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  1. Journey to the Boundless

    Journey to the Boundless

    Dear Friend,

    I would like to personally invite you to join me for a powerful experience of transformation. We will take a journey through an inner country that has to be discovered and created at the same time. The goal of this journey will be the end of an illusion. Instead of enclosing ourselves in the prison of time and space and squeezing our experience into the span of a lifetime, we will find out once and for all if our true nature is bounded or boundless. I invite you into a realm of infinite creativity and infinite possibilities—where anything is possible. -Deepak Chopra, M.D.

    Modern science tells us that we live in a universe with no edges in space, with no beginning or ending in time. Eastern wisdom says we have a universe within ourselves as profound, as infinite, as timeless as the world outside. Unbounded freedom permeates everything and yet we continue to live our lives as prisoners of fragmented values—prey to disease, unhappiness, and caught in the web of time.

    In this live seminar, Dr. Deepak Chopra helps us to break free of these conceptual boundaries and step into the boundless, which is pure potentiality, pure creativity, pure freedom, and pure joy. Using his unique style of spirituality, practicality, and humor, Dr. Chopra teaches that to understand the connection between ourselves and our environment, we must first understand the intimate connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

    Once this understanding is achieved, we can regain the universe within. We can live at a level where all dreams come true, a place that is home to perfect health and happiness. In Journey to the Boundless, you’ll learn how to:

    • Break free of self-imposed barriers to achieve your personal goals and enrich your life
    • Meditate for peace of mind, emotional balance, and a renewed sense of well-being
    • Use Ayurvedic techniques that allow access to your “inner pharmacy” and trigger your body’s natural healing power
    • Determine your mind-body type (dosha) and choose the lifestyle best suited for it
    • Use the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to maximize your potential and enhance your personal effectiveness
    • Leave fear behind by getting in touch with that part of yourself that is beyond it
    • Explore the innermost connection between the mind, body, and spirit with deeply personal experiential exercises

    Ultimately, lasting joy, health, and harmony require us to experience life in the context of eternity and immortality. If you are ready to step into the boundless and experience the extraordinary miracle of life, then you are invited to join Dr. Chopra on a journey of all possibilities.
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  2. Healing: Achieve Total Wellness Through Higher Levels of Consciousness!

    Healing: Achieve Total Wellness Through Higher Levels of Consciousness!

    Restore normalcy and a sense of ease into your everyday life!

    Dr. David Hawkins’s renowned Map of Consciousness is one of the most innovative and useful personal development tools ever developed.

    In this groundbreaking program, Dr. Hawkins shows you how to use this scientifically formulated technology to bring healing and wellness to the most important parts of your life quickly, comfortably, and naturally!

    You’ll discover:

    • A simple exercise that cancels limiting beliefs and how he used this exercise to cancel his belief that eggs raise his blood cholesterol level

    • Five specific things you can do to heal an illness

    • Practical tools for turning major crises into acute gains, as well as other exercises you can do daily to sustain your health

    • Why aging is a series of scripts, programs, and stereotypes that you choose to believe, and what you can do to grow older happily, healthily, and gracefully

    • Why, in order to heal your fear, you need to look below the feelings into the energy field where the fear originated

    • How to let go of excess weight in an easy, practical, and joyful way that takes only about 90 minutes over a couple of days

    • Why and how you should use a holistic approach to heal dis-ease

    • How your attitudes and beliefs relate to the stress that you experience in
      your life

    • How to accelerate your spiritual progress by shifting your paradigm on death
      and dying

    • And many more!

    When you achieve true healing, you go from seeing yourself as fragmented to realizing that you are whole. You let go of the old patterns and choices that no longer support the real you.  And you move from a state of dis-ease into a state of serenity and
    total wellness.

    Achieve that ideal state of living today, under the guidance of one of the world’s most honored and respected teachers.

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  3. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

    The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

    Discover the most powerful force in our universe...

    We live our lives based on what we believe about the world, ourselves, our capabilities, and our limits. With few exceptions, those beliefs come from what science, history, religion, and other people tell us.

    What if those beliefs are wrong?

    Historically, we have been taught that we are passive observers in the universe and that we are governed by the “rules” of time, space, and our DNA. It is precisely these beliefs that often leave us feeling powerless in the face of life’s greatest challenges.

    What if we are limited only until we change the way we see ourselves in the world? How differently would we live if we discovered that we are born with the power to choose the reality of our world, how healthy we are, and even how long we live?

    Such a radical discovery would change everything about the way we see ourselves! It is also precisely what the leading-edge science of today is showing us.

    In The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, you will discover paradigm-shattering revelations that demonstrate why:

    • We are not limited by the laws of physics as we know them today!
    • We are not limited by the laws of biology as we know them today!
    • Our DNA is a code that we can change and “upgrade” by choice!

    The implications of these discoveries are vast, powerful, and to some, even a little frightening. They show us, beyond reasonable doubt, that we are capable of changing the course of our lives and our world, and even of altering reality itself. It is these seemingly miraculous abilities that make it possible for us to heal from diseases like cancer and AIDS, experience an extended life span, create life-affirming joy and abundance, and much more.

    In this life-altering program, Gregg Braden shares the 15 keys of conscious creation you can use to transform the miracles of your imagination into what is real in your life. With easy-to-understand science and real-life stories, Gregg shows us that we are limited only by our beliefs. What we once believed is about to change!

    New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden is a former Senior Computer Systems Designer for Martin Marietta Aerospace and the Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems. For over 20 years Gregg has married his knowledge of ancient traditions with his background in the hard sciences to pioneer a new bridge between science and spirituality.

    From high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts, his search for the secrets of our past has led to such paradigm-shattering books as The God Code, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, The Isaiah Effect, and The Divine Matrix. Between his travels, Gregg lives with his family in the high desert of northern New Mexico.

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  4. The Power of Chi

    The Power of Chi

    Connect with the primal energy that underlies all reality -and use that energy for creating the life you want and deserve!

    When you trust the knowledge that comes to you through your connection with chi, you begin to find confirmation of them in the material world. If you have the nerve to trust what you know in this way, the world will provide supporting evidence much sooner than you think!
    - from The Power of Chi

    There really is a mystical power at the core of all existence. Everything you do and everything you are springs from this essential life force.Yet the chances are you've never even given it a moment's thought - much less learned to connect with it and maximize its benefits for your life.

    This life force has been known by many different names in various cultures and in different eras over the centuries. But the Far East - where the life force is known as chi - has produced the most penetrating insights into this primal energy, as well as the most powerful applications of it. Much of this wisdom is associated with the martial arts, including ju-jitsu, tai chi, and aikido.

    In this remarkable program, The Power of Chi: Applying Far Eastern Insights for Effortless Living, Robert Pino reveals those secrets, explains them, and fine-tunes them for use in the world we live in today. Robert has devoted years to studying the wisdom traditions of the Far East, including many forms of martial arts and the philosophical teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. At the same time, he's built a successful career as an author, corporate consultant, and management coach. Drawing on his unique background in the spiritual underpinnings of success and personal fulfillment, Robert identifies specific principles for connecting with chi and the dramatic transformation it can bring.

    What's more, he links these principles with specific strategies and tactics for applying them every day. The Wisdom of Chi isn't a history lesson or a philosophy seminar. It's a clear-cut program for getting everything you want and deserve, with the basic energy of the universe as your personal power source!

    Over the course of these 12 highly informative sessions, you'll learn:
    • What chi really is - and why it has always been understood by great thinkers and achievers.
    • How to recognize your unique mission in life - and how chi can let you turn your mission into a reality
    • The role of chi in bringing body, mind, and spirit into perfect alignment
    • What time really is and isn't - and how chi makes time work for you rather than against you
    • The differences between chance and personal destiny - and the power of chi to bridge that gap
    • How the energy of chi can carry you beyond self-created boundaries that limit so many people
    • How to share the energy of chi with others in your life, so they can enjoy the same success that you've discovered

    Simply put, at its most fundamental level the world exists as the intangible energy of chi. By connecting with that energy in a controlled and conscious way, you can impact every area of your life to fulfill your most deeply held and authentic needs, starting today!
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  5. The Natural Laws of Self-Healing

    The Natural Laws of Self-Healing

    Have you been searching for healing by practicing spiritual traditions outside of your own, or seeking out medicinal cures that do not work?

    You needn't look any further. In Dr. Gerald Epstein's, The Natural Laws of Self-Healing: Harnessing Your Inner Imaging Power to Restore Health and Reach Spirit, you will learn simple and miraculous healing techniques that are based in our own Western tradition; techniques that allow you to access infinite wisdom from your own internal university.

    In this provocative program you will learn how to take charge of your health by using mental imagery to rapidly, cost-effectively, and noninvasively restore health from acute and chronic conditions. The secret lies in developing a dialogue with the "invisible dimension" of the super-conscious. Through the language of imagery, you will acquire the tools to communicate with that invisible dimension, opening all channels for you to gain invaluable healing insights from that sacred place where all knowledge is stored.

    Far beyond "guided imagery" used for relaxation, Dr. Epstein will teach you how to use imagery tailored specifically to your health challenge using your untapped powers of intuition and imagination. A psychiatrist and scholar of the Western spiritual traditions, Dr. Epstein has been exclusively using "imaginal medicine" for close to three decades. Through the American Institute for Mental Imagery he has taught both patients and health practitioners alike how to use mental imagery for conditions ranging from depression to stress, cancers, auto-immune disease, diabetes, heart disease, and all forms of pain.

    As you listen you will discover that this is not a typical visualization or affirmation program. In this unprecedented program, Dr. Epstein provides you with many simple, fast, and highly effective self-healing imaging techniques for healing your physical body, enhancing your emotional well-being, and guiding your spiritual growth. He also offers you:

    • Ancient Western perspectives on changing imbalance to balance, based upon refreshing and powerful reinterpretations of biblical scriptures.
    • Live interactive dialogue on the 12 Natural Laws of Self-healing, including personal testimonials and powerful healing imagery remedies.
    • The 12 False Beliefs that impact your life and how you can free yourself from them.
    • A Western spiritual framework for analyzing and healing multiple dimensions of health (including physical, mental, emotional, moral, social, and environmental).
    • A comprehensive list of the various organs in your body, along with their corresponding emotional conditions, and a full range of powerful healing imagery exercises.
    • The tools you need to take back responsibility for your health by bringing health-care into spirit.
    • …And so much more!

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  6. The Discovery

    The Discovery

    Stop pursuing enlightenment and discover the direct path to God today!

    David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, has traveled along the outermost edges of spiritual evolution for more than four decades. From calling on God when he was on the brink of death to living as a hermit for 12 years to focus on spiritual study and meditation, Dr. Hawkins is a true spiritual warrior.

    Now, Dr. Hawkins, the creator of the spiritual power breakthrough that allows you to reach enlightened states using the well-established science of muscle-testing, has created his most transformational program yet.

    In The Discovery: Revealing the Presence of God in Your Life, Dr. Hawkins reveals critical “insider” information that provides a simple clarity for “being” and “living” the reality of the mystic in your daily life. He provides an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee for learning how to:

    • Feel the presence of God in the “ordinary” moments of your life.
    • Begin to practice contemplation — a more effective form of spiritual awakening than meditation — in your daily life.
    • Let God play an active role in shaping your daily life.
    • Discern false teachers from those who will truly help you.
    • Avoid some of the dark, spiritual traps on your journey.
    • Undo and unload your mind so you can awaken to the existing enlightenment that is already in and around you.
    • Deal with the demands that modern life makes on you as you seek to follow the inner/spiritual pathway.
    • Give up your ego’s addiction to what it perceives to be the world.
    The Discovery lifts a veil in your consciousness to reveal a world of magical divine realities that are happening to you every day of your life. By practicing Dr. Hawkins’ ideas, you won’t merely “know about” spiritual realities by reading the works of great spiritual mystics, you will “know” that such spiritual realities exist.

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  7. Your Inner Awakening

    Your Inner Awakening

    Discover the Four Questions that
     will forever transform your life!





    No matter how much money, status, professional success, or other types of external security one may have, very few people experience true joy and personal freedom. Byron Katie knows this reality too well. In the midst of a "normal and successful" life, Katie became increasingly depressed, and over a ten-year period sank further into rage and despair.





    Then, one morning in 1986, out of the blue, she had a sudden, profound insight into how the mind works. As a result, a bedridden, suicidal woman became filled with love for everything life brings. Katie developed a simple yet powerful method of inquiry, called The Work, that helped make this transformation practical.




    In this program, you will learn how to use The Work for yourself. You'll discover that, contrary to popular belief, trying to let go of a painful thought never works; instead, once you have investigated it, the thought lets go of you. The Work's four powerful questions and turnaround (which is a way of experiencing the opposite of what you believe) have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.




    In Your Inner Awakening Byron Katie will teach you this revolutionary process so that you can use it to question and undo any stressful thought that keeps you from experiencing mental clarity. Eventually you may find, as so many others have, that peace and joy flow into every area of your life.




    As Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, says, "Byron Katie's Work acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusions and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being."


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  8. Living A Course in Miracles

    Living A Course in Miracles

    Have you ever wondered just what it would take to experience
     miracles as everyday occurrences in your life?

    In Living A Course in Miracles: Applying the Course's Messages of Wisdom, Courage, and Forgiveness, renowned Course expert Kenneth Wapnick takes you on an extraordinary journey of spiritual transformation. As he shares his insights, you may discover that shifting the way you think, feel, and ultimately experience your life may open doors that you weren't even aware existed.

    Whether you are a long-time student of A Course in Miracles or new to the vast insights of this powerful document, you are, no doubt, on a great journey of spiritual awakening. The Course has been a wellspring of inspiration to spiritual seekers the world over. Since its inception and initial publication in 1975, it has been the source of great sacred teachings by such learned and respected individuals as Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Ron Roth, and Gerald Jampolsky, just to name a few. The insights inscribed upon its pages are so rich, so layered in their meaning, that the study of this extraordinary document often takes individuals on an ongoing lifelong journey of self-discovery.

    Gaining a deeper understanding of the lessons of the Course and making the transformations that it suggests in your life can be daunting at times. This program has been created to aid you in making that transformation with as much ease as possible. It not only illuminates the meanings intended in the great poetic text, but it also provides you with practical, real life applications.

    In this distinctive program, Ken shares his insights on:

    • The fascinating story of how the Course was first revealed and documented.
    • How the Course has impacted his and his wife Gloria's lives.
    • How to deal with your relationships in a manner that is compassionate
      and life-transforming.
    • How to look at your fear without judgment, and how to manage your fear
      when it arises.
    • The six stages of Development of Trust and letting go of your current values
      in the world.
    • How to tackle your scarcity principles through applying the wisdom of the Course in relation to money.
    • How to discern and choose love over the fears that currently exist in your life.
    • How true forgiveness can free you of your own self-confining existence.
    • How to experience the Holy Spirit as a benevolent and all-loving presence
      in your life.
    • And much, much more!

    Apply the rare insights that are shared in this rich program to your life, and unearth the wisdom that has transformed the lives of thousands the world over.

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  9. The Power of Kabbalah

    The Power of Kabbalah

    Dating back to the time of creation, a set of spiritual
     rules were communicated to humanity in a moment
     of Divine revelation.

    This communication was known as Kabbalah. It was passed from generation to generation through a faithful oral tradition. Once the information conveyed in this communication was recorded, it became known as the Zohar. It is the oldest sacred document in existence filled with the wisdom of the ages. The Zohar was recognized as the only method through which the true nature of the universe, and our role in it, could be understood.

    The Zohar was explicitly intended by the Divine to be a tool of empowerment all of mankind. Early scholars and mystics who studied it determined that it was far too powerful and dangerous to be accessible to people who might not realize its importance. So the Zohar remained hidden from all but a select group of intellectual and religious elite, who made it the focus of intense examination.

    Those who studied the Zohar were looking to receive the keys to joy, understanding, and total life fulfillment that it contained. But what Kabbalists found far more incredible than the information itself was the tangible effect it had on their lives. The power of the Zohar was like nothing anyone had ever come across. Application of its insights led to remarkable, visible changes such as clarity of purpose, prosperity and remarkable relationships. It explains how we can receive the Light of The Creator into our lives and all the beneficence that comes with that. This is the power that Kabbalah will
    bring to you.

    Kabbalah is found to contain specific, divine instructions for creating joy, love, health, and prosperity in the 21st century. Over 3.4 million people have discovered the amazing answer and changed their lives dramatically in the process. Some of the people who study Kabbalah are world leaders, some are celebrities. Some of them are people like you and me. The timeless principles set forth in this program apply to everyone who seeks fulfillment.

    This ancient spiritual tool has been called the best-kept secret of our time. It is considered to be the key that unlocks all the mysteries of the universe, the secret code that governs the universe. It’s an incredible system of logic and a phenomenal technology that will completely change the way you view your life.

    This is a program about getting rid of chaos and experiencing life as the Creator meant for you to experience it. According to Kabbalah, chaos is not the pandemonium-in-the-streets, people-running-around-like-mad chaos. It’s your own personal chaos. The challenges, difficulties, and upsets that you face each day, the things that bother and upset you and throw you off center.

    In The Power of Kabbalah, you’re going to understand what chaos really is. And you’re going to realize that it was never meant to be a part of your life. What’s more, you’re going to discover a powerful remedy for eliminating chaos and replacing it with harmony, love and fulfillment.

    The physical universe operates under a clear set of spiritual laws. The problem is, we’ve never learned these laws. You will gain a greater understanding of these laws in The Power of Kabbalah. When you learn and apply these spiritual laws, life becomes easier to navigate. Things make sense. Avoiding chaos, difficulty, and disruption becomes as easy as avoiding a pothole in the road. By operating in the spiritual world, you can manifest everything you want in the physical world. Kabbalah will give you a whole new
    paradigm for living.

    It may seem unlikely that knowledge first communicated to people who lived at the dawn of creation could have any relevance in today’s world. But the fact is, the wisdom of the Kabbalah is needed now more than at any other time in history.

    In this powerful program, you’ll learn about:

    • The universe we live in, the laws governing how it functions
    • Tapping into the real reality – the 99% world
    • The light force of The Creator and how everything good is meant for you
    • Being proactive – handling every situation with grace and power
    • Reincarnation in the universe – how our lives lead to spiritual correction
    • How you can change your destiny
    • And much, much more!

    Kabbalah is not a religion. It’s not dogmatic. It’s not a belief system you have to buy into. And it’s not anyone’s personal opinion of how the universe works. It is simply timeless knowledge whose time has come.

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  10. Spiritual Healing Intensive

    Spiritual Healing Intensive

    There is only one religion, and that is the religion of love.

    "As many of you know, in September of 2001 I experienced
    a "stroke of good luck." Through this seeming tragedy an unquenching fire is taking place within my very being. This awakening is enabling a full integration of modern medicine and ancient mysticism. There is a profound knowing of the power behind the "I AM" statements. Mystics from many traditions understood that this is the name for God and because of this knowing, there is a power emanating when the words I AM are used. Are you saying, "I am tired, busy, or frustrated?" Or are you saying, "I am great, happy, and healthy?" What is your I am-ness bringing into your consciousness and your life? We all have locked within us a spiritual power that holds the key to our healing." - Ron Roth
    In the SPIRITUAL HEALING INTENSIVE: Applying the Timeless Treasures of the Ancient Spiritual Practices, Ron Roth takes his spiritual teachings to an-all time high! His "stroke of good luck" has profoundly affected his life, leading him into even deeper and more intense communications with the Holy Spirit. He is constantly receiving new and powerful messages that he shares with you in this exclusive healing-intensive audio program. Based on a five-day workshop that he presented in Chicago, Illinois, Ron expounds his latest and greatest insights on how to connect deeply to the Holy Spirit and transform your life to one of greater love, freedom, passion, and joy!

    Along with being an extraordinarily gifted healing facilitator, Ron is also a remarkable storyteller. Making use of the original Aramaic translations, Ron speaks the language of Christ himself. The humor and clarity with which he delivers the ancient texts transforms scriptures that are often daunting into humorous and insightful current-life applications. Although many of his teachings come from Judeo-Christian texts, his message is universal: that "Christians be better Christians, Muslims be better Muslims, Hindus be better Hindus, and Jews be better Jews."

    Among the new insights that Ron has received is his full and unabashed commitment to living and teaching his Truth. Maintaining a breadth of integrative spiritual practices, Ron
    re-creates the remarkable texts of the Christian Bible in a manner that is both deeply insightful and great fun! He truly is an artist with words, who clearly has a gift for painting delightful and illuminating pictures of the greatest saints and sages the world has even known.

    In the program SPIRITUAL HEALING INTENSIVE, Ron opens the doors to:
    * Finding greater balance in your life through gaining a deeper knowing of God.
    * Listening to God with your heart, instead of remaining separate and in your head.
    * Creating an intimate and profound healing relationship with the Holy Spirit.
    * Worshipping in spirit and truth with no agenda.
    * Experiencing a clear and heart-based vision of your soul's mission.
    * Effortlessly enhancing all relationships in your life.
    * Integrating fourth dimensional living into your present day life.
    * Living in stress without experiencing the negativity that often accompanies it.
    * and much, much more!

    In this truly graced program, Ron creates a safe and holy environment in which you can experience the intense curative energy of spirit as it moves through you. This invocation of the Holy Spirit allows you to gain even deeper love, security, and wholeness in your life. We welcome you to take this opportunity to nurture your soul, heal your body, and embrace your mind.
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  11. The Temple of Rejuvenation

    The Temple of Rejuvenation

    Uplift and re-create your entire being so you can begin anew!

    If you want to think, feel, and live at your highest and best, it is critical that you restore and revitalize yourself on a regular basis.

    Included in this powerful system are eight CDs, each containing carefully designed codes and vibrations which synthesize ancient wisdom, post-Quantum physics, vibration technology, and sacred messages. These combined technologies serve as "passive power tools" to totally rehabilitate and revitalize you — physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

    Through continued listening to The Temple of Rejuvenation, you will be able to:

    • Effortlessly uplift and re-construct your entire being: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and even financially, if you so desire
    • Identify and then finally release your limiting beliefs and perceptions so you can become your authentic self
    • Reclaim your authentic power and move forward in life with hope, peace,
      and passion
    • Accomplish "authentic magic" through understanding the true nature of quantum energy and the information field of unlimited possibilities
    • Holographically access the conscious and subconscious mind, mystically creating non-local healing and transformation
    • Recalibrate the areas of your life that have become diminished or made you
      feel vulnerable
    • And much more!

    Dr. Luanne Oakes has designed each CD in this extraordinary system to give you practical and useful information that helps you start fresh, regardless of what disturbances and challenges you may have experienced in the past.

    When you truly feel rejuvenated, you gain fresh and empowering perspectives. Soon unimaginable opportunities synchronistically appear. And you become like a magnet, attracting people, places, and life force in the form of money as never before.

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  12. Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

    Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

    Spend ONE FULL YEAR in an uninterrupted
     state of intense and rapid spiritual growth!

    You could spend the next year much the way you spent the last one: thinking the same thoughts, taking the same actions, and getting the same results. Or, you could make this the most memorable, miraculous, and genuinely transformational year of your entire life! 

    Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence’s groundbreaking structure is designed to guide and mentor  you step by step through ONE FULL YEAR of soul awakening and enlightenment. 

    The complete system includes 12 Compact Discs featuring 52 individual, self-contained yet interconnected audio sessions. Each session revolves around a different spiritual theme, and is intended to provide you with a week’s worth of focused activity, reflection and meditation.

    In addition to the 12 CDs, you will receive two extensive workbooks containing exercises that correspond to and integrate with each of the 52 audio sessions, and provide additional insight into the ideas you encounter as you listen.

    As you progress through the audio, workbook and meditation sessions over the course of a year, you will:

    • Clarify and define the results you want to achieve in your life right now
    • Make some simple and surprising changes that will dramatically increase the likelihood that your intentions will materialize
    • Learn how to tune in, trust, and heed the guidance of your intuition so that you can avoid the kinds of mistakes and missteps you have made in the past
    • Realign your boundaries so that they welcome and accommodate more good things, while still remaining protective
    • Recognize your feelings — even the negative ones — as the voice of God, and learn how to correctly understand and effectively utilize their messages
    • Why “spiritual responsibility” is the key to getting everything you want, and the five-step process for developing it
    • Amazing and unexpected new ways for you to connect with God
    • And SO MUCH MORE!

    This program’s powerful combination of auditory experience and hands-on activity enables you to deeply and completely engage the material at every level: right and left brain … conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The amazing result is one entire year of continuous, ever-present, virtually uninterrupted active spiritual engagement — of a kind that would be next to impossible on your own.

    The Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence is one that will bring you home to yourself at last … home to the magnificence of who you truly desire to be.

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  13. Spiritual Alchemy

    Spiritual Alchemy

    "In Spiritual Alchemy, Dr. Luanne Oakes offers hope, peace, & freedom through Inspirational and effortless education. I highly recommend this program."

    Deepak Chopra
    Author, Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

    Do you sometimes feel burned out by life's day-to-day challenges? Do you ever feel that the weight of the world rests heavily upon your shoulders? Whether you find yourself challenged or fully charged, you are on the verge of making your life even more energized, vibrant, and alive.

    Welcome to this totally unique experience of authentic empowerment. Through Spiritual Alchemy™: New Technologies for Abundance, Health, and Harmony, you can enjoy your magical, mystical journey as you transmute old leaden thoughts and ideas effortlessly into golden treasures of well-being: body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Luanne Oakes has created this extraordinary, distinctive manifestation and healing system to assist you to be at your highest and best in this new millennium of unprecedented rapidity of world change. Dr. Oakes' Spiritual Alchemy™ is heart-based technology that is literally effortless. In fact, the less you "work," and the more you "feel," the deeper your transcendent and healing experience will be! You will be given the golden keys to your heart's most treasured desires.

    In this compelling, provocative, and educational amalgam of scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., provides you with:
    • Powerful multilayered sound frequency chakra healing treatments that balance, energize, and heal each of your first seven chakras and their corollary emotions and biological functions.
    • Multidimensionality as you explore the ancient and quantum sciences of altering space/time agreements, and the unlimited possibilities to create paradise from within to without.
    • Magical, mystical, and practical alchemy that Dr. Oakes refers to as The Twelve Alchemical Healers.
    • Holographic technology to enhance your health, well-being, abundance, and deepest connection to the wondrous Divine Intelligence of all Creation.
    • Techniques and modalities to assist you in effortlessly overcoming your fears, so that you can experience the world of peace, rejuvenation, joy, and harmony that you deserve.
    • Fascinating new and ancient scientific and spiritual evidence that substantiates the efficacy of the frequency technology offered to you in this extraordinary program!

    “I enjoyed listening to Spiritual Alchemy. Many of the topics you touched upon are of great interest to me. I especially enjoy the music you manifest, in fact, I am listening to the last disc as I write this letter.”
    Robert Dickinson

    Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., has integrated Western and Eastern philosophies of science, spirituality, and health for over 25 years. A renowned author, scientific metaphysical researcher, spiritual alchemist, healing facilitator, and composer/musician, she coaches physicians, psychiatrists, performers, and business professionals from all over the world. The creator of Nightingale-Conant's best selling program Sound Health, Sound Wealth™, she has created an incredible system that has been embraced and endorsed by such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, M.D., John Gray, Ph.D., Anthony Robbins, and Reverend Mary Murray Shelton.
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  14. The 72 Names of God

    The 72 Names of God

    Thousands of years ago, an astonishing gift was delivered to humankind: the tools to control and transform very specific life challenges. These tools came in the form of 72 individual combinations of an ancient group of sacred letters.

    Because of their Divine source and the superhuman power contained in them, these three-letter combinations came to be known as the Names of God.

    But these aren't "names" in the ordinary, earthly sense of the term. They're actually energy fields, visual mantras that are activated spiritually rather than vocally. In other words, you don't have to know how to pronounce them. And you don't need to understand exactly how or why they work.

    All you have to do is look at them. Incredibly, mysteriously, in that simple act, enormous power is unleashed.

    In The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul, you'll discover all 72 of these ancient and amazingly potent Names, and the unique practical purpose of each one. You'll also learn precisely how to read them - thereby empowering yourself to consciously control their power and direct it toward the issues in your life that cry out for transformation, improvement, or Divine intervention.

    In The 72 Names of God, you'll find a remedy for just about every challenge that's likely to come up in the course of a lifetime. Simply by properly meditating on the appropriate Name, you will be able to:
    • Bring more money into your life whenever you need it.
    • Ignite sexual energy and passion unlike anything you've experienced before.
    • Eliminate guilt forever and undo the damage it has caused you.
    • Recharge physical energy and heal illnesses - your own, and others'.
    • Radiate beauty to everyone who sees you.
    • Stop attracting the wrong people into your life.
    • Meet your true soul mate.
    • And so much more!

    All in all, you'll discover dozens of specific spiritual tools - 72 of them, to be exact! - that will enable you to confront and defeat every conceivable obstacle to your happiness and bring into being all the specific things you want and need in life.

    The 72 Names are a part of the ancient spiritual tradition known as Kabbalah. For thousands of years, the wisdom of Kabbalah was considered far too powerful for "ordinary" people. It was known and studied by only a few select scholars, theologians, and great thinkers, such as Plato, Shakespeare, and Isaac Newton.

    But thanks to a widespread resurgence of interest in Kabbalah in the 20th century and the dedication of a new generation of Kabbalistic instructors, the remarkable wisdom, sacred truths, and powerful insights of this tradition are becoming accessible to everyone.

    Once you have The 72 Names of God, you will possess the keys to an amazing God-given power: the power to proactively confront and rapidly transform almost any circumstance in your life: physical, emotional, material, and spiritual. This is truly technology for the soul - amazing spiritual power that no one is meant to live without!
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  15. Living Your Divine Contract

    Living Your Divine Contract

    Every thought, word, deed, feeling, and intention that has ever been generated has been miraculously preserved forever in an etheric storehouse of knowledge known as the Akashic Records. Frequently referred to throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, they are also called the "Book of Life" or simply "The Book."

    Edgar Cayce - the renowned 20th century clairvoyant, mystic, acclaimed "sleeping prophet," and most documented psychic of all time accessed his information from these records. They provided him with an incredible breadth and depth of information.

    He was unquestionably an extraordinary individual with a unique gift. And yet the Akashic Records - the source from which he received all his insights and prophecies - are open and accessible to us all.

    In Edgar Cayce's Living Your Divine Contract: How to Study the Akashic Records and Discover Your Heart's Purpose, author, lecturer and world-renowned Cayce scholar Kevin Todeschi gives you the secrets to accessing the sacred library of information …
    • Revisit your disremembered past experiences - even those that took place in previous lifetimes.

    • Find out the fascinating reasons behind your likes and dislikes, talents and skills, even why you've chosen certain people as your friends and romantic partners.

    • See exactly what your life is going to be like, in detail, seven years from now.

    • Avoid any painful, unpleasant future experiences you may discover you're headed toward.

    • Interpret your dreams' symbols and details with ease and accuracy so that you can recognize and use the astonishing prophetic information your dreams always contain.

    • And much more!

    The Akashic Records were the ultimate source of information for the most documented, accurate psychic ever known. Living Your Divine Contract will empower you to discover what insights, visions and unsuspected truths the Records hold for you!

    Kevin J. Todeschi, an international spokesperson for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., which Edgar Cayce founded in 1931, has been a student and teacher of Edgar Cayce information for nearly 30 years. He is a renowned speaker and a prolific writer of more than 20 on subjects related to Cayce's life and work, and is also a nationally recognized expert on dream interpretation. He and his family make their home in Virginia.
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  16. The Power of Present Moment Awareness

    The Power of Present Moment Awareness

    The value of living in the present moment is easy to understand. But it can be very hard to actually make that happen. This is especially true in the midst of the stress and chaos of our everyday life that dominates so much of our time and saps so much of our energy.

    The Power of Present Moment Awareness: How to Turn Ordinary Moments into Peak Experiences bridges the gap between having an understanding of present moment awareness and truly opening to the experience of it.

    Author Shannon Duncan combines an engaging, accessible, down-to-earth exploration of the meaning and value of present moment awareness with his vast collection of simple, practical, immediately usable techniques, strategies, and exercises. The result is a program that makes one of the oldest, most fundamental, yet most elusive principles of spirituality readily accessible at last.

    In this mind-expanding program, you'll discover how to utilize your everyday experiences as profound teachers that can bring your life into progressively sharper focus. With this you can:
    • Move through life with a more calm, relaxed awareness.

    • Actually enjoy and appreciate your daily life.

    • Learn to stay present in the moment when you most need to - and when it's hardest to do.

    • Recognize and overcome the limitations you place on yourself and on others.

    • Stop being hurt, offended, saddened, or negatively affected by the actions of others.

    • Intentionally live your life instead of merely"surviving" it.

    • No longer be enslaved by reactive thoughts and actions.

    • Literally reshape your experience of life.

    The Power of Present Moment Awareness will show you how to open yourself to the lasting sense of peace and deep sense of gratitude for life that the present moment offers. It does this by helping you to see for yourself the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in your way. This empowering understanding is the key to your freedom.

    Shannon Duncan is a retired entrepreneur who left his profitable business behind to live a more peaceful and quiet life, working at cultivating the present moment, and teaching others to do the same. He lives in San Diego, California, with his daughter.
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  17. The Zen Commandments

    The Zen Commandments

    The Ten Commandments give us impeccable rules for how to behave. But they don't say much about the inner awareness from which our outer behavior springs. This leaves the field open for The Zen Commandments: Ten Suggestions for a Life of Total Freedom. These aren't more carved-in-stone commandments, but practical suggestions for unfolding your experience of inner freedom. That way, effective, compassionate behavior can arise naturally from your growing sense of peace, happiness, and balance. And when you feel good, you'll find that those good feelings overflow spontaneously into doing good.

    In this life-changing program, Dean Sluyter integrates East and West, ancient and modern, finding potent spiritual teachings in Zen stories, the Bible, and Tibetan meditative techniques, as well as American movies and pop songs. With the warmth, humor, clarity, and common sense that have made his workshops popular throughout the United States, he steers clear of dogma and emphasizes what works - a sort of spiritual street smarts.

    Real spirituality is not a daydream of retreating into the forest or becoming a plaster saint. It's being the person you already are, in the life you already live, but applying the kind of practical step-by-step techniques offered here, so that day by day, moment to moment, your life becomes easier, more fulfilling, and even more enlightened.

    Among these 10 life suggestions you'll discover how to:
    • Awaken to boundless inner awareness.

    • Relax into "just being" by letting go and doing nothing.

    • Practice greater kindness and compassion.

    • Become the perfect student of imperfect teachers.

    • Liberate yourself from exaggerated anxieties about past and future by living in the now.

    • Find simplicity by uncluttering your life from within.

    • Practice devotion and faith for a greater sense of love and happiness.

    • Let go of disappointment by experiencing nonexpectancy.

    • Bless everyone and everything to bring a deeper peace and joy into your life.

    • Disconnect the "dots of perception" to free yourself from labels, limitations, and preconceived notions.

    • Live fully and laugh deeply while being a "mensch" … and more!

    Publishers Weekly has called Dean Sluyter's teaching style "joyously entertaining." In this enlightening audio experience he shows you that the state of boundless freedom and happiness isn't something distant or exotic. It's right here, right now, even when you're stuck in traffic, mowing the lawn, or taking out the trash. Enjoy!
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  18. Awakening the Power of a Modern God

    Awakening the Power of a Modern God

    Discover the ancient spiritual message that is encoded in your DNA … it's the secret of your past, the promise of the future.

    Sometimes we find the solutions to life's deepest mysteries in the most unlikely places. In hindsight, we often find that the most elusive answers were, in fact, right before our eyes. We simply didn't recognize them.

    Awakening the Power of a Modern God: Unlock the Mystery and Healing of Your Spiritual DNA deciphers the great spiritual mystery of how we interact with the forces of creation. In this fascinating program, visionary and scholar Gregg Braden shares the life-changing discovery that led him from a successful career in aerospace and defense to an extensive 12-year study of the most sacred and honored traditions of humankind.

    Crossing the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality, Gregg explores the hidden, but ongoing, dialogue we have with the world around us. His remarkable revelations will give new meaning to every experience and moment of your life.

    First, Gregg cites study after study in which modern science is beginning to prove that there is a field of intelligence that permeates all creation. Second, he reveals recent scientific discoveries that prove that an aspect of this field of intelligence - the ancient name of God - is actually encoded in our DNA. In fact, our bodies were designed specifically to contain God's "spark." And third, he shows us that the ever-present field of intelligence, which is part of God, is continually communicating with us through "Five Mirrors."

    These mirrors are reflections of the energy patterns you convey to the world - a feedback mechanism that allows you to recognize the messages you're sending to yourself. Through these mirrors you can discover the hidden relationships between the seemingly chance events that occur in your life each day and what those events are saying to you about your beliefs, fears, and judgments at a much deeper level.

    In Awakening the Power of a Modern God, you will…
    • Discover what the message that is encoded in your DNA really means.

    • Awaken your godlike power to create the life you want for yourself and the world around you.

    • Discover tangible and unprecedented evidence that we are part of a greater existence.

    • Learn to "read" the silent language of God so you will understand what the moments of your life are saying to you.

    • Explore how the field of energy that forms our universe plays a direct role in your personal life every day.

    • Discover how to use the circumstances of your business, health, family, career, and romantic relationships as guides to become a better person and build a better world.

    • Realize that you don't have to live apart from the world to experience God - this energy is always with you and communicating with you.

    This program presents a portrait of an ever-evolving God - and then it backs it up with a fascinating mix of modern science, case studies, spirituality, and personal stories. Unlike most "new age" products that simply dress up centuries-old concepts in new clothing, this program is truly a new understanding of God, and the spark of God that is literally within you!
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  19. True Prosperity

    True Prosperity

    Few would argue with the belief that not understanding the laws of money can be devastating. It's the reason fortunes are continuously won and lost. The reason new businesses fail. And it's why we often find ourselves broke or short on cash.

    True Prosperity: Success Without Side Effects provides the antidote to financial chaos. Following the laws that govern the universe, this program offers a system that explains all the real-life issues that prevent us from prospering in business and achieving lasting financial fulfillment.

    When you know how money works, you'll never have to worry about money again. It's like knowing how gravity works so you never make the mistake of walking off a ledge. Or like understanding that if you put your finger in an electric socket, you'll get a bad shock.

    True Prosperity is an entirely new paradigm for achieving total fulfillment. It provides a simple set of concepts and tools to remove the fundamental spiritual blocks that prevent prosperity from materializing in all areas of your life.

    Although the tools in this program don't require anything more than your initiative in applying them to your life, it's helpful to know that they come from a revered spiritual tradition called Kabbalah.

    Kabbalah, which literally means "receiving," is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe works. It's the oldest wisdom in the world, tracking back more than 4,000 years.

    It may seem unlikely that concepts and tools that have been around for thousands of years could have any relevance in today's world, especially when it comes to money. But the truth is, these timeless tools are just as effective today as they were then. Over 3.4 million people currently rely on Kabbalah to receive fulfillment in all areas of their life.

    This unique program teaches Kabbalistic concepts and tools that can be specifically applied to the world of business and money to …
    • Achieve financial abundance … without sacrificing your relationships, health, spirituality, or fun.

    • Overcome whatever is holding you back so you can immediately open yourself to receive more.

    • Connect with the energy of abundance and prosperity anyplace, anytime

    • Avoid the pitfalls that prevent your business from flourishing.

    • Develop a strategy that will keep your "financial" consciousness moving forward.

    • Remove chaos from your day-to-day business life.

    • And much more!

    Putting these tools to work in your life might not be quite as easy as wishing you had more money in the bank. But it won't be a whole lot harder either. They are practical tools that are designed to eliminate chaos and replace it with harmony and lasting fulfillment -financial and otherwise.
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  20. Stop Searching and Start Living

    Stop Searching and Start Living

    It seems everyone today is trying to be happier, healthier, more successful, and fulfilled. Yet studies indicate that an overwhelming majority of people still claim they are not living the lives they want.

    According to renowned spiritual medium and psychic Hans Christian King, the problem isn't that true fulfillment is impossible. People are simply looking for it in the wrong place.

    The secret to finding happiness, fulfillment, and your true life's purpose is to stop searching for them from outside sources and learn to tune in to and honor your own inner divinity. There, in that sacred, timeless place of spirit and love, you will find all your heart has longed for - because it already exists, and always has!

    In Stop Searching and Start Living, Hans gently guides you to a new, positive, spirit-centered way of living and perceiving.

    You'll discover how to …
    • Reconnect with long-forgotten experiences of spirit and other-worldly encounters.
    • Unburden yourself of negative perceptions created in childhood.
    • Clearly recognize the divine design of your life.
    • Realize the simple secret to making your greatest dreams and wishes come true.
    • Embrace the immeasurable peace and clarity of the present moment.
    • And so much more!

    Stop Searching and Start Living will show you how to uncover and begin fully being who you really are, instead of who you think you ought to be or who other people want you to be. You'll discover that happiness and freedom are matters of choice, not chance, and you'll be empowered with the tools, confidence, and deep inner confidence to make those choices - every day, in every moment of your life.
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