Advanced Selling Techniques

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Product Code: 10660CD
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Product Contents: 6 Audio CDs & Workbook on CD

Shatter sales records with Brian Tracy's revolutionary selling tactics

You’re a sales professional. It’s what you were meant be. Selling is in your blood.

You know how critical it is to stay at least one step ahead of your customers, your competition, and the changing circumstances of these challenging business times.

Seldom if ever do you doubt your ability to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. You know how to take advantage of emerging trends; you can master any technique that can give you an edge. Your goal is to always stay at the top of your game.

But to keep moving ahead, it helps to have a coach, a mentor, a knowledgeable, reliable source of new sales information You need a practical, visionary guide — someone who’s been there, who knows where the sales field is today and where it is going. You need, quite simply, an advanced course in selling taught by a master of the trade.

And that’s exactly what you have in Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques.

Following up on his phenomenal best-selling program, The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques is a powerhouse advanced selling program for seasoned sales professionals.

As invaluable and accessible as its groundbreaking predecessor, this audio seminar, based on detailed research and real-life experience, is aimed at selling any product in today’s ever more complex marketplace.

Learn the critical issues involved in selling to professional buyers in large organizations. Understand how to make prospecting easier and more effective. Become the preferred vendor of your product or service.

Let renowned sales master Brian Tracy also teach you why:

    Traditional selling techniques don’t work anymore

    Positioning is the key to success in selling

    Motivation to buy has changed with business customers today

    People buy solutions, not problems

    Information gathering is an investment with a high return

    Power determines purchases

    Education, skills, and experience mean sales

As good as you are now, you can always be better... especially with a brilliant mentor showing you the way. Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Techniques is your key to immediately increased sales and even more spectacular selling success — your guarantee of staying one step ahead.

Designed for the experienced professional who wants to earn more money, Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques will refine your strategies for today's customers and markets.
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