The One Command

Product Code: 26180CD
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Product Code: 26180CD
Stock Status: In Stock

Product Contents: 6 Audio CDs & Workbook on CD

Unleash the extraordinary power of your theta mind for limitless success at every level with The One Command.

Discover The One Command that will direct your whole self toward creating the life you want — right down to your DNA!

In this highly-anticipated program, beloved teacher and author Asara Lovejoy reveals her renowned One Command process for instantaneously accessing your theta mind — the “power mind” brainwave state which contains all the makings of your untapped greatness.

Using this simple and extremely powerful process, you will be able to shift into the miraculous theta mind state anywhere, anytime, to experience the kind of extraordinary, limitless thinking that leads to massive life success. As you do, you will actually unwind and re-form your DNA in order to direct your entire self—intellectual, emotional, and biological — toward the achievement of your highest goals and greatest dreams.

The One Command will enable you to:

  •     Consciously shift into the amazing theta brainwave state in six fast, easy steps
  •     Achieve dramatic changes in your finances, health and more — quickly and almost effortlessly
  •     Instantly stop limiting, fearful, and negative thoughts
  •     Remove the programming that keeps you in strife and struggle
  •     Imagine and realise your maximum potential in every area of your life

    And so much more!

Thousands of people have attended Asara Lovejoy’s live seminar, The One Command, and millions have heard and benefited from her teachings through her radio program. Now you have the opportunity to experience this remarkable teacher and her most profoundly life-changing material for yourself — in your own space and at your own pace.

The One Command will give you one of the most powerful and practical tools available for creating the life you want, deserve, and were truly designed to live.

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