Jay - Live in London

Product Code: GLIVE4CD
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Product Code: GLIVE4CD
Stock Status: In Stock
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When it comes to making more money, most business owners think it will cost them more investment, more staff, more stock - and overlook the wealth that's right under their noses. During his career, business growth consultant Jay Abraham has probably made more money for his business clients than any other consultant alive today. He simply uses his almost magical ability to tap into the hidden assets and undiscovered opportunities that lie within most companies to create extraordinary growth.

Jay Abraham attacks business problems in many different ways. Often he will take ideas from one industry and superimpose them on another with startling results. For some companies he restructures their entire business strategy; for others he improves entire selling approaches. Sometimes he changes the focus of where they sell or what they offer. Other times he re-engineers strategic alliances.

Frequently he will "leverage up" a company's distribution network or business relationship to mine far greater results out of it.

In this exciting live recording The Abraham Marketing and Business Growth Seminar Jay Live in London you'll learn how you can use the hidden potential that lies within your business to outstrip your competitors.
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