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Wealth Building

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  1. How to Retire Rich

    How to Retire Rich

    What does "retiring rich" mean to you? For some, a rich retirement is one of travel and adventure, for others it is a condo in Florida - full of relaxed leisure. For some, it is the free time to spend with one's grandchildren without any financial worries, for others it is the financial means to contribute to charitable causes and volunteer one's time without the pressure of "paying the bills."

    Now is your chance to personally plan your retirement so that you too can look forward to a future filled with an abundance of leisure time, laughter, joy, and ultimate financial freedom. In How to Retire Rich: Create Your "Second Life" by Following Your Fortune Formula, America's Money Answers Man and retirement expert Jordan Goodman gets up close and personal with you about building your specific plan to financial freedom. In this comprehensive program Jordan dispels several age-old retirement myths and shares everything you'd ever want to know about the pitfalls and benefits of various retirement lifestyle and investment options that are available to you.

    To launch you into the planning mode, Jordan provides you with a Retirement Readiness Checklist that will assist you in establishing just how ready you are to retire. You'll then take a Life Goals Inventory profile to assist you in clarifying your existing goals and building a foundation for your unique vision for your retirement. Then you'll follow one or more of our patented "fortune formulas" and your Dreamscape Action List for turning your retirement dreams into reality.

    Jordan introduces you to a myriad of exceptional tools, concepts, and strategies that cover the full gamut of preparatory work that you will need to do for your retirement. Following his advice to create your own personally tailored plan will not only free you of the burden of an unpredictable future, but it can also be a fun-filled and personally rewarding undertaking.

    Included in your Fortune Formula Retirement Planning Kit you will find:
    • Your Retirement Readiness, Life Goals Inventory, and Dreamscape Action Checklists.
    • A massive array of simple and user-friendly tables and spreadsheets to assist you in successful preparation and financial planning for your retirement.
    • A listing of the 9 Keys to Intelligent Stock Investing.
    • An explanation of the 5 Categories of Stocks and hot tips on how to effectively invest for the future.
    • A breakdown of the 10 Investment Risks.
    • A listing of the 6 Tough Questions to ask in evaluating an early retirement offer.
    • An action plan on how you can get the best insurance deals.
    • Strategies for fool-proofing your plans and arranging your estate to avoid additional costs.
    • The 10 Action Steps that you can take to effectively survive economic downturn.
    • …And much, much more!
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  2. The Confident Millionaire

    The Confident Millionaire

    Don't be afraid to be a millionaire!

    Afraid ... to be a millionaire? It might sound crazy, but the fact is, for most people, fear and anxiety are really the only two factors standing in the way of their achieving wealth and financial freedom. Yet, if you can identify and conquer these fears and learn how to play the wealth-building game with confidence, you will win it.

    In this highly original program, Kelvin Boston - former financial consultant and host of the acclaimed PBS program Moneywise - acts as your personal coach, showing you how to overcome your financial fears and master the key strategies of long-term wealth building so that you can easily create a lifetime of secure, ever-growing wealth for yourself and your family.

    Confident Millionaire will help you overcome the fears that have been holding you back from financial success by arming you with insight, simple and effective wealth-building strategies, and the emotional courage to take the big steps that are guaranteed to lead you to your dreams. Once you master your fear, you'll find all the proven wealth-building advice you need to succeed, including:
    • The seven proven steps to complete financial success.

    • Secrets to effectively manage your credit so that it is working for you at all times.

    • How to build wealth through home ownership.

    • Profitable long-term investment strategies.

    • The secrets to building wealth through human capital.

    • And much, much more!

    The average person is perfectly capable of becoming financially successful using simple strategies that involve managing credit, planning for the future, wise investing, and home ownership. But each of these vital steps requires financial courage.

    Confident Millionaire will give you both the courage and the knowledge to move quickly and confidently to a life of wealth, abundance, and total financial freedom.

    Kelvin E. Boston is a respected financial journalist, public speaker, and bestselling author who has been referred to as an "outspoken voice for economic empowerment." He is the executive producer and host of the Moneywise with Kelvin Boston PBS series. An official PBS series since 2000, Moneywise with Kelvin Boston is considered public television's longest-running multicultural financial affairs television series. In addition to airing on public television stations, Moneywise with Kelvin Boston also airs on the PBS YOU Satellite Channel and the Armed Forces Television Network, where it reaches military households in 177 countries around the world.

    In 2003, Kelvin Boston was awarded the National Community Reinvestment Coalition's (NCRC) annual award for promoting economic justice. He speaks annually before government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit associations, and in 2005, he received the Communicator of the Year award from the National Association of Market Developers. He is also the author of the bestselling book Smart Money Moves for African Americans (Putnam 1995) and a former regional financial planning manager for American Express Financial Advisors.
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  3. The Fountain of Wealth

    The Fountain of Wealth

    What if you could spend the day with a former VP at Citibank and Economic Advisor to President Reagan?
    Would you want to know where he invests his money? Where he sees the areas of business and wealth opportunities in the next one, two or three years?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who was the Valedictorian of Wharton Business School and multi-millionaire at age 26? Would you want to know what businesses he has started? His secrets for entrepreneurial success?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who's advised some of the most successful retail corporations in the world on how to market and distribute their products? Would you want to know his favorite websites? What he buys and from whom? His ideas for getting the best value for your money as a consumer?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who has done the definitive research on the next trillion dollar industry-The Wellness Industry? Would you want to know what he thinks the trends will be for this remarkable industry in the next ten years? How about his advice on starting a wellness business of your own? Or, how your existing business can take advantage of these trends?

    What if you could spend the day with a man who made millions in his twenties, advised Presidents in his thirties and decided to slow down and start a family in his forties? Would you be interested to hear his definition of "true wealth?" Would you want to know how he integrates a high quality family life, with a high-stress
    professional life?

    In this life-changing program, The Fountain of Wealth, you will spend a day with a such a man-his name is Paul Zane Pilzer. Most people know Paul as an economist, who covers the global issues that affect all of our individual lives. But here, for the first time ever, Paul will share his personal secrets for success-a side of Paul only his students at New York University have ever been able to witness. Never before has all of this "insider" information been organized in one place, in one incredible product, presented an organized with one central purpose in mind: increasing your personal
    wealth and happiness.

    Listen and learn as Paul uncovers the immense opportunities that exist for everyone in our capitalistic economy and teaches you how to create wealth with those opportunities through a process he calls "economic alchemy." Far from a polyanna approach, the Six Laws of Economic Alchemy will give you the "big picture" of how our economy truly operates and empower you to create a better life for yourself, your family and your customers. These laws will reveal how our economy is like an eternal "Fountain" of wealth, increasing the quality of choices available in every arena of life. Using this process as a foundation, Paul then shows how these laws can be applied to several areas of your individual life. You'll learn:

    • How to "quit, before you're fired" and other new rules for career success.
    • How to "weave" work and family and forget "balance."
    • Why the distinction between "entrepreneurs" and "employees" has been blurred.
    • The "fifty percent rule" for deciding whether to leave your current employer.
    • The new financial strategies for the new economy; including mutual funds, real estate, tax-deferred vehicles, and intellectual property.
    • Why the concept of "retirement" was an anomaly, and not even desirable.
    • How to stake your claim in the next trillion-dollar market.
    • How to take advantage of the wealth of choices on the internet.
    • Why in the new economy, contrary to popular wisdom, community and relationships have never been better.
    • How to get more of the wealth that money can't buy.

    Finally, in one place, you have an OPERATING MANUAL FOR SUCCESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. The Fountain of Wealth will completely revolutionize the way you see life-as a businessperson, as a consumer, as a parent, and as a spiritual being.

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  4. Multiple Streams of Income for a New Millennium

    Multiple Streams of Income for a New Millennium

    Start enjoying multiple streams of effortless income
    in as little as 90 days from now!

    Do you want to be financially free? Do you want to end your money pressures forever? Would you like to double your income... while working half as much or even less?

    Through difficult economies and prosperous times, through bull and bear markets, countless financially secure people have created and continued to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle because of what they learned from one man: Robert Allen.

    In Multiple Streams of Income for a New Millennium, this renowned moneymaking expert reveals his ultimate wealth secret: how to quickly and easily create "automatic" streams of effortless income that will support you for the rest of your life. You'll learn:

    • The 9 QUESTIONS that can convert your ideas into a lifetime of effort-free income

    • The ULTIMATE money machine — and the right and wrong way to cash in on it

    • The MONEY TREE formula for a solid investment strategy

    • How to obtain profits from the SECRET STREAM OF INCOME the big banks don't want you to know about

    • How to make a FORTUNE with the 5 Rings of Riches

    • The SECRETS to achieving wealth in real estate in today's market

    • How to manage your multiple streams of income on as little as ONE HOUR a week

    • Plus MORE THAN 120 other work-free wealth secrets!

    Robert Allen's practical, innovative, and many-times-proven advice, combined with a realistic set of goals and a firm commitment to getting ahead, can help you easily achieve and maintain a level of wealth you never thought possible, even in challenging economic times.

    Set yourself on the path to true financial prosperity and security today with the groundbreaking, game-changing program!

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  5. Rich Dad Secrets

    Rich Dad Secrets

    The rich follow a different set of rules for making and keeping money. In fact, the rich live in a world most of us know nothing about. They pay less in taxes and set their lives up in such a way that money constantly comes into their pockets. At the same time, they use expenses to their advantage. In other words, it’s the rules of the rich that make them rich.

    Rich Dad Secrets to Money, Business, and Investing offers the sessions about money that Robert Kiyosaki, a self-made millionaire, learned from his rich dad … a dad that gave him not money, but only his secrets to acquiring great wealth. In this groundbreaking program, done exclusively for Nightingale-Conant, you’ll learn these priceless secrets.

    Instead of working for money, you’ll learn how to make money work hard for you. You’ll discover why you don’t need a high income to become rich—and that all you do need is the type of financial education this program offers. If you’re looking for bold new ideas about money and are ready to make financial changes in your life, this program is just what you’re looking for.
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  6. The Abundant Life

    The Abundant Life

    Discover the surprising secrets to creating the prosperous life you deserve!

    Are you always running out of money or worried that you will? Does your salary never seem to stretch far enough? Are you living beyond your means and unable to see a way out? Is your financial situation one of the major sources of stress and anxiety in your life? You can change all of that, now and forever. The Abundant Life will show you how.

    The Abundant Life offers a clear, simple, step-by-step system that will help you permanently free yourself from what author Jerrold Mundis calls "underearning." This highly effective program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Nor does it advocate pinching pennies, working overtime, or taking a job you hate.

    Instead, The Abundant Life will show you how to change your relationship with money at the deepest levels. When you do that, you will pave the way for lasting change and create a path on which money can easily flow into your life.

    As you progress through The Abundant Life, you may be shocked to find out all the ways you've been saying "no" to money through the years - and the unsuspected ways you can bring much more money into your life, without expending a lot more effort.

    You'll discover:
    • The common characteristics that indicate a problem with underearning.

    • How to let money into your life - money that isn't borrowed and that exceeds your basic needs.

    • The three things NOT to do - starting right now.

    • A powerful tool that shows you where your money has been going (you'll be surprised!).

    • Practical techniques that will substantially increase your earning power.

    • The mistaken attitude that keeps your focus on financial problems, not solutions, and how to eliminate it.

    • Proven steps to getting out of debt and staying debt-free forever.

    • Three lists that will change what you're doing with money immediately and lead you to a financial miracle.

    • How to use money more effectively and pleasurably.

    • And much, much more!
    The Abundant Life will show you how to make a permanent and empowering change in your thoughts and feelings about money - a change that promises to produce a life of abundance!
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  7. Crashproof Your Life

    Crashproof Your Life

    Safeguard your life against the unexpected!

    In these turbulent times, you can have a sense of security that will resonate through your life. In this revolutionary program, acclaimed author, lawyer, and speaker Thomas Schweich will walk you through every professional, financial, and personal challenge that you could possibly face.

    From the dangers of poorly worded e-mails to the loopholes in insurance policies, Schweich will not only warn you of curve balls that life might throw your way, but also provides the tools you can implement to avoid all of the major risks to your life.

    Crashproof Your Life will tell you how to:

    • Maintain healthy, progressive, and mutually beneficial relationships in the workplace
    • Defend yourself against the financial disaster that could occur with market downturns, accidents, natural disasters, or other unexpected financial responsibilities
    • Protect yourself and your loved ones against the financial burdens that you may occur due to college expenses, aging parents, or unexpected illness
    • Protect and even enhance your assets with Mr. Schweich's pyramid model of financial planning
    • Effectively use the latest technological advances to your financial benefit
    • Foolproof your written and oral communications against adverse professional or legal recourse
    • Create a financial structure that will help you pay off debts and weather any financial storm that the volatile marketplace could send your way
    • Protect yourself against lengthy, exhausting, and costly lawsuits
    • And much, much more
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  8. The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing Program

    The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing Program

    Does the idea of becoming a Weekend Millionaire® intrigue you? Are you skeptical about becoming rich? There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of programs and materials on how to get rich. Many of them promise a lot but deliver very little. The difference in this program is that the ideas and concepts you'll learn are simple, realistic, and doable, and they work. There are no gimmicks, tricks, or attention-getting publicity stunts designed to mislead you into thinking you'll get rich quick. And best of all, you'll learn from two men who've done it - and they'll teach you every step they took.

    Real estate investing is not limited to wealthy tycoons. People from all walks of life own rental properties and are becoming rich doing so. You no longer need to be a slave to a weekly paycheck. All successful people have defining moments that change their lives forever. Moments when they have a flash of insight about their potential and ability to be successful that forever sticks in their mind as a moment that turned their life around. This program can produce one of those defining moments for you!

    In The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing Program: How to Get Rich in Your Spare Time, you'll learn that you don't have to quit your day job to get started and be successful in real estate. The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing Program is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to target a possible real estate property and analyze its true value to get the absolute most out of your investment, whether you plan to rent or sell. This program gives you a long-term strategy, based on sound market principles, to leverage the properties you buy and develop to create a substantial cash flow without major capital investment.

    The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing Program is filled with practical ideas that work. In one of the most complete products on real estate investing you will find anywhere, successful real estate investors Mike Summey and Roger Dawson take the potentially complex topic of real estate investing and turn it into a simple, easy-to-understand process that shows you how to build wealth. Mike and Roger both have proven track records when it comes to real estate wealth building and show you how you can create a game plan for success over the process of eight weekends.

    In this program you will learn:
    • How to find ideal investment properties.
    • How to determine the investment value of a property.
    • How to manage and maintain properties (you won't be doing this yourself).
    • Power negotiating techniques, or "Gambits," as Roger Dawson calls them.
    • An 8-step plan for weekend real estate investing.
    • The 14 biggest mistakes real estate investors make.
    • How to find motivated sellers.
    • How to find no-money-down deals.
    • And much, much more!
    Mike and Roger first met when Mike hired Roger to speak at an outdoor advertising convention in 1986. Since that time, they have become close friends who respect and admire each other's unique talents and skills. Mike and Roger have come together in this audio program to bring you investment strategies that will allow you to build a strong financial future, using your spare time. If you are serious about wanting to turn your life around and become rich investing in real estate, this program can show you how to do it. They will show you how to become a Weekend Millionaire®.

    Mike Summey purchased his first investment property, a single-family home, at age 34. While working a demanding job, he used his spare time to purchase hundreds of houses, apartments, and commercial rental properties - over half of which he owns free and clear. He retired at age 50 with a seven-figure annual income from his properties.

    Roger Dawson was president of one of California's largest real esate firms before becoming an internationally recognized negotiating expert. His students have invested over $30 million in his Nightingale-Conant audio program The Secrets of Power Negotiating.
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  9. How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month

    How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month

    Become Financially Free on Just $50 a Month — and Not Outlive Your Money!

    Is it possible to become financially free on just $50 per month?

    This claim is not only powerful but also accurate. And Bill Staton, author of the bestselling Nightingale-Conant program The Seven Secrets to Becoming a Multimillionaire, has the data to prove his techniques can help you become financially free.
    In this exciting mix of live and studio recordings with Bill and Mary Staton, you’ll learn:
    • A multitude of simple and easy ways to find and save at least $50 a month
    • How to avoid the stockbroker and invest directly into some of the finest companies in the world, including McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and other stable financial powerhouses
    • The power of mental money management, learning the right way to approach any financial situation
    • The three critical steps to building wealth
    • A fearless mental attitude that will weather any financial storm
    • And a whole lot more!!
    Get rid of your financial fears and uncertainties once and for all. This is the same investment philosophy followed by people like Warren Buffett. So, in this time of economic distress, follow this investment plan: the very best time-tested and proven plan available!

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