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  1. Magical Mind, Magical Body

    Magical Mind, Magical Body

    Discover the Life-Giving Powers You Now Possess! A Perfect Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit Is Your Birthright.

    A Brief Interview with Deepak Chopra, M.D.
    Editor's Note: Many great thinkers have realized that human thought has tremendous power, but their insights did not gain scientific validation until recently. Now, in this audio program, Deepak Chopra, M.D., one of the most exciting leaders of the mind body movement, tells you about your “quantum mechanical body” — the level where every thought is turned into a physical reality.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: Dr. Chopra, in simple terms, can you tell us how the mind-body connection works?
    DR. CHOPRA: Your body is a 3-D projection of your current state of mind. Your slightest shift of mood is picked up by every cell, which means that you do not think with your brain alone — all 50 trillion cells in your body actively share your thoughts. At the level of the quantum mechanical body, you are a constantly flowing river of intelligence.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: How powerful is the mind body connection?
    DR. CHOPRA: Correctly channeled, it has enormous power – the power to make us sick or well, depressed or joyful, sluggish or dynamic. The mind body connection is the gateway to unlimited creativity and happiness. Unfortunately, our society has not taught us how to use it.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: How can an individual make the mind body connection work on his or her behalf?
    DR. CHOPRA: First, you must tap into it. To tap it, you must realize that you are not bound by the limitations of your body or mind. Intelligence is inherent in everything. You are pure potential waiting to be activated. That is the real you. And until you break free from your imaginary boundaries — the product of years of false conditioning — you cannot be totally free.
    Drawing on a unique combination of modern science and the wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s “ancient science of life,” I teach you how to achieve freedom beyond all boundaries. My goal is not to show you how to break down walls, but how to fly over them.

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: What are just some of the specific benefits a person listening to this program receives?
    DR. CHOPRA: I share with my listeners:
    • The three basic forces that control their lives and how they can control those forces
    • The seven secrets possessed by the most creative persons in all walks of life
    • Eleven factors that cause premature aging and why they are totally unnecessary
    • Invaluable techniques for assessing the body’s unlimited natural pharmacy, the key to perfect health and total well-being

    NIGHTINGALE-CONANT: What was your guiding philosophy in creating this program?
    DR. CHOPRA: I want my listeners to realize that the human mind is literally infinite. We project our awareness into the universe like a lighthouse. Every thought you have is felt by everything in existence. Can we afford not to take full advantage of that fact?
    To think that you occupy just a few cubic feet of space is pure illusion. I try to get people to break this illusion. Once you have the deepest insight – I am the universe – nature can deny you nothing!
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  2. The Making The Shift System

    The Making The Shift System

    Make The Shift that will illuminate your true purpose and change your life!

    The demands of the ego can keep you mired in self-sabotage and blind to the things that will bring you true happiness and fulfillment in life. But you can choose to move in a new direction — one that leaves the false self behind so you can reclaim your
    true nature.

    In this transformational system — which includes 6 live CDs, a DVD movie and a bonus DVD — Dr. Wayne Dyer guides you on your path through the profound movement he calls The Shift, so you can begin living a life in line with your True Divine Purpose. This program goes beyond telling you how to live or think and instead focuses on what you can DO, right now, to make The Shift and begin living your new life, today.

    As you go on the journey of the Making the Shift System, you'll discover:

    • How to live your life spiritually connected, and on purpose — this breaks you free of all those distractions that always seem to blow you off course from your higher mission in life
    • The power of the "conscious choice" and the one decision that can change your life — once you tell yourself this (and believe it) all your bad habits, frustrations, and struggling simply disappear
    • LIES about aging, addiction, and more — and how to eliminate them from your mind to live a healthier, happier life
    • The "one word test" you can use to know your calling ... your Dharma ... so you can begin living the life you've been sent here to live
    • And much more!

    The ego has driven many of us away from our authentic selves. In the Making the Shift System, Wayne reveals how you can make that all-important U-turn and head back to the Source of being that created you.

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  3. The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation

    The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation

    Get Ready to Ignite the Most Potent Force of All!

    A paradigm is more than a feeling or a belief. It is an entire way of being— a fundamental universal conviction that reverberates out into the universe.

    In The Abundance Paradigm, Joe Vitale shows you how to make the profound shift from a paradigm of scarcity— in which you have “not enough” of the things you want and need— to a paradigm abundance— in which you have more than enough of everything,
    at all times.

    When you make this shift, you move beyond the Law of Attraction to the little-known Law of Creation... and step into a world where you:

    • Align with the universe automatically... instead of working to make it happen
    • Manifest your desires spontaneously... instead of thinking about it
    • Get what you want immediately... instead of waiting for it to show up

    In these six CDs, Joe guides you, step by step, through a series of extremely powerful techniques that will facilitate nothing less than a complete paradigm shift that happens in real time, while you’re listening!

    You will:

    • OPEN a portal that enables ideas to flow into your mind freely and effortlessly
    • DISSOLVE all of the limitations that are currently compromising your growth and happiness
    • RECEIVE guiding messages from your subconscious alerting you to the below-the-radar issues that need your attention most
    • EXPERIENCE paradise— right here, right now
    • ERASE all toxicity from your interpersonal relationships
    • ELIMINATE destructive hidden beliefs automatically, without having to examine or revisit them
    • ACT from pure, positive inspiration— instead of old, faulty programming
    • PROTECT your paradigm from harmful outside influences and interference
    • CLEAR your consciousness of negative judgment —  of yourself, and of others
    • And so much MORE

    If you’re ready to stop waiting for the things you want to come to you, and start SEEING and RECEIVING them instead, then make the shift to The Abundance Paradigm.

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  4. A Course in Miracles

    A Course in Miracles

    Imagine a life based on forgiveness of self and others ... a life based on
     shedding fear and accepting love ... resulting in a life of true inner peace.





    That’s precisely what thousands of people are attaining through the study of this internationally recognized day-by-day self-study program. A unique blend of psychology, Christianity and Eastern philosophy, A Course In Miracles® focuses on the practical application of the power of forgiveness and guides you to the peace of mind we all seek.





    In this enlightening program, you’ll discover why forgiveness is the key to universal happiness ... why love depends on your willingness to give, rather than your desire to receive ... why changing the way you see the world works better than trying to change the world itself ... and why service is necessary for personal fulfillment.




    A Course In Miracles® was first published in 1975 by the Foundation of Inner Peace. Today, there are many autonomous centers where people gather to study its philosophy. Each year, new students begin using this powerful and timeless philosophy to help them bring strength and forgiveness into their lives and into the world — proof positive that these methods and concepts work.




    With consistent application of its concepts and committed use of its thought system, one can begin to see that miracles are natural and can happen to anyone. You’ll discover another way to look at the world, and you will realize that judgment, fear, guilt, and anger can be released from your life. In their place, you can substitute
    unconditional love.


    £159.95 Select
  5. Secrets of the Immortal:  Advanced Teachings of A Course In Miracles

    Secrets of the Immortal: Advanced Teachings of A Course In Miracles

    Get ready for a truly heavenly experience!

    In Secrets of the Immortal, world-renowned speaker and author Gary Renard shares the lessons from A Course in Miracles in a direct, practical way that will lead you to the powerful spiritual experiences you’ve been hoping for—marvelous, enlightening, faith-building experiences of what you really are.

    In clear, uncomplicated language, you’ll hear virtually everything you need to know and understand to greatly accelerate your spiritual progress and even transcend
    suffering, including:

    • The one and only thing that you really should be using your mind for
    • How you free yourself by changing the way you view others
    • How to return your mind to its original condition of being whole
    • Clear instructions on how to wake up from the ego’s projection of life and death, and experience what you really are
    • How and why forgiveness can substitute for learning that could take countless lifetimes of reincarnation
    • The one thing that is causing all the problems in the world and how to get rid of it
    • The level you have to go to in order to solve any problem
    • Why you’re never afraid or upset for the reason you think
    • And many MORE!

    Dr. Wayne Dyer has called Gary Renard’s work, “One of the most significant contributions to spiritual literature in this century.” Experience the immediate impact of his one-of-a-kind teachings for yourself!

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  6. The 9 Golden Keys: A New Spirituality of Freedom, Abundance and Grace through "Sacred Tuning"

    The 9 Golden Keys: A New Spirituality of Freedom, Abundance and Grace through "Sacred Tuning"

    Give Your Life a Tune-Up!

    In her fifth and final program, beloved mentor and author Luanne Oakes gives you an unprecedented “emergency toolkit” you can dip into any time you need to experience or offer healing, revitalize your spirit, or combat negative forces or feelings.

    Luanne’s specific, easy-to-apply, and highly effective principles and techniques will enable you to handle the pressures of these times, experience a greater resonance between your desires and your results, and return to a feeling of ease and joy in your life.

    This program is also extraordinary in that, for the first time ever, Luanne performed the entire program in the “Sacred Tuning” of  432 hertz, which is the true resonance of the human heart, and can alter and reverse the disruption and chaos caused by cell phones, computers, and other forms of technology. With this multidimensional program, you can...

    • Overcome the “malillumination of spirit” that is crippling much of the nation
    • Take specific “clearing steps” to align with your innermost self
    • Create the internal environment you need to heal major losses and attract abundance, freedom, and grace into your life
    • Co-create synchronistic experiences by getting in resonance with your innermost self and your desires
    • Put faith into action as you observe financial insecurity being replaced by a newfound freedom
    • Use the keys as a blueprint to living a life of rich abundance, peace, and grace
    • Learn how to deal with pain and let go of suffering so that you enjoy new levels of serenity, freedom, and happiness
    • And more!

    When you realign and reconnect with the power of your inner self, your life certainly willchange. You’ll start to follow your passions. You’ll have more confidence in your career and your personal life. Your relationships will improve. Your financial situation will improve. And you’ll treat yourself better.

    In short, you’ll take control of every aspect of your life because you’ll truly know what YOU want, and that knowing will be reflected in your life experiences.

    £81.65 Select
  7. How to Be a No-Limit Person

    How to Be a No-Limit Person

    Before Dr. Wayne Dyer shifted the focus of his work to spiritual matters, he’d already won worldwide acclaim as a brilliant speaker and gifted motivator. His early books and audio programs were renowned for their refreshing, accessible style and vitally important messages. One of the greatest of these is the beloved classic How to Be a No-Limit Person.

    In How to Be a No-Limit Person, Dr. Dyer shines a sometimes irreverent, always insightful light on the significant and subtle ways we defeat our own calm, happiness, success, and sanity. With the straightforwardness and humor that continue to captivate audiences around the world, he shows us how and why we allow and sometimes even encourage circumstances outside of us to disturb our inner harmony.

    Then he offers an alternative: the path of the No-Limit Person. On this path, you achieve anything you set your mind to do. You’re happy and productive no matter what the circumstances. Life’s little frustrations just don’t upset you anymore. You face your fears and challenges, and find ways to grow beyond them.

    In this breakthrough program, Dr. Wayne Dyer shows you how you can become one of these life-loving, No-Limit people and how, as a No-Limit Person, you can:

    ·Greet each day with high expectations and a clear sense of direction
    ·Eliminate depression instantly by doing one simple thing (it works every time!)
    ·Gain super physical and emotional health
    ·Reap the benefits of adopting a new attitude toward change
    ·Exercise a remarkable degree of control over everything in your life
    ·Enjoy each day to the fullest, unaffected by unnecessary concerns about the past or future
    ·Detach yourself from external criticism
    ·Tune in to internal signals to deal effectively with everyday frustrations and challenges
    ·Feel joy every day of your life

    The message Dr. Dyer shares in How to Be a No-Limit Person is as innovative and exciting today as when it was first published. It is also one of those rare programs that has universal relevance and appeal. No matter what age you are, what you do, or where your interests lie, Dr. Dyer will have you nodding your head in recognition and laughing out loud even as you feel your outlook changing, your options multiplying, and your capacity for living positively and purposefully expanding by leaps and bounds.

    Once you experience this classic motivational audio seminar, you’ll understand why it has endured as one of our bestselling titles. And you’ll never look at life quite the same way again.
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  8. Your Psychic Pathway

    Your Psychic Pathway

    All people are endowed with an amazing psychic ability. This natural gift can give us the power to expand our awareness, reconnect to our Higher Intelligence, and discover a personal pathway to our souls.

    Leading spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette has created Your Psychic Pathway: Listening to the Guiding Wisdom of Your Soul, which contains clear, inspiring, and practical guidelines for tapping the psychic powers within you.

    As you begin to awaken your psychic sense, it is helpful to recognize how naturally psychic you already are. For too long, most of us have tuned out the psychic gifts that are our birthright. And, as a result, we take wrong turns, miss important opportunities, or deny the all-knowing voice that urges us to move in new directions.

    In this visionary and energizing program, Sonia Choquette will show you how to reclaim the greatest personal power of all—the power to choose wisely and reap the rewards of a life lived with direction from a higher knowledge.

    Your Psychic Pathway will give you the tools to:

    • Discover that you are psychic (even if you think you aren’t)
    • Honor your inner voice in making appropriate and clear decisions
    • Avoid conflict through meditation and enhanced self-awareness
    • Act on your instincts by keeping a psychic journal of coincidences and synchronicities
    • Clear away negativity for greater clarity and purpose
    • Understand how to deal effectively with other people
    • Use psychic tools like the pendulum, automatic writing, and psychometry

    Beyond logic, beyond the ordinary, exists a whole world of Higher Knowledge just waiting to be tapped. With Your Psychic Pathway, you will finally unravel the secret mysteries of your mind, and use your discoveries to create a life of immeasurable spiritual freedom and fulfillment.

    Dear Friend:
    It is my honor and great pleasure to be able to spend this time with you, sharing the information that has brought so many gifts to my life. I believe that the sooner we all begin to recognize that we are designed to be psychic—as much as we are designed to have eyes, ears, and noses—the sooner we will come to embrace just what marvelous sophisticated, creative, and soulful beings we really are. I hope you enjoy the wonder of the path as much as I have.

    Blessings and Love, Sonia.

    £81.65 Select
  9. The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny

    The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny

    Can you imagine being able to manifest everything you want in life?

    You can make problems go away and bring every joy and reward your heart desires into your life.

    What most of us are taught to believe about reality conflicts with this idea. And yet everyone has this ability within themselves. The capacity to manifest is more than a power within you. It is the power of life itself. And in this program you will be taught how to overcome your conditioning and grant yourself the power to know that manifesting your desires is possible.

    In this groundbreaking audio program there’s an amazing ancient 20-minute technique that will enable you to create anything you want in life, whether it’s love, money, improved health, a better job, or anything else you want or need.

    £71.44 Select
  10. SynchroDestiny


    From time to time, we’ve all experienced coincidences that seem to be endowed with a special meaning or significance, and that appear to defy the laws of probability. For the most part, these coincidences seem amusing or insignificant. But a famous psychologist defined these moments of meaningful coincidence as “Synchronicity.” A synchronicity is a coming together of seemingly unrelated events. Celebrated pioneer of alternative health, Dr. Deepak Chopra has created a mind-opening program that will change the way you perceive the world forever, SynchroDestiny: Discover the Power of Meaningful Coincidence to Manifest Abundance in Your Life. Once you master the principles of SynchroDestiny, you’ll be able to use your newfound power to manifest abundance in every area of your life. Much like a powerful magnet, you will begin to attract material wealth, emotional well-being, spiritual fulfillment, and a deep awareness of your life’s true meaning and purpose.
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  11. The Awakened Life

    The Awakened Life

    In The Awakened Life, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains a new, harmonious way of life — an awakened life — encompassing a higher sense of awareness with higher principles. It’s a life that will ensure a happier, more joyous, more fulfilling existence, yet still provide success in a materialistic world. Here is the key to such harmony, high performance, achievement, and success.

    £71.44 Select
  12. Creating Miracles Every Day

    Creating Miracles Every Day

    The frantic pace of our daily lives can take a serious toll on even the most calm and collected person. Who has time to worry about happiness, health, and peace of mind, when you have a million little urgencies to take care of each day?

    Now there is a way to get off life’s treadmill for good, without sacrificing your career, financial status, or activities.

    In his exciting program, Creating Miracles Every Day: How to Turn Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Experiences, best-selling author Richard Carlson shows you how to bridge the gap between what you think you want and what will make you happy.

    If you’re ready to transform negative attitudes, trust your intuition, and live each day as if it were your last, then Creating Miracles Every Day is the program you’ve been waiting for!
    £89.95 Select
  13. Secrets of the Universe

    Secrets of the Universe

    Truly Cherish the Gift of Life

    Dr. Wayne Dyer maintains that thought is the highest form of energy in the universe, and in Secrets of the Universe he shows you how to use that energy to bring about a life that is truly magnificent. As you follow the path he describes in this program, wonderful circumstances and miraculous events naturally become a way of life. You begin to understand that there are no accidents in the universe. You learn to look beyond what everyone else sees. You'll witness impressive changes in your life - changes brought about by tapping into the secrets of the universe as revealed in this program to you through an imaginary encounter between an Earthling and a citizen of the planet Uranus.

    In his humorous, warm, and enlightening way, Dr. Dyer teaches you that you begin by accepting responsibility for who you are and what you are today. With this powerful realization as the foundation, you then begin to focus on getting into and maintaining harmony with the universe. Wayne will show you that there is something much grander in everyone.

    In Secrets of the Universe you'll learn:
    • How to completely trust your instincts.
    • How to soar above all limitations.
    • To stop listening to the critics in your life.
    • The greatest priority in life.
    • How to tap into the guide within you.
    • To follow the direction of your dreams.

    For years, Wayne has seen the universe as a perfect place. In this program, he tells you simply how to connect with that perfection. Everything you need for true happiness is here - on this planet - and available to you now. You only need to discover how to tap into it and put it to use to transform your life into one you've once only dreamed about.

    Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He is the author of more than 20 books and has created many video and audio programs, including the best-sellers How to Be A No-Limit Person, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny, There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and The Secrets of the Power of Intention, among many others. Dr. Dyer has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs, and several of his works have been featured as National Public Television specials.
    £71.44 Select
  14. True Balance

    True Balance

    Your body has seven spiritual energy centers, or chakras. Achieving health and happiness is simply a matter of bringing the chakras into balance. True Balance is an all-new program by renowned teacher Sonia Choquette that introduces you to this “anatomy of your soul” and teaches you how to bring your chakras into balance so that you can worry less, enjoy life more, and come from a place of power and love more frequently.

    In this down-to-earth program, you’ll learn about the physical and emotional aspects of your life that each chakra governs, how to recognize the signs of imbalance in each one, and what you can do to restore balance. Sonia offers more than 75 simple, practical and fun things that will bring more peace, joy, and wellness into your life, chakra by chakra, and help you to …

    · Create physical surroundings that nurture your soul
    · Exude a sense of power and authority
    · Bring more romance and sensuality into your life
    · Remember your dreams and use them to improve your life
    · Find the sacred in everything you see and do
    ·And much more!

    When your chakras are balanced, your life takes on magical proportions. You encounter more instances of synchronicity … things seem to just “go your way” … you’re filled with a sense of profound peace and inner joy … you feel healthier and look fantastic! Get your soul into balance, and discover a powerful and enlightened new way of living. Order True Balance today!
    £81.65 Select
  15. Infinite Self

    Infinite Self

    If you genuinely have a desire to experience the realm of consciousness beyond your everyday, business-as-usual life–to “transcend”–then Stuart Wilde wants to help you learn.

    A spiritual guide with an irreverent style, he can show you the profound along with the profoundly absurd. He can help you tap into your eternal nature, to pass through the doorway of perception that leads beyond your physical senses.

    Through his meditations and exercises, you can learn to feel more wonder, less fear, definitely less seriousness, and greater positive energy in every moment of your life.

    Stuart Wilde can lead you on the path to understanding your eternal nature, to feeling the infinite God Force inside of you. Whether you call it Christ, God the Father, Buddha, the Great Spirit, the infinite force . . . whatever. He can help you feel closer and more in tune with the core of yourself that experiences infinite life.

    Stuart Wilde provides you with 33 practical steps for reclaiming your inner power, which include learning to:
    • Accept guidance from Spirit
    • Become master of your own destiny
    • Find personal freedom through acceptance and detachment
    • Center your mind
    • Purify yourself of ego-based limitations
    • Dedicate your life to the Sacred Way
    • Have an abundance of inspiration and creative expression
    • Move forward with the energy of Quest

    Stuart Wilde believes that spiritual power is everyone’s birthright, and you need only to free yourself to reclaim it. And once you’ve experienced the Infinite Self, you’ll feel a deeper love and gratitude for your life in every way.
    £89.95 Select
  16. Inner Wisdom

    Inner Wisdom

    Now, for the first time ever, you can discover the essence of an acclaimed author, psychologist, philosopher, and living legend, Wayne Dyer, in a unprecedented 10-volume, 20 CD anthology. Vast in its scope, this complete library brings you the very best of Wayne Dyer...offering a comprehensive cross-section of his incredible 25-year career.

    Through live and studio recordings, Dr. Dyer will guide you to a higher level of consciousness and self-awareness as he offers illuminating insights on such topics as self-actualization...knowing...purpose...love...and change. You will discover how to master your expectations while expanding your self-concept, achieve phenomenal mental health, live in harmony and abundance instead of disharmony, empower your children to succeed in life, tap the incredible power of visualization to get what you desire and much more.

    £149.95 Select
  17. Divine Dialogue

    Divine Dialogue

    In Divine Dialogue, Ron Roth crosses cultures, eras, and denominations as he takes you on a journey to the essence of prayer. He shows you how to embrace prayer as an empowering experience of the heart. He shares profoundly moving stories of individuals whose bodies and souls were miraculously healed when they welcomed true prayer into their lives. And he teaches you how to open your whole life to its healing power. Awaken your mind and soul to joyful, healing power of the true prayer experience.
    £71.44 Select
  18. Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Has this ever happened to you while driving to work: you have a long and heated argument with somebody about some sticky issue at work, only to find at some point that you are alone in the car?

    So far, the meeting and the argument are taking place only in your own mind! But you are already tense, perhaps even angry, feeling the stress of events that may not happen at all, or that will no doubt unfold differently from the way you have imagined. Afterwards, you can barely remember how you got to work. You certainly weren’t all there for the ride.

    Or, you come out of a meeting in which you failed to speak up. Then you spend the rest of the day arguing your points with people in your mind. The meeting is over, but you are experiencing the stress of these mental arguments for the rest of the day. They are going nowhere, and you are out of touch, lost in a fog of your own creation — however important the real issues may be.

    Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We all spend much of our lives unconsciously absorbed in a future that hasn’t happened yet or in a past that is already gone and in the process, spend much of the day out of touch with the present moment, which is the only time we ever get in which to live or act. And so, we can easily miss out on the opportunities that the present moment is constantly offering us.

    Certainly, mental rehearsal and thoughtful reflection can be useful at times. But there are better ways to do it than through the haze of unconscious preoccupation and absorption. If you have real problems, it will be important to work them with a clear mind.

    If you are routinely out of touch with the present, you may miss more than the morning commute. You might be thinking of other things while playing with your children, lost in thought when you are with friends, missing tender moments with your lover, oblivious to the beauty of a sunny day or the place you are in short, missing out on life.

    Mindfulness Meditation is about learning to experience life fully as it unfolds—moment by moment. One popular misconception about meditation is that it is a way to make your mind blank so you can escape from what you are feeling. However, author Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn wants you to understand that meditation is an invitation to wake up, experience the fullness of your life, and transform your relationship with your problems, your fears, and any pain and stress in your life so that they don’t wind up controlling you and eroding the quality of your life and your creativity. It is not about running away, or manipulating mental states.

    Through the practice of mindfulness, you can learn to develop greater calmness, clarity and insight in facing and embracing all your life experiences, even life’s trials, and turning them into occasions for learning, growing and deepening your own strength and wisdom.

    In this program, internationally-known meditation teacher Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn shows you how to:
    • Access your own deep inner resources for learning, growing and healing
    • Enrich your experience of everyday living by being fully present in the moment
    • Reduce stress by responding creatively rather than reacting mindlessly
    • Bring greater clarity and understanding to everything you do
    • Function more effectively within your apparent limitations and problems by cultivating your fundamental strengths
    • Reestablish contact with your physical body to heighten and expand experiences of pleasure and vitality
    • Reduce or overcome addictive or self-destructive behavior patterns
    • Develop a strong daily meditation practice
    Mindfulness Meditation can give you back a high degree of control in your life, beyond the automatic actions and reactions that so often drive our behavior. It can free you from being stuck in fear or uncertainty and help you to take life on as an adventure in growth and learning and feeling. Begin listening today, and discover what it’s like to see the world you actually have, not the one you think you are missing, and to live the life that is yours to live in its fullness, moment by moment and day by day.
    £71.44 Select
  19. Sacred Voices

    Sacred Voices

    In this unique program you will:

    ·Learn the power of sacred ancient ceremonies and Native American music.

    ·Learn how to make a medicine bundle and prayer ties.

    ·Discover the Native American traditions of honor and respect for family.

    ·Learn about medicine terms, healing stones, animal totems, and other sacred objects to make and use and how to create a sacred space for prayer and reflection.

    ·Meet your own personal spiritual guide who will help you in your daily life.

    ·Learn how to combine your beliefs with that of the Native Americans for a healthier, more peaceful existence.

    Whatever happened to a simpler approach to life? Whatever happened to our appreciation for the land, the air, water, animals? Where did human beings take such a brutal turn where money, possessions, power and control all became the priorities in society? Do you ever long for the time where life was simpler and developing inner spirit and cherishing family was tops on your daily to-do list? Well, you can get back there through the teachings of one who has had them passed down for generations. Now, revealed to you will be the closely kept secrets of the Native American Indian.

    In Sacred Voices: Native American Teachings from the Council of Protected Words, you’ll discover a more peaceful, meaningful way of life and develop a powerful sense of self-worth by being taken into a world you never knew existed. At one time, this world brought all people together to develop a spiritual sense of self and community that everyone could benefit from.

    In this program, Wolf Moondance will take you within yourself through ancient meditations and ceremonies. She’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery that has promoted spiritual growth for hundreds of years. Meditation, prayer, music and journal keeping, along with special words of prayer and power, will help you find your path, add direction to your life, open your mind and spirit, balance your emotions, get in touch with your body and explore your creativity through the ceremonies of growth, truth, wisdom, impeccability, and the sacred quest for the whole self. Everyday perceptions will take on new meaning as you discover the Native American understandings and the spiritual qualities and powers of colors, animals, plants, minerals, insects, celestial bodies and the environment.

    Bring the Power of Native American Spirituality into Your Daily Life

    Each session features a story, a ceremony, prayer and a vision to help you become more deeply in touch with the "dance of life" and takes you into the world of spirit, where you are both physical and spiritual, a person who stands on the earth and hears the song of the wind. In sessions like The Grandparents Speak, Understanding the Wolf’s Eyes: Your Search for Truth, Everything’s a Ceremony and many other lessons, you will experience choice and change that will bring you opportunity, protection, dreamtime and transformation.

    Let Wolf Moondance show you how to live the best life possible! Join her on this spiritual journey to wholeness. May spirit fill you as you follow the good red road.
    £71.44 Select
  20. Awaken the Healer Within

    Awaken the Healer Within

    Discover how much power you REALLY have!

    Stress, worry, and illness are almost always the result of a negative or destructive manifestation of energy in your mind, body, or spirit. And within your own self lies the power to heal them!

    This power is NOT buried deep inside, requiring years of meditation and exploration to be accessed. It's just a simple "recognition" away.

    For more than 40 years, teacher and healer Mark Earlix has helped tens of thousands of people achieve this recognition, and activate their own inner healing power. The principle behind everything he does is simple: Feel the energy of any unhealthy or unwanted situation or condition, and then change it into something positive. After all, it is energy.

    Through the step-by-step process Earlix lays out in this breakthrough program, you'll learn how to harness all the energy that is available in this instant. Then, with all distractions put aside, not only will you recognize what needs to be healed — in yourself, or in someone else —you'll be able to use your natural abilities to manipulate energy and help heal the problem.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Discover the areas of your body that need healing and learn how to receive information about what those areas want to show or tell you.

    • Identify the negative incidents that caused you to feel the way you do about things, and learn how to let those incidents go so you can finally become free and whole again.

    • Feel better than you have in years or even decades.

    • Use energy to help others heal.

    • Identify destructive, negative energies, then shift them into a good and productive energetic response.

    • Instantly stop a cold or flu from coming on, and remedy any ailment you may have.

    • And much, much more!

    Using this powerful cutting-edge approach, Mark Earlix has never met anyone who hasn't been able to recognize and use the universal energy that is within and around us to create a healing experience.

    Discover it for yourself, and you too will enjoy a healthier, happier, more empowered life for yourself and the people you love.

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