Sell Your Way to the Top

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Product Code: 1941CD
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Product Contents: 6 Audio CDs

Begin your climb to the top - the Zig Ziglar way

Zig Ziglar can put money in your pocket!

Discover the 44 proven best ways to close a sale, the 5 basic reasons why prospects don’t buy, 24 negative words to avoid, and more. Sell Your Way To The Top is full of money-making, deal-closing techniques that can bring huge rewards!

In this program you will learn about:
  •     Professional Sales Secrets
  •     Successful Sales Psychology
  •     Keys to Successful Selling
  •     Buyers Must See What You Say
  •     Turning Objections into Sales
  •     Emotion Vs Logic in Selling
The mere mention of his name opens doors-and hearts- in sales organizations throughout the world. He’s Zig Ziglar, and when it comes to selling, he’s done it all! As a motivational speaker, he has sold salespeople on the importance of their careers and their contribution to society.

Zig Ziglar is an institution, both in spirit and in fact. Sales managers everywhere love Ziglar because he reinforces their teachings. And salespeople can’t get enough of Zig Ziglar because he tells it like it is and makes them proud of selling. Zig’s not ashamed to ask for help. He maintains hundreds of contacts throughout the selling world- people who help him keep his message fresh and on target!
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