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Product Contents: 7 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD, Bonus CD

Accounts of fortunes made, sometimes overnight, make the idea of starting or getting involved in an Internet related business a very tempting proposition.

The hype and hysteria surrounding many on-line companies and their public offerings make many people wonder: is this Internet phenomenon for real?

What are the pros and cons of getting involved in e-commerce? How can I ride out the ups and downs of on-line business and establish myself or my organization as a leader in the industry? How can I spot a sound investment in this on-line craze?

In E-Profits: The 12 Steps to Creating a State-of-the-Art E-Commerce Strategy for Any Size Business, business technology expert Peter S. Cohan maintains that the Internet, while unique in its’ aspect, is not much different from other industries.

There are certain rules and guidelines to follow, and if those rules and guidelines are followed, a successful organization will emerge from the pack as an industry leader. In E-Profits, Peter gives you those rules and guidelines. He breaks down the complexity of the Internet market by answering two basic questions: Who makes money in e-commerce? And how do they do it?

All the research has been done for you!

Using tried and true economic research and analysis, Peter examines specific Internet business segments and identifies the underlying dynamics of each. He compares the strategies and practices that distinguish each segment from its peers. He cuts through the hyperbole surrounding e-commerce to make economic sense of the Web and provides listeners with a thorough understanding of today’s industry. Peter gives you examples from sound, successful companies that are industry leaders so that you can adapt their strategies to your business. Most importantly, Peter will separate myth from reality regarding the future of e-commerce.

If you are an investor, Peter will introduce you to a unique framework to evaluate potential Internet investments. You’ll be introduced to rules of Web investing and tips for venture capitalists.
If you are currently running an Internet business, Peter will introduce you to the Pyramid of Web Business Models to help you evaluate where your business is at, where it’s headed and what your strategic options are for success.
These strategies will also help non-Internet business managers assess the costs and benefits of engaging in e-commerce.

In E-Profits you’ll learn:
  • The pyramid of different web business models
  • Ten important principles for e-commerce success
  • The myths and realities of web business
  • Things to avoid on your website
  • The spectrum of e-commerce architectures
  • Negotiating deals and managing implementation
  • Adaptability as the market changes
  • Getting traffic to your site

In clear language with powerful examples from dominant industry leaders that Peter has consulted with, E-Profits gives you specific e-commerce applications that have generated high payoffs and created a competitive advantage for companies. He also dissects less effective ventures and tells you why they fell short. Case studies show you how companies have wrestled with their transition to e-commerce and managed not only to introduce, but also to sustain change and make a profit.

To capture your share of the action, the time to implement your e-commerce strategy is now. This program will provide you with a uniquely practical blueprint – one that is focused on measurable return on investment.

Sooner or later, you will need to come to the realization that e-commerce must be a part of your future, especially if you are to succeed in the business-to-business world of sales. distribution and marketing on-line.

We will all be involved in e-commerce in one way or another. E-Profits gives you the blueprint to follow so that your strategies are effective while meeting your objectives with the least amount of risk – and be profitable.

If you’re an investor or own your own business, if you are a manager or employee within an organization, or if you’re considering starting an on-line business, you can use the tools taught to you by Peter Cohan to be successful and move up the ranks of your organization to reap the benefits in the real world of internet business.
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