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Sales Training

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  1. The Psychology of Selling

    The Psychology of Selling

    How would you like to triple your
     income in just 12 months?

    That’s the incredible promise legendary sales mastermind Brian Tracy makes in this “graduate level” sales training program — one of the best, most comprehensive programs of its kind ever produced.

    Selling is an inner game,” Brian states, “and the difference between top performers and average ones is not as great as you might think. Top performers just do certain things a little bit better each day.” In these 12 sessions, you’ll learn the field-tested techniques that will give YOU that critical edge, so you can blow the roof off your closing rate and your commissions. In this landmark program, you’ll discover:

    • Why the top 20 percent of salespeople earn 16 times the average of the rest

    • The ten characteristics of superior salespeople

    • The psychology of buying

    • How to break a prospect’s preoccupation

    • Why goal setting is a key to sales success

    • Six ways to increase effectiveness

    • How to deal with a prospect’s nine most common objections

    • The Law of Six and how it can help you

    • And so much more!

    Armed with the proven skills you’ll master in this program, you’ll get to the top fast and stay there forever — and be able to easily sell your way through tough economic times, personal slumps, and increased competition.

    All it takes to reach the stratosphere of sales success is desire, commitment, and specialized knowledge. You provide the first two, and let Brian Tracy supply the rest.

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  2. Close the Deal

    Close the Deal

    Close the Deal presents you with a revolutionary, yet remarkably simple, 7-Step System for regaining control, removing pressure, and ultimately closing more sales and generating more profit than you ever will by using those tired old-school techniques.

    The Sandler 7-Step System is based on the fundamental principle that the most successful selling experience is one that is completely pressure-free — both for the prospect and for you.

    If you’re feeling abused or pressured by your prospect, you’re doing something wrong. You should never have to forfeit your self-respect or fake enthusiasm about your product in order to make a sale. Likewise, your prospect should never feel manipulated by you. In fact, the buyers should be the ones to close the sale. Your role should be to help them help themselves.

    Everyone out on the front lines of selling knows that the traditional techniques that salespeople have relied on for decades just don’t work anymore. They’re worn-out, dated, and increasingly irrelevant in today’s radically changing marketplace.

    Worst of all, these techniques put control of a sales call exactly where you don’t want it — into your prospect’s hands. You can bet that any prospect worth closing can spot these worn-out tactics a mile away and will be on the defensive before your presentation even begins.

    In Close the Deal, you’ll discover proven sales techniques that will help you reach this ideal and far more profitable level of selling.

    The Sandler Selling System has been called “The best-kept sales secret in America,” because for years, it was only available through the Institute itself and its franchisees nationwide. Now, at last, these revolutionary techniques are directly available to you.

    If you want to gain a substantial edge over your competitors, make more money selling than you’re making right now, and feel great about what you do for a living, this program is what you’ve been waiting for.
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  3. How to Be a Rainmaker

    How to Be a Rainmaker

    Whether you call them clients, patients, students, buyers, or guests, customers are the reason your organization, your position, and your paycheck exist. So figuring out new and better ways to find good customers and hang on to them is everybody's job.

    There's a name for people who are able to identify the customer-grabbing, revenue-generating power in their particular job and maximize it at every possible opportunity. They're called rainmakers.

    Rainmakers can be trusted to get their job done quickly and well. But most importantly, no matter what their job is, they always do it with the bottom line in mind: creating more customers and more cash. That's why it's the rainmakers of the world who are showered with raises, promotions, bonuses, referrals, new business, perks, and praise of all kinds.

    In How to Be a Rainmaker: Unexpected Rules for Business and Personal Success, best selling author and renowned marketing consultant Jeffrey Fox reveals the myth-busting, convention-blasting strategies, techniques, and ideas used by today's most successful men and women across the job spectrum to grab customers, generate cash, and distinguish themselves as superstars in their fields. In these 12 information-packed sessions, you'll discover:
    • How to burn your brand onto peoples' imaginations.
    • 13 steps to leaving a compelling voice mail message.
    • The "magic" time and place to hold a client meeting.
    • Three things NOT to do when you're traveling on business.
    • The message your marketing must always communicate.
    • The disastrous response to a market slowdown that's also the most common.
    • One thing you should always have in a headline.
    • "Bad" words you should never use in advertising.
    • The truth about the customer always being right.
    • Remarkably easy ways for you to gain the critical edge.
    • And so much more!
    Rainmakers are men and women who are out there every day getting it done: bettering their organizations and businesses, enjoying their jobs, moving up, making great money, and giving themselves and their families the life they always dreamed of. These rules are how they do it. Follow them, and you're guaranteed to make that critical leap from merely good to truly GREAT and to reap all of the fantastic personal, professional, and financial rewards that go along with it!
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  4. The Secrets of Power Negotiating

    The Secrets of Power Negotiating

    Are you aware that almost everything is negotiable?





    No matter what you want, you can negotiate for it and get it. No matter what your background, education, or current position, you can systematically and consistently build a dazzling stockpile of wealth that will be the envy of everyone you know.





    Have you ever wondered why some of the world's wealthiest people have agents? The answer is simple: The agents have learned how to negotiate their way to bigger salaries, better deals, and higher profits for their client.




    And so can you.




    Imagine having the ability to always get other people to offer you what you want without giving anything up yourself. Imagine the calm assurance you'll display when you realize you have the upper hand anytime you're eyeball to eyeball, kneecap to kneecap, toe to toe with another human being.




    For example, do you want to always get the best possible deal with suppliers, contractors, salespeople, real estate agents, etc.? Do you want a higher salary? Do you want to learn how you can find discounts and deals on practically everything?




    If so, you must learn how to become a power negotiator. And the first step toward doing that is to realize:




    Everything you want is already owned or controlled by someone else.




    Since other people already have everything you want, you must master the art of getting other people to give you what they have. In fact, with the right negotiating strategy, you can get almost any deal you want with less effort than you ever imagined.




    Negotiation is a skill that can bring you vast success in all aspects of your life. When you're a skilled negotiator, you can get the best possible price on everything you purchase or sell, and you can deal with salespeople or clients.




    We're all negotiating all the time in all kinds of everyday situations: parents negotiating with their children; employees negotiating with each other, with subordinates, with bosses; customers negotiating with salespeople or service providers. And with The Secrets of Power Negotiating, you'll always have the upper hand in every negotiating situation in which you find yourself.




    For example, the program gives you specific ways to:


    • Get the best possible price when you buy or sell a house, a car, a business, real estate, or any negotiable item.
    • Get a raise or promotion.
    • Keep employees happy without giving in to unreasonable demands.
    • Get a new and better deal with your landlord or mortgage loan officer.
    • Stop being stonewalled by store clerks, petty bureaucrats, service and repair people, and others.
    • Get more cooperation from your corporate peers and subordinates.
    • Get bigger loans and better terms from your banker.
    • Uncover valuable "hidden information."
    • Be more confident in virtually any interpersonal situation, plus many other situations you run into in your daily life.

    After experiencing The Secrets of Power Negotiating, you'll be able to:

    • Recognize the key elements that affect the outcome of negotiations.
    • Use the right information to increase your negotiating leverage dramatically.
    • Negotiate price reductions or extra perks on just about anything.
    • Understand why "no" is just an opening position.
    • Accurately predict responses to your negotiating maneuvers so you can counter them effectively.
    • Always gain the upper hand in every negotiating situation you encounter.
    • Use the number one negotiating pressure point to gain concessions from your opponent.
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  5. Sell Like a Pro

    Sell Like a Pro

    More than ever before, people today are more protective of their time and their money. And they’ve mastered how to dodge salespeople, resist standard sales techniques, and essentially CONTROL the sales process from start to finish.

    And they decide when you’re finished.

    The second you abandon traditional closing techniques, the usual qualifying questions, and the typical sales formula … that’s when you start partnering WITH your prospects
    and customers.

    And that’s when you start to become a high-commissioned sales professional!

    In the tradition of Dale Carnegie’s legendary book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the 12 audio sessions of Sell Like a Pro teach you how to truly read and connect with your prospects. Because only then will you be able to satisfy their needs and change your future.

    Unlike any other sales solution, Sell Like a Pro interweaves the proven conversation techniques, power of persuasion tips, and success principles of Dale Carnegie Training® into every session.

    • Learn how to get a response — and RESULT — from every email you send.
    • Easily slip past gatekeepers and dodge voicemail to maximize your calling — and closing — efficiency.
    • Start asking the 7 critical qualifying questions only top producers regularly use.
    • Discover how to anticipate, identify, and quickly overcome objections in 3
      quick steps.
    • Set up an automated referral-generating system that continuously provides leads.

    Sell Like a Pro takes you through every facet of the sales process, from prospecting and marketing to presenting to a group and qualifying your buyer. You’ll discover the value of creating needs and fulfilling them, overcoming any objections, and confidently closing
    the sale.

    Plus, throughout this exclusive program, two of the Dale Carnegie Training® Master Salespeople present tried-and-true sales tips and commission-catapulting techniques. These veteran sales pros share their own best-kept sales secrets with you!

    This is the true foundation of successful selling.

    It’s worked for many years, through many recessions — and as the sales profession has become more customized, it’s now truer than ever before.

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