fantastic system of very simple exercises. You don't work up a sweat, you don't need to wear special clothes, you don't have to make any effort whatsoever. The exercises are so easy that the momentum carries you along. And by the time you've gone through all the system, which takes about eighteen minutes, you'll feel completely refreshed, strong, healthy and in a good mood. These really work and they provide a perfect opportunity to experience the true joy that comes from the Jewels
    in action.

    The great thing about Tai Chi is that when you start practicing it as a form of exercise, you start to naturally use it in your everyday life as you go about your daily business. It brings joy and the Taoist principles into play in every moment of your life, so you become perpetually enlightened in a state of bliss. You can't wish for more than that, can you?

    1. Tai Chi Workout DVD (you're 18 minutes away from feeling completely refreshed, strong and focused - I've done it everyday for decades).
    2. Tai Chi Workout Workbook (keep your progress on track)

    Through The Jewels of Enlightenment, School for Warriors, Tai Chi Workout, you'll have an advantage that will stay with you every waking day - a complete organic training system.

    £249.95 Select
  43. Meditate


    On this fantastic DVD, Meditate, BAREFOOT DOCTOR
     will dispel all the mysteries surrounding meditation.

    The Barefoot Doctor will show you how to meditate and why you should meditate. He will explain to you how meditation has affected his life and being for the better and how, if you follow his easy instructions, you too could be living the life you deserve. Free of mumbo jumbo, robes or leotards, Meditate makes meditation easy to understand and practice, so giving you the balance and harmony you really want in your life.

    On this DVD you will learn:

    • How to relax and feel calm and in command.
    • How to generate a feeling of power and energy.
    • How to visualise yourself in the state you really want to be in and then,
      how to get there and become that state.
    • How to put more meaning and love into your relationships.
    • How to draw into yourself and feel inner calm and confidence.
    • How to give yourself positive commands just when you need them.
    • How to relax and overcome the stresses of everyday life.
    • How to enjoy each and every minute to the maximum, come what may.
    • And much, much more.
    £24.95 Select
  44. Arthritis, an Integrated Approach

    Arthritis, an Integrated Approach

    Where complementary, alternative and orthodox
     practices meet, we have integration!

    In Arthritis, an Integrated Approach we explore orthodox methodologies and some powerful and effacious alternatives including:

    • Acupuncture
    • Environmental medicine
    • Electromagnetic therapy
    • Nutritional medicine
    • Chi gung
    • Herbal medicine
    • Provocation neutralisation
    • Breathing
    • Massage
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Homeopathy
    • Kairos
    • Biaura
    • Sea spray therapy
    • Buteyko

    Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Most people with arthritis will experience pain and difficulty moving around. Over nine million people in the UK have arthritis and, like them, you can take control of your symptoms and continue to have a good quality of life.

    There are over 200 kinds of rheumatic diseases – the word rheumatic means aches and pains in joints, bones and muscles. Two of the most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    In this DVD presented by Barefoot Doctor they discuss alternative complimentary options to help manage arthritis and its effects.

    Featuring options and opinion from Dr Mosaraf Ali, Dr Jean Monro, Dr George Lewith, Dr John Mansfield, Dr Jagjit Singh, Archna Patel, Tom Chapman, Jonathan Wellbeck Pure, Dr Vladimir Jovanich, Alister Monro, Professor Dame Julia Polak, Professor Michael Patton, John Tindall, Jody Scheckter, Dan Khan, Katherine g. Benstead, Caroline Cladding and Kathy Lethbridge.

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  45. Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

    Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

    The must-have classic on the fundamentals of successful living!

    Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone were two of the most inspiring, motivating figures of the 20th century personal development movement. In this, their legendary collaboration, these two icons present a formula for successful living that is unsurpassed in its simplicity, practicality, and power.

    Once you listen to this program, you will understand and believe in, as never before, the extraordinary power of your own mind to shape, determine and change the outer circumstances of your life. What’s more, you will discover easy, extremely effective ways to control and maximize this power — and create exactly the life you wish to live. A life of success, wealth, prosperity, and true abundance in every area.

    Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude has influenced the lives of countless men and women around the world. No achievement-minded person should be without this classic, foundational treatise on personal success.

    £89.95 Select
  46. The Urban Warrior's Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks!

    The Urban Warrior's Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks!

    Use the world’s oldest supreme wisdom to break the trance of the everyday world and …

    • Realize who you really are

    • Take divine power over your life and your circumstances

    • Enjoy happiness, deep relaxation, and unstressed success at all levels

    • Walk in bliss, have fun – and be BETTER LOOKING TOO!

    For more than 2000 years, the Tao, or “The Way”, has been recognized as one of the most profound and powerful systems available for achieving a clear, balanced, focused and happy mind.

    The Urban Warrior’s Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks! will show you how to use the world’s oldest supreme wisdom to operate with maximum effectiveness in the 21 st century.

    Under the guidance of the world-renowned Barefoot Doctor, you will learn how to:

    • Visualize events you want to happen in a way that actually makes them happen

    • Give yourself positive commands (not just “positive thinking,” but something much deeper, because you do it from the center of your mind) so you are always focused and powerful

    • Jump over hurdles and hindrances previously posed by other people and by circumstances

    • Understand how to divine the life you truly want, and then manifest it into abundant reality

    • Heal yourself and make yourself strong, by applying specific preventative healing energies to your five vital organs

    • Balance the three competing psychic chambers of your body, and so become the harmonious master of your own mind

    • Become physically attractive to others, as the increased Chi (or life) Energy flowing through your face gives you effortless charisma with everyone you meet

    • And much more!

    £71.44 Select
  47. The New Courtship After Marraige

    The New Courtship After Marraige

    In our hurried and self-centered culture, the real
     work required to keep love alive is often ignored!

    We live in an era where "We just don't love each other anymore" is considered grounds for divorce, and frequently the consequences of ending a marriage are minimized. We've all heard the overwhelming statistics.

    Zig Ziglar recognizes the importance of building a relationship that can stand the test of time and the pressures from society to become a strong, firm foundation for the entire family. In The New Courtship After Marriage, Zig teaches couples how a warm, loving, respectful commitment can stay and even grow stronger throughout the years.

    Zig and his beautiful wife Jean ("the redhead" as he affectionately calls her) have been married for more than 50 years. In this audio book, Zig shares his personal experience, the ups and downs that he has encountered in his own marriage, and how these experiences have strengthened his marriage beyond what even he dreamed possible.

    Zig's practical advice offers a positive alternative to the grass-is-greener thinking that permeates our culture today and that forces couples to give up when there is actually still much hope for their relationship. Zig teaches couples how to focus on their own marriage and invest themselves in simple, effective strategies that can make their marriage everything it was meant to be. Strategies that have stood the test of time and the stresses and pressures we all face day-to-day.

    In this updated version of Zig Ziglar's Courtship After Marriage, you'll learn to:

    • Build a foundation of pure trust through communication and love
    • Settle differences fairly when arguments arise
    • Ignite (or reignite) the spark in your sex life
    • Give total support to each other through good times and bad
    • Develop commitment to your spouse
    • Find that true love is always there, right in front of you

    The romance never has to fade. You don't have to settle for a mediocre marriage or figure that things will never change. Above all, you don't need to look elsewhere for happiness and fulfillment. You can make your marriage the one you always dreamed of.

    Whether you've been married one year, five years, or 50 years, like Zig and Jean, The New Courtship After Marriage will show you that you can have it all. With a little work and a lot of love, you will discover or rediscover your best friend - your spouse. You'll find that you can have love that will last a lifetime.

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  48. Get Abundance

    Get Abundance

    How would you like to be the center of a massive outpouring of wealth, innovation, success, and prosperity… the force behind a wave of abundance that rolls over your friends, family, and associates?

    Now you can be!

    Despite what the pessimists say, we live in an era of exponential growth and abundance. Astonishing new technologies are driving a new world where the unimaginable is being imagined and turned into reality.

    In this optimistic yet realistic program, X PRIZE Foundation chairman and Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis and his team of experts provide dozens of ideas, techniques, and strategies you can apply to your life, business, or career to accelerate your progress in line with these compelling advances.

    In this thrilling antidote to today’s dark pessimism, Peter downloads to you his exhaustive research and extensive interviews with top scientists, innovators, and captains of industry to explore today’s most important emerging forces. He examines the stunning impact these forces are having on categories of critical importance, while also establishing hard targets and a plan for change.

    Providing abundance — for yourself, your family and the world — is your single greatest challenge. But there will be no end to the abundance and wealth of those who capitalize on today’s new and emerging technologies.

    Rise to the occasion of today’s magnificent, unprecedented opportunities with this extraordinary and timely program!

    £99.95 Select
  49. The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment

    The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment

    In The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment, Dan Millman connects the heart of spiritual teachings with the practical realities of daily life.

    He provides down-to-earth perspectives on everyday issues like money, sex, relationships … unraveling the mysteries of body, mind, and emotions to make the spiritual ascent simple and attainable.

    Favoring practical outcomes over abstract philosophy, Dan Millman provides sound advice so that, entered one by one, each of the 12 Gateways frees your attention to see the Spirit everywhere, everyday, in everyone and everything — leading you to a realistic practice of everyday enlightenment.

    Here is an opportunity to gain deep insight into the meaning of life. Whether you’re looking to find your true life-calling or a greater sense of awareness, The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment: 12 Gateways to Your Spiritual Growth will help illuminate your journey toward a richer, more meaningful life.

    In The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment, you’ll learn how to:

    Clarify the higher purpose of your everyday life.
    Develop a will of iron and turn knowledge into action.
    Energize and rejuvenate your body.
    Overcome fears and fully immerse yourself in life.
    Open the gateway to enlightenment by practicing compassion and gratitude.
    And much more!

    £81.65 Select
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