Drive Time Sales Strategies

Product Code: 9030PCD
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Product Code: 9030PCD
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Contents: 5 Audio CDs

So what is covered within this programme?

Through 39 content busting sessions (with no fluff whatsoever!) you’ll be learning tips, techniques and strategies that you can actually use in the real world and cover exactly what to do and how to do it.

Drive Time Sales Strategies contains 5 unique CD’s, each one covering a specific topic. There are lot’s of role plays and actual examples for you to listen to so you can learn the words to use and hear it from the horses mouth.

So, what you can expect from this programme after you’ve ordered?

You’ll be over the moon to discover that this programme contains…

NO FLUFF! Instead, the sessions are short, sharp and full of tips and techniques that you can actually use.

NO HYPE! You’ll not have to endure any over the top author self promotion that wastes the first 10 minutes of the programme!

NO CHEESE! These tips are practical, down to earth and are not read by a voiceover man! They’re read by the Sean, warts and all! It’s as though Sean will be sitting right there next to you as your sales coach.

NO TIME OFF WORK! You can listen to these training sessions in your car on the way to work or when you’re on the way to the sale and the sessions are standalone tracks. This means that you don’t need to have listened to any previous tracks to get the gist of what’s going on!

CD 1 – How To Get Focused For Selling

These sessions are all about getting your mindset right. They are about getting focused and ready for the job at hand.

CD 2- How To Plan Out And Make Successful Cold Calls

These sessions are all about learning modern, upto date techniques and strategies to make successful cold calls whether that be setting up appointments or closing a direct sale over the telephone.

CD 3- How To Plan Out And Make Successful Sales Interactions

Throughout these sessions you’ll cover what it takes to deliver interactive and compelling sales interactions when face to face with your prospects and clients.

CD 4- How To Understand Where Your Buyer Is Coming From

These sessions are designed so that you’ll build up an unrivalled knowledge and appreciation about your buyers.

You’ll understand how they process the information that you give to them, what the world looks like according to them, how they make their buying decisions and what type of personality they have.

CD 5- How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

This CD covers all of the techniques and methods that will really get you ahead of your rivals. Some of the approaches and ways of thinking are brand new and will set you apart from the rest.
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