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Spiritual Growth

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  1. Harnessing Your Life Force

    Harnessing Your Life Force

    Beneath all of the stress, frustrations, fears, and anxieties that you deal with each day, there is an easier, happier way to live. In fact, it is the way you are meant to live - the way your body, mind, and soul have been designed to function.

    The key to achieving this higher, happier, easier way of living is to connect and harmonize with the eternal part of yourself. Whether you call it your Higher Self, your Truth, or your Soul, it is that part of you that knows what you need to be deeply happy and fulfilled at all times.

    In Harnessing Your Life Force: Using Radiant Energy to Align Your Mind-Body with Your Divine Self, spiritual teacher and healer Barbara Mahaffey shows you how to get into congruency with your Soul, so that you can begin to automatically live the life of ease, joy, and abundance you've been structured for.

    The techniques you'll discover in this program are drawn from a wide range of spiritual traditions and belief systems. Simple, powerful, and amazingly effective, they will help you to:

    • Understand and utilize your body's amazing untapped energy sources.
    • Rid yourself of the four main ego beliefs that are at the heart of all problems and dysfunctions.
    • Release stress from your body, using simple techniques with instantaneous results.
    • Get rid of old "imprints" that are negatively impacting your life today.
    • Make all the relationships in your life easy and good again.
    • Create healthy boundaries and master the art of saying no.
    • And so much more!
    When you discover how to live each moment in harmony with your Soul, you'll be astonished by the changes you experience and the empowerment you feel. People and problems that once upset you will no longer affect your peace of mind. You'll be able to stay sane, calm, and centered even in the most challenging situations. The stress and fear you feel today will be replaced by happiness, confidence, and deep knowing that will help you to travel joyfully through your life.

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  2. The Highest Level of Enlightenment

    The Highest Level of Enlightenment

    Scientific blueprint for enlightenment spearheads a major
     jump in spiritual knowledge! Acclaimed by Nobel Prize
     winners and world leaders, it is described by experts
     as "breathtaking!"

    David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, conducted a 29-year study that demonstrated that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person's mental state. He created a scale from 1-1000 that mapped human consciousness. Furthermore, he demonstrated that this map can be used as a blueprint to reach higher states of consciousness that can be identified simply by applying a small amount of pressure on an outstretched arm!

    Dr. Hawkins' research is based on a well-established science called kinesiology, which has to do with the testing of an all-or-none muscle response stimulus. A positive stimulus generates a strong muscle response and a negative stimulus results in a demonstrable weakening of the test muscle. Clinical kinesiological muscle testing as a diagnostic technique has been verified widely over the past 25 years.

    Not only that, but this simple method has also been demonstrated to be an effective tool for instantly calibrating human consciousness. Hawkins created a scale of consciousness based on current discoveries in advanced theoretical physics and the nonlinear dynamics of chaos theory. And this "map of consciousness" now makes it possible for anyone to advance toward higher levels of enlightenment faster than ever imagined!

    After listening to this program, you'll be able to:

    • Advance your level of consciousness and your understanding of human behavior, just by learning the map of consciousness.
    • Gain instant access to information that is beyond the capacity of all the world's computers.
    • Detect the exact point in any complex system where the least effort brings about the greatest result.
    • Understand the power of a simple attitude adjustment as well as the consequences of various emotional states.
    • Learn how people who calibrate high on the map of consciousness can raise the energy level and calibration of thousands of others just by being in their presence!
    • Heal yourself of illness or addiction by reaching the state of consciousness in which it vanishes.
    • Learn which foods, environments, companies, books, etc. are harmful (low energy) and which are beneficial (high energy).
    • Discover the truth or falsity of any statement, irrespective of your opinions or feelings about it.
    • And much more!
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  3. Speaking the Lost Language of God

    Speaking the Lost Language of God

    Is it possible that the choices you make in every moment of every day have a direct effect on the world around you? Could it be that our ancient ancestors left precise instructions for us on how to use our choices to bring healing to our bodies and lasting peace to our modern world?

    In Speaking the Lost Language of God: Awakening the Forgotten Wisdom of Prayer, Prophecy and the Dead Sea Scrolls, you'll discover that the answer to these and similar questions is a resounding "Yes!" Visionary and scientist Gregg Braden takes you on a journey of exploration, discovery, mystery, and insight. A journey that leads you to the wisdom of the ancients and an understanding that the most powerful force in the universe resides within you now.

    In this illuminating program, Gregg cites study after study in which modern science is now proving what the ancients have been saying since the beginning of time: There is an unseen web of energy that connects us all. A growing number of scientist call this web of energy the Mind of God.

    It's through this newly recognized form of energy that we are connected to one another and to the events of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously, this web reflects each choice we make as the healing of our bodies and the peace of the world. As we come to understand this "inner technology" we can claim the experiences that we choose, not only for ourselves, but for our family and our community as well.

    Weaving state-of-the-art research with his extensive knowledge of ancient texts, Gregg offers meaningful solutions to the challenges of our time. For instance, he gives a new interpretation of the Great Isaiah Scroll. Discovered in 1946, this scroll is the only document that was found completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Great Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery - a lost mode of prayer that actually taps into the web of energy that connects us.

    In Speaking the Lost Language of God, you will…

    • Become more aware of the moment-to-moment dialogue you are having with the Mind of God so that this ongoing "conversation" comes from your heart, not from your head.
    • Discover a nonreligious, nondenominational mode of prayer that empowers you to heal your life on every level and bring peace to the nations of our modern world.
    • Awaken your personal power to create the quality of life you choose.
    • Discover the blueprint to understanding and changing the conditions of your life that may no longer serve you.
    • Unravel the mystery of your purpose, possibilities, and relationship to others.
    • Discover how to empower your prayers through the "Lost Mode of Prayer."
    This fascinating mix of studio and live recordings introduces an empowering technology - a new approach to modern living. It offers you a new and deeper understanding of the unseen forces of thought, feeling, and emotion, and how they relate to the web of energy that connects you to the world. In addition to understanding how to work with this web to change the conditions in your life, you'll know how to use your choices to contribute to the common good.This exciting information will give new meaning to every moment of every day of your life!

    Gregg Braden is the New York Times best-selling author of Awakening to Zero Point, Walking Between the Worlds, and The Isaiah Effect. A former earth science expert and computer systems designer, Gregg has journeyed into the remote mountain villages, monasteries, and temples of Tibet, Peru, and Egypt to study ancient texts and spiritual traditions for nearly two decades. His extensive knowledge of ancient texts, coupled with his background in hard sciences, uniquely qualifies him to bring the benefit of long-lost traditions to the forefront of our lives today. A leading authority on bridging the wisdom of our past with the science, medicine, and peace of our future, Gregg has been a featured guest for international conferences and media specials exploring the role of spirituality in technology. The solitude of northern New Mexico's mountains serves as home and inspiration for Gregg between his travels.

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  4. The Higher Self

    The Higher Self

    Discover a world...
    ...where the mind can physically change your body…
    ...where your entire body thinks, not just your brain…
    ...where matter exists only as a swirling pattern of information…
    ...where you actively create your own reality…

    Dr. Deepak Chopra is your guide on this amazing adventure through the realm of your own spirituality and the science of the 21st Century.
    You will learn how modern science has rejected the notion of a reality we can see, hear, taste and touch…how physical matter isn’t really solid at all…that reality changes with the viewpoint of the observer…that, in fact, reality is more like a viewpoint than a thing.

    Most of us tend to assume that body and spirit are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But according to the discoveries of quantum physics, the body is actually a swirling mass of constantly changing energy. It has more in common with what we think of as “spirit” than what we think of as matter.

    Dr. Chopra merges modern science with spirituality to demonstrate how verifiable scientific evidence closely supports ancient metaphysical traditions. And how applying this knowledge can impact all areas of your life. He believes that you can align the energy of your physical body with the energy of the universe, and that by doing this you tap into an infinite reservoir of intelligence. This intelligence is the “higher self.”
    The higher self is the “you” inside of you—the living force that grows and changes in your body throughout your time on earth. It is the “you” behind all of the defenses and images you have created for yourself…the you that really knows why you are here, what it is you need, and how you can get it.

    By transcending to your personal core, the higher self, you discover your true nature—a blissful self of infinite worth.

    The spiritual needs we all have for love, compassion, meaningfulness, total acceptance, devotion and inner peace are not grand goals to be achieved in a distant time and place. They exist here and now and exert powerful influences on our lives. Only be transcending to the higher self can you achieve total, spontaneous fulfillment of these needs.

    In The Higher Self, Dr. Chopra teaches you how to:
    • eliminate fear and other obstacles to spiritual growth
    • rejoin the stream of life through willingness and trust
    • utilize more fully the true solver of problems—intuition
    • untangle pain from suffering
    • liberate your emotional body
    • experience infinite worth
    • learn to heal as a conscious activity
    • establish a relationship with your personal and cosmic mind
    • break the circular trap of addictions and find new pleasures that surpass them
    • develop a quiet mind that can experience the truth of this new reality
    • attain spontaneous right action

    Are you an active and positive force—one who creates reality? You’ll come to realize that at the level of the higher self—you are a force with the power to renew your life at every moment.

    By learning to balance the material, psychological and spiritual levels of your being, you’ll learn to experience the higher self. You’ll become a peaceful, unified, harmonious, whole person.
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  5. It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile

    It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile

    Recorded live at the Miraval Life in Balance Resort and Spa in Arizona, this lecture features Dr. Wayne Dyer as he shares what it's like to go the extra mile and lead a deeper, fuller life. Drawing upon the lessons of great teachers such as St. Francis of Assisi, Viktor Frankl, Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Buddha, Dr. Dyer helps you discover that you can achieve true inner peace and success by integrating 10 powerful "secrets" into your life.

    These 10 principles can transform your everyday existence into a path for spiritual enlightenment. When you begin to experience inner peace for yourself, you'll lose the ability to worry. You'll also lose interest in judging people, and there will be no room for conflict.

    Similarly, you may find yourself thinking and acting spontaneously, experiencing frequent and overwhelming episodes of appreciation. And, you'll learn to attract abundance simply by conceiving of it in your own mind.

    Dr. Dyer goes on to demonstrate the same meditation technique that he himself has used for years to make conscious contact with a higher power. He provides real-life tools that can help you improve the way you relate to others and yourself. Realize that you're a greater person than you ever imagined you could be!

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  6. Your Magical Divine Experiment

    Your Magical Divine Experiment

    In a world where we are continually instructed to set goals and then work hard to achieve them, Your Magical Divine Experiment shows you how to achieve more by doing almost the exact opposite. Because the program helps you achieve your goals from within to without, you can fulfill your heart's desires from the comfort of an overstuffed armchair, on the beach, or in your own sacred place.

    Dr. Luanne Oakes has researched, refined, and used this distinctive manifestation process for the past 36 years to fulfill her own sacred heart's desires. And she's used various applications of the process to help countless others achieve their unique goals.

    As you'll soon discover, doing less to accomplish more is a lot more magical and fun than today's "cortisol- and norepinephrine-driven," health-diminishing lifestyles. The program synthesizes ancient scientific wisdom, vibration therapy, and the latest research in quantum physics to assist you in becoming the resonance of what you want to achieve. This enables you to send the appropriate energetic message to the Universe so that it reflects the experiences you desire back to you.

    In Your Magical Divine Experiment, you'll learn how to:

    • Use "The Law of Least Effort" to fulfill your unique aspirations.

    • Take direct and effective action to achieve any goal … as well as know when you should take action so you'll enjoy more freedom, ease, and fun in the process.

    • Effortlessly let go of old beliefs that drain pleasure and vitality from your cells.

    • Create "Future Memories" to realize immediate positive changes in your life and effect the specific outcomes you want.

    • Expend less Life Force in each moment so you have more energy for creativity, fun, and joy.

    • Biochemically change stress hormones into beta endorphins or "feel-good molecules" so you can more readily attract the things you want into your life.

    Listen to the program and free yourself of the notion that staying incessantly busy and withstanding trials and tribulations are prerequisites for achievement. Align with your heart's most treasured and unique desires, and then simply stay alert for the magical synchronistic clues that will clarify, direct, and illuminate your unique path.

    Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., has integrated Western and Eastern philosophies of science, spirituality, and health for over 25 years. A renowned author, scientific metaphysical researcher, spiritual alchemist, healing facilitator, and composer/musician, she coaches physicians, psychiatrists, performers, and business professionals from all over the world. She is the creator of the Nightingale-Conant programs Spiritual Alchemy and Sound Health, Sound Wealth.
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  7. Excuses Begone! How To Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits

    Excuses Begone! How To Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits

    Have you noticed that no matter how much you learn and grow, no matter how much you want it, you still run into roadblocks when you’re ready to move up to the next level?

    Excuses, limits, and other obstacles shut the door to your dreams. And you’re left with feelings of guilt, frustration, and even hopelessness.

    But there is hope. And Dr. Wayne Dyer brings it to you by the truckload!

    In his newest workshop, he shows you that it’s not your fault. And he presents his proven seven-step solution that will change the way you think forever.

    You’ll learn to apply specific questions to any self-limiting thought. The thoughts that are blocking you from acting on your aspirations melt away as you proceed through the steps of this powerful process.

    Open your mind to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new way of thinking — the “excuses begone way of life.” He shows you, step by step, how you can actually change your brain chemistry and align your thoughts to a higher place where limits don’t exist. From there you can:

    • Recognize the truth that all things are possible
    • Discover why no excuse is worth defending ever
    • Live in the flow of universal harmony and peace
    • Train your mind and body to live without sickness and suffering
    • Align your thoughts with universal goodness and begin to live with contentment, gratitude, and awe
    • Awaken to new possibilities and your Divine magnificence

    Are you ready to follow a straightforward process for changing self-defeating thoughts? To overcome your blocks? To partner your mind with the unlimited universe?

    If you have any self-sabotaging thoughts at all, I urge you to put Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Begone! program to work for you today and start attracting and fulfilling your most challenging desires.

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  8. Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

    Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

    I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. (Mark 11:23)

    There is a divine healing power within you. It is a powerful force on which we all can depend. You can use this power to make wonderful things happen in your life. Not just coincidences, but scenarios in which you desire for something to happen, and it happens. This healing power you have doesn't require you to use any rituals or any formalities. It is a simple power, a manifestation of the divine within you.

    In Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power: Making the Connection with the SOURCE of all Healing, Dr. Ron Roth will teach you how to connect to an inherent cellular intelligence within you. It is a divine healing power every person has and that every person already uses unconsciously. This program will show you how to bring this power into your active consciousness so you can direct it toward the results you desire.

    The strategy for bringing this divine power into your active consciousness lies within the power of prayer. The prayer Ron talks about is the kind that can bring out miraculous results. It's about an energy within us, an authority and power within that we can bring forth, and then expect great things to happen. It is the faith that lives within you and you can get it to work for you.

    In Medjugorje Yugoslavia, for example, there has been documented research into spiritual healing energy. For the past 19 years, miracles have been happening there. When people get together to pray there is a healing energy that is released and that has been recorded by machines. There were extremely high energy readings during certain prayers, followed by a rapid disappearance. On that Friday evening, the people inside the church were subjected to one hundred rads per hour. The maximum amount of radiation a human can withstand is 0.1 rad per day. By all known accounts, then, those people should have died from radiation symptoms. But on the contrary, everyone was in good health. Therefore, the only conclusion to draw is that the energy was spiritual in origin.

    In the same way, you have the capacity to generate that kind of a surge of divine energy, an energy that can heal you and the people around you. What Ron can do, you can also do. And the healing can occur in any part of your life that needs it.

    Faith that can move mountains

    Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:20)"

    As a former priest, Ron Roth took those words to heart. He studied the miracles of Jesus and of prophets such as Elijah and Moses and he realized that what these men did was not anything like the "prayer" we have been taught. He developed a system prayer based on the principle of decree. It can be called blessing. It can be called command. But whatever you call it, it will teach you how to speak to your mountain.

    What is your mountain? Is it a physical disability, a broken relationship, a career problem? In Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power, Ron Roth will show you how to speak to that mountain knowing you have the authority to do it and knowing that something will follow. He will show you how to expect a result and how to make that result happen.

    True knowledge isn't about intellect as much as it is about spirit. It isn't about the mind as much as it is about having firsthand experience of something on an intimate level.
    There's a tremendous power available when you really understand prayer on an intimate level. It's spiritual dynamite.

    Jesus said to speak to your mountain. Whatever that mountain is, whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual, it doesn't matter. The principle of decree works across the board if you learn how to work the principle. And Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power will show you how to use it and work it.

    The power to move mountains is already in you. This program will simply show you how to release that power. It will show you, step by step, how to develop the spiritual power that will allow you to give a command for something to happen and then witness it as it happens. There are no limits to what you can accomplish once you have reclaimed your spiritual power. Nothing will be impossible for you.
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  9. The Spirit of Success

    The Spirit of Success

    Economic challenges often present a unique opportunity to understand the difference between money and wealth. Money is a symbol that expresses how we value ourselves and others and also represents society’s values at a particular time and place in history. Wealth, on the other hand, is a state of consciousness that represents generosity of spirit that translates into material abundance.

    In the powerful and unique program recorded live in front of a sold-out audience, you’re presented solutions to some of the toughest challenges at this time in our generation. For the first time together Marianne Williamson and Dr. Deepak Chopra will take you through an in-depth understanding of consciousness as a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite energy and infinite abundance.

    To begin, Marianne will guide you in the realization of your career as a spiritual journey, viewing your path to success as an initiation into your higher self. She will teach you how to tap into the Law of Divine Compensation – the power of love to compensate for any limitations in the material world. Through devotion, prayer, meditation, forgiveness and compassion for self and others, you will activate your miraculous power to turn limited probabilities into unlimited possibilities.

    In The Spirit of Success, you’ll learn:

    • How to create a mind-map of your soul
    • How to become a person who sees things differently
    • Two extremes of consciousness
    • Effortless spontaneity
    • And much more

    Using a combination of techniques involving silent brain-storming, mind-mapping, and finding creative opportunities in perceived problems, Deepak will then take you through an updated experience of the spiritual laws that create success in all its’ forms.

    This program, The Spirit of Success, promises to be intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, grounded in both meta-physics and science, and will teach you how to reinvest yourself and your business or career, respond appropriately to any challenge your face, and reactivate the spirit of success.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and expert in the area of holistic healing.  His writings on how people can change their lives using the mind-body connection have been translated into 22 languages and have inspired thousands the world over.  Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being in LaJolla, California, Dr. Chopra has popularized Ayurveda, India’s ancient yet timeless system of natural healing.  He is recognized internationally for his breadth of experiential wisdom and knowledge, and he is the author of many best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs including Magical Mind, Magical Body.

    Marianne Williamson is the number one New York Times best-selling author of A Return to Love, A Woman’s Worth, Healing the Soul of America, Enchanted Love, and Illuminata. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have inspired spiritual seekers the world over. She is also featured in Nightingale-Conant’s pre-eminent audio programs The Principles of Everyday Grace and The Ten Bridges of Transformation. Marianne continues to inspire audiences on a global scale as she lectures internationally in the fields of spirituality and new thought.

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  10. Through Fear to Love

    Through Fear to Love

    Experience the magnificence of your deepest self, and begin living a life of authenticity, integrity, and true empowerment!
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  11. The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection

    The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection

    Hailed as the "pioneer in the medicine of the future", Dr. Deepak Chopra has bridged the gap between the modern medicine of the West and the wisdom of the East, applying the traditions of ancient healing to the present-day challenges that we all face.

    In this rare collection of live and studio works, Dr. Chopra will take you on a journey of invaluable healing and self-discovery. Integrating the power of the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Chopra has an exceptional gift of articulating the extraordinary mysteries of healing, in a manner that is both logical and understandable.

    Each volume of this comprehensive library offers you the best of what Dr. Chopra has to offer on topics such as the five sensory healing techniques; the three body types and how each can gain greater health and vitality; the transforming power of following your spiritual purpose; the role of karma in healing; Ayurveda techniques on how to cure life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease; uncovering your soul's true nature; and awakening your body's own personal pharmacy through powerful meditations and practical exercises.

    As you listen, you will discover how finding balance through the integration of mind, body, and spirit can not only create greater health in your life, but can also reverse
    the aging process.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and expert in the area of holistic healing. His writings on how people can change their lives using the mind-body connection have been translated into 22 languages and have inspired thousands the world over. Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being in LaJolla, California, Dr. Chopra has popularized Ayurveda, India's ancient yet timeless system of natural healing.

    His best-selling books include Quantum Healing; Perfect Health; Unconditional Life: Mastering the Forces that Shape Personal Reality; Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; The Seven Spiritual Laws; and The Way of the Wizard. He is recognized internationally for his breadth of experiential wisdom and knowledge, and he is the author of many best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs.

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  12. Choice Point

    Choice Point

    Right now we are laying the foundation for a new era of human existence — an opportunity that won’t come around again for another 5,000 years!

    The predictions for 2012 and beyond range from an era of chaos and destruction to a thousand years of peace and cooperation. So the choices we make now are critical to our welfare, our children’s lives, and even affect entire civilizations over the next 5,000 years.

    Gregg Braden, a renowned scientist, scholar and bestselling author of three previous Nightingale-Conant programs, presents to you his life’s work. In Choice Point, Gregg merges science and spirituality in a way that’s new for him, new to you, and something the world has never experienced before.

    Get ready to embark on a new way of thinking and being. Because ancient science proves how your choices today have a profound effect on futures tomorrow. Not simply your future and your family’s future ... but the future of mankind!

    With this timely program, you will be able to do your part to help tip the scales toward an era of peace and cooperation in the new world age. Plus, you’ll learn: 

    • The simple way you and I can effect positive global change.
    • How to find the times in your future when you can expect a repeat of the conditions of the past.
    • Whether we could have known about 9/11/01 before tragedy struck.
    • The pivotal mistake we could make right now that could destroy us.
    • The powerful message that was left 5,000 years ago that was meant precisely for
      us today.
    • How to identify the dates that hold the greatest threats of war and the greatest opportunities for peace.
    • The powerful and surprising relationship between the Earth’s magnetic fields and the human heart.

    For the first time, we have a realistic view into what we can expect in the coming months and years. We also have a clear strategy that, if followed by enough people, can end war and other problems that have plagued the world.

    Armed with Gregg Braden’s newest Nightingale-Conant audio program, a writable PDF workbook, and access to his own Time Code Calculator, you hold the power to
    change anything!

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  13. Soul Mapping

    Soul Mapping

    In SOUL MAPPING: An Imaginative Journey to Self-Discovery you are invited to actively participate in discovering your truest self, that part of you that is deeply connected to all of the wisdom, peace, and joy that you would ever need. Through the combined insights of Nina Frost, Dr. Kenneth Ruge, and Dr. Richard Shoup (The Vocare Group), you will be taken on an exciting journey of self-discovery. As you create your soul map, you will unveil your deepest desires and find provocative ways in which to make your hidden dreams and aspirations a reality.

    SOUL MAPPING: An Imaginative Journey to Self-Discovery is a pro-active program in which you are given the many tools to create your unique soul map. Your map is comprised of ten distinct individual maps that, when assembled, will aid you in solving many of your life's unanswered questions, allowing you to experience the vast breadth of your greatness.

    Each of these maps is an exploration of such themes as:
    * Revisiting and re-connecting with your childhood memories and longings.
    * Exploring various pleasures and pastimes that you are passionate about.
    * Awakening your hidden desires and innermost passions.
    * Investigating the effects of past education and the potential of future education.
    * Opening to the gift of your envy and the insights that it brings to your sense of self.
    * Making note of the roles that grief, detours and losses have played in your soul's development.
    * And much more!
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  14. Life Visioning: A Four-Stage Evolutional Journey To Live As Divine Love

    Life Visioning: A Four-Stage Evolutional Journey To Live As Divine Love

    Step your life up to the NEXT LEVEL of awareness,
     achievement, purpose and fulfillment!

    As far as you’ve come in life, there is more awaiting you than you can imagine. More you are capable of. More you are meant to do, experience, and enjoy.

    Michael Bernard Beckwith is a world-renowned master at helping people tap into their deepest reserves of potential and move up to that “next level” of awareness, abundance, purpose and fulfillment. He has guided and inspired millions through his organization, books, television appearances, and his role in the film The Secret.

    Michael calls his unique awakening process “Life Visioning.” Now, for the first time ever, he has created a full-length audio course that will guide YOU through this same extraordinary process … so you can begin the adventure of conscious participation in your soul’s continuing evolution. You will discover:

    • The Four Stages of Awakening – Victim Consciousness, Manifester, Channel, and Being Consciousness – and where you currently are in the process
    • How to embrace the evolutionary impulse that governs the universe
    • How to cultivate “the sacred yes factor” to unlock your life’s highest vision
    • Surviving the “breakdowns” that often precede the “breakthroughs”
    • The three kinds of meditation — contemplative, existential, and spiritual — and why it’s essential to practice each one
    • Why true surrender means yielding to the excellence waiting to unfold within you
    • Developing your intuition, the fundamental skill in the Life Visioning Process
    • Why all forgiveness is self-forgiveness, and how to achieve it
    • And much, much more!

    You've come this far in life. Now it's time to go further! Accept the challenge to evolve to the next level of awakening and fulfill the promise that has been yours since
    the beginning.

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  15. In The World, But Not Of It

    In The World, But Not Of It

    Walk the awakened path in our technologically-centered culture!

    It seems the further the world advances, the harder it becomes to lead a life that is centered in love, graciousness, and compassion. That is until now …

    In In The World, But Not Of It, spiritual trailblazer Dr. David Hawkins shares timely insights on why generating spiritual experiences using isolated techniques provides only temporary awakenings. And he explains how to turn normal activities into your
    spiritual practice.

    Dr. Hawkins provides example after example of practical things you can do in a variety of everyday situations to reach advanced states of consciousness. You’ll experience great joy as you practice being in the world, but not of it.

    Plus, you’ll discover …

    • How you can help raise the consciousness of the world
    • Why being accountable for your choices and actions is central to your
      spiritual evolution
    • How to make sure that you’re not fooling yourself about the responsibility (or lack thereof) that you take for your life
    • How you should deal with people who are not very conscious
    • What things you should embrace and what you should avoid in our technologically advanced world
    • How to avoid getting overly stressed by change
    • And much more

    This extraordinary program captures Dr. Hawkins’ startling brilliance, infectious humor, and deep understanding of walking the awakened path as a citizen of the world. He doesn’t share theory in this program. He has one objective: to save you as much suffering as possible by giving you practical tools and suggestions that lead to immense spiritual growth and the joy that comes with it.

    £71.44 Select
  16. The Simple Secrets of Inner Peace

    The Simple Secrets of Inner Peace

    INSTANTLY REMOVE the obstacles to your inner peace, happiness and health!

    Imagine being able to summon clarity, wisdom, insight, happiness, or peace instantly, exactly when you need it. Sitting in a meeting. Standing in your kitchen. Driving in traffic.

    To be able to go from confusion to complete understanding ... from stress to relaxation ... from chaos to calm ... in a moment. Any moment.

    That kind of instantaneous change IS possible, through a flash of intuitive insight known as satori.

    The Simple Secrets of Inner Peace is the perfect mixture of instruction, personal experience, and practicality to help you become receptive to satori and experience its power in your everyday life. You get:

    • Easy tools you can use to grease the wheel to your own powerful “aha” moments where you get a deep understanding of truth
    • Sanskrit and koans, which are riddle-like rhetorical puzzles that Zen masters use to help students realize satori
    • Guided exercises that take you beyond the daily grind to a place of pure empowerment and freedom
    • Powerful exercises that help you attain a state of inner peace, and enjoyable practices that provides a sense of deep comfort even in the midst of your busy life

    The benefits of satori are incredible. You will have a deep sense of well being, and you’ll feel grounded and secure. Your life will become more enjoyable and expand to include the universe itself. The world will look different. It WILL BE different. Because you will
    be different.

    Give yourself the ultimate gifts of inner peace, freedom, and pure empowerment with this enlightening and deeply transformational program.

    £81.65 Select
  17. Essence of the Bhagavad-Gita

    Essence of the Bhagavad-Gita

    Written in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the Bhagavad-Gita is a compelling epic poem that holds within it all of the answers to the questions that have baffled humankind since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so well into the future.

    Studied by great scholars and world leaders such as Gandhi, Emerson, Thoreau, and Martin Luther King, the Bhagavad-Gita has played a significant role in transforming their lives and the lives of many who have had the privilege of experiencing the ancient wisdom of this truly inspired text firsthand.

    In this provocative and thought-provoking program, Steven Hartman takes you on an extraordinary journey with the epic's hero, Arjuna, as he searches for ultimate peace in his life, all the while standing in the midst of a great battle. As he prepares to embark in warfare against his cousin, he is given the gift of having the divine one, Krishna, at his side. Krishna imparts all of his great wisdom to Arjuna in what appears to be eons, but in fact, is only a moment in time.

    Through powerful interpretation, storytelling, and the personal insights that he has experienced throughout his own life, Steven sheds great light on the many layers of teachings that are presented in this short yet sometimes perplexing text. He then provides you with practical tools and applications with which you can apply the wisdom of the Gita to your own life.

    Some of the insights that you will gain as you integrate this program into your life are how to:

    • See beyond the illusions that you have created - the limited beliefs that you have about yourself, your life, and the lives of those around you.
    • Create more balance in your life, and experience it with a greater sense of fullness, strength, and joy.
    • Stretch yourself beyond your current perceptions of life and death, and uncover the infinite spiritual being that you really are.
    • Take action in your life and surrender to the outcome, feeling the true bliss that comes with experiencing the present moment to its fullest.
    • Come to peace with your own mortality, find effective ways to quell your anxieties, and gain greater compassion for yourself and others in your life.
    • Quiet your mind, and experience the joys and pains of life fully and without being harmed, all the while experiencing peace within any given challenge that you are faced with.
    • Uncover your hidden fears, and experience them as your allies as you work with them to attain true contentment in your life.

    £71.44 Select
  18. Sri Siva's Personal Transformation

    Sri Siva's Personal Transformation

    From time immemorial, the meditation masters of the Tamil Siddha tradition in India have worked to perfect techniques that help people manipulate their physical reality. The focus of their teachings is "heaven on earth," the attainment of total material and spiritual abundance in the here and now.

    At the heart of these teachings lies a collection of mantras - magical sounds that were revealed thousands of years ago to the yogis of India, during sessions of deep contemplation.

    Since their discovery, these mantras have been believed to be the language of the gods, and the most clear and effective way for humans to communicate with the Divine. Meditation master and renowned scholar and mystic Sri Siva has created a program that will introduce you to some of the most powerful and specific mantras ever discovered. He will teach you exactly how to use these potent "secret sounds" to create real, dramatic changes in any area of your life, with remarkable speed.

    Discover potent secrets from a living Indian master

    In Personal Transformation, this respected and revered guru will show you how to use the mystical art of mantra meditation to achieve practical results in your life today. The meditations you will learn and practice will empower you to create very specific changes in your life.

    By following Sri Siva's guidance, you can:
    • Enhance your physical, psychological, and spiritual beauty
    • Manifest the material comforts you desire
    • Eliminate earthly problems like debt and litigation
    • Empower yourself with a personal connection to God
    • Counteract negativity in your life and in the wider world
    • Create profitable new professional opportunities
    • And much more!

    This 12 part system is designed to guide you through a one-year journey to total spiritual and material abundance. Each month, you'll focus your practice on one specific area of your life. Sri Siva's firm yet gentle guidance will stimulate your powers of reflection, opening your mind to the truth of your reality and the changes you need and want to make in that area.

    The full spectrum of meditative mantras

    For years, Sri Siva remained virtually silent about the enormously powerful meditation practice in which he had been trained. He shared these mystical secrets with only a select few, including trusted friend and student Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer focused on one particular meditation in his program, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny.

    In Personal Transformation Sri Siva himself speaks at last, revealing not just one powerful sound, but the full spectrum of meditative mantras that address the most important issues in your life, including finances, health, relationships, longevity, business profit, risk taking, and enlightenment.

    A system more than 2,000 years in the making, Personal Transformation will give you the wisdom, knowledge, and practical tools you need to systematically transform every aspect of your life and enjoy the inner and outer abundance we are all meant to have.
    £153.14 Select
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